Preorder [ DEPTHS DOLLS ] - Deilf and human Deilf on JPOPDOLLS

Oct 3, 2017

    1. Hello! Jpopdolls is supposed to give informations about tracking number yes :).

      But unfortunately I don't know exactly how jpopdolls is working as I don't manage the sales and don't have a lot of informations... maybe ask them?:) But I'm sure with the Chinese new year holidays things are pretty slow right now in China TT_TT
    2. Is there an estimation on when they will be shipped? I checked my order and it just says Processing. Thanks!
    3. Sorry I have no idea as Jpopdolls is managing the whole stuff. But I guess there is still some time of wait as there was the new year holidays in China where the casting factory is, and things tend to become very slow in china around that time (speaking of, my last MSD prototypes send to china one month ago (without tracking number, thanks to the post office who made a mistake) isn't arrived yet (and hope it's not lost forever), just to illustrate how much it become slow)