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Jul 24, 2016

    1. Long shot here, but would anyone mind lending me Giorria's measurement from her bust joint to her ankle?
    2. I'm getting just about 4.5"
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    3. I don't have my Giorria anymore but I wanted to share the work I did on her for her new owner!

      [​IMG]Faceup Samples by SmoteyMote, on Flickr
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    4. She is amazing!

      The mermaids are stunning!
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    5. Ow, marble meets watercolors. That effect is effing marvelous.
    6. Typ.
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    7. Not me but I can't wait for the Giorria pre-order that's coming 14th of June to the 14th of July
    8. I got a shipping notice today for the Deilf I ordered last November. :celebrate Oh gosh, I haven't ordered a wig. There's a 4-5 in my stash--hope it works!
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    9. OMG really?! I haven't gotten one yet but i'm so glad they're finally being shipped!

      edit: i didn't get an email but i checked the site and it shows tracking! yay!
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    10. @JellysFancy - I've checked tracking twice now (last night and this morning) and it still says Pre-Shipment. Looks like they didn't take anything to the Post Office at the end of the day.
    11. Yay just pre-ordered Giorria! Anyone else?
    12. It's been a week since I got my shipping notice and the Post Office is still waiting for the shipper to hand over the package. Why do companies do that? If they're not ready to ship they shouldn't send notices. Sorry, just needed to vent. I want my little Deilf!
    13. Mine took about a week to actually end up at the post office - it's now actually on its way... Hopefully it will get here before I go on holidays.
    14. Sometimes I wonder if shopkeepers read our posts. I no sooner vented than my Deilf shipped. :lol: Estimated delivery is Saturday, but I'll believe it when I see it. Tracking hasn't updated since the package left Seattle--and I'm clear at the other end of the country.
    15. Mine just arrived today, so hopefully yours will tomorrow. :)
    16. I got a notification this morning that my Deilf will be here today!!! :D
    17. Out for delivery! :dance

      Little Deilf arrived this afternoon. She's as cute as the dickens but I didn't get a chance to take photos. I don't have a wig that fits: I have some size 3 that are too small, while 4-5 is just a bit too big. I'm guessing size 4 will work. Or, I'll have to make a wig.

      I wanted to paint a few scales on her tail but it's been raining off and on all day so that will have to wait. I'll have to make her some tops to wear--she's so tiny! Above the waist she's smaller around than my RealPukis.
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    18. Unfortunately I doubt it. Mine hasn't even managed to leave the US yet.
    19. My Deilf decided to stop in to say "Hi!" She has a handmade wig and outfit but still needs a name.
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    20. The deilf has been recasted :(
      Someone either ordered one from Jpop and sent it to be recasted or a recaster itself bought one during the preorder.

      If you see Deilfs that have the particular Jpop waist (it was different from previous Deilf sold by Le Tama) but not with the Jpop proposed colors, watch out !
      If you have any doubt on a doll, you should contact Le Tama I think.
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