Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. Thanks for the heads up, @Sept!
    2. I wish this kind of thing wouldn't happen anymore...
    3. Me, too. Unfortunately, as long as people buy recasts, recasters will continue to steal and sell the work of legitimate artists.
    4. Let's hope they at least find the culprit among the buyers !

      Edit: apparently it's a former employee of the casting factory that is the thief : see here
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    5. Looking for some advice - I have been looking for a wig for my Mermaid Deilf and the first one I purchased which should have been the right size was too small.

      Does anyone know of any particular makers that make wigs that are the right size for a Mermaid Deilf?
    6. I had such a hard time finding pre-made wigs for my Giorria that I ended up making my own.
    7. @TeaPartyRevolution it depends on which kind of wig you’re looking for. I made a wig for my Deilfs, but I only know how to work with mohair and wool.
      If you’re looking for alpaca or something similar, maybe you could try and send your head to someone?

      Here’s my new girl, Paoly, with the wig I made for her:

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    8. @Sendell - Preferably mohair considering she's so small. I wouldn't trust my ability to make one myself.
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    9. I made my girl a new wig and top. The braid is looser than I intended. Deilf's body is so small I couldn't hold her between my knees while I braided the hair. The fiber is Lion Brand Homespun acrylic yarn. The color is called Waterfall.
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    10. OMG! Where did you get those cute little shoes for her? I love the ensemble :D
    11. [​IMG]

      Velvet came home this weekend. She was my B-Day/V-Day gift.
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    12. @Dakashy - Sweet! Velvet is adorable.<3
    13. Thank you!
    14. Finally got around to painting my Giorria! I still want to give her custom eyes and wig at some point, but this works for now.
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    15. She's so pretty! You did an awesome job.
    16. My Giorria arrived last week! <3 I'm so excited. I believe her eyes were lost in the mail though. :( My best friend is going to do her faceup in the new year. Here she is looking rather hollow with my SmD, Argent. [​IMG]
    17. Congrats!!
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