Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. I pre-ordered mine right on the day the orders opened XD I got her without face-up because I'm wanting to customize her anyway. I'm looking forward to making her outfit and wig, doing her face-up and getting eyes for her :D My inspiration is a twilight night sky. I'm also naming her Twilight :) So excited!
    2. That sounds adorable! I'm still trying to figure out a theme for my little Giorria. I have an idea for a space themed doll but just haven't figured out which doll it belongs to :)
    3. Just wanted to add more pics of the beautiful trouts sculpted by the talented LeTama~ Hopefully the Fairyland dolls pictured are ok ^^ I only own the Fairyland dolls, but was lucky enough to get to play with the little shark and goldfish Delifs.
      [​IMG]Leeloo playing with a cute little trout sculpted by the talented @atelier_tama #bjd #abjd #trout #depthsdolls #meetup #dollsofinstagram #dollfairyland #minifee #shushu #Leeloo by KireiX, on Flickr

      [​IMG]The sea folk are having a good time. Wishing you were here @depthsdolls! #hangout #fun #depthsdolls #depthsdoll #mermaids #fairyland by KireiX, on Flickr
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    4. my depthsdolls girls <3
      Envy (Deilf bi color), Greed (Deilf white), Sucrette (Giorria white) and Dionée (Abyss purple artis cast)
      And I wait 2 girls <3

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    5. hoooooo I'm so jealous, they're so beautiful ♥♥♥
      especialy your Deilf bi color LUCILIA ♥

      but I'm happy, because I'll got a human Deilf soon, in pink :love
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    6. The large mermaids are sooooo gorgeous. Very high on my want list. Your whole depth family is lovely <3
    7. thanks for my famillly <3
    8. Who else is getting very anxious for their Giorria now that it is almost December?
    9. I am! (New to thread, hello!)
      I'll be adopting Smotey's Giorria after she has some fun doing the customization, so am very (!!) excited for her shipment to the US this month!

      I've had my sights on Depth's Giorria for more than a year, but missed this preorder by 2 days. My original plan for a Giorria was moon rabbit theme (by adding a few very subtle glow in the dark paint accents over her default faceup) simply because that is the extent of my own faceupping abilities. But since Smotey is going to do the customization on this one I am keeping options open for Giorria to whisper her soul to her and be something really fantastic and original. I know she will look gorgeous and velvety *v*

      Can hardly wait to behold her smallness!!

      I'm also looking forward to seeing Dagger's Twilight and plasticdumplings' maybe-space-themed bunnies too. (Ahh! :D )
      Happy December! ^_^
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    10. I'm super excited! I can't wait to see when the shipping notices will go out :D

      @Lokinta I'm gonna try and do a thread in the project journals of Twilight's progress, so keep an eye out :D It's gonna be fun I think!
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    11. Just got my shipping notice and I'm SUPER excited!

      I fell in love when I saw her at Austin BJDC this year, sadly she was all sold out there, but Tama told me about the pre-order and as soon as I got home I placed mine.
    12. Incoming! :D I got my shipping notification too.
    13. So lucky!!! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for mine! Q~Q
    14. Same XD Still waiting for my notification too!
    15. She's home!
      She was delivered to my front office yesterday while I was out, and I picked her up today.


      My Marcella.
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    16. Congrats! Mine was supposed to be delivered on saturday but there was a delay. Hopefully she'll show up today.

      edit: *facepalm* I just realized she went to my PO box instead of my house. I could have picked her up yesterday. Oh well, today it is!
    17. Just got my shipping notice! So excited to get to work!