Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. Got my shipping notice today too!! Hopefully won't take too long to get here cause I live in the same state as Jpop lol.
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    2. So gosh darn pumped!! Just got my little lady from my mail box; she's so cute!! I didn't order mine with a face up but it seems the factory painted them all anyway. Oh well :3nodding: More time to focus on how to make a dress for this little lady!!
    3. Mine arrived blank! Must have been a mix up.
    4. @Lokinta's girl arrived a few days ago but I only just now got around to uploading photos. I'll be doing her faceup and then shipping her home! I'm so excited to be able to work on her - she's too cute! Full box opening here: Khione

      [​IMG]Depths Dolls Giorria Box Opening by SmoteyMote, on Flickr
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    5. She's here! I'm so in love XD Made her a quick temp wig and put in the eyes I bought for her. Face-up tomorrow!

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    6. I finally got my bunny girl today after being delayed since Saturday because weather and the post office being lazy >.>
      Depthsdolls Giorria -Jpopdolls Ver

      My girl was supposed to be blank too. There was a note saying the factory painted by mistake :-/
    7. They are so pretty! And so tiny in your hands! :D

      @SmoteyMote thank you for showing off arrival pics! How exciting! Just knowing she's "here" is way cool.

      It's strange that they said "all" the dolls had been painted, but clearly some were not.. Wonder if they had started painting them ahead of time and more people requested blanks than they anticipated. The factory faceup looks nice, though.
      Ooh~ so looking forward to seeing more as everyone customizes their babes!
    8. Yeah I was curious about that cause I have see a few blanks but it's no biggie considering all the blank faces I have waiting to be painted right now :XD:
    9. Ahh that would suck if you didn't have the supplies to remove it or the capability (allergies, hand issues, sight issues, etc), especially since many artists charge a small fee for faceup removal too. I would be pretty salty if a doll I ordered blank came with a faceup.

      Ahah no problem! I'll send you more specific details once I start painting her - I might suede her as well - she's a bit floppy!
    10. My girl is very kicky, but taking her apart is scary to me because her limbs are so tiny o_o
    11. I have yet to get my girl to stand lol. I try and straighten them and she scrunched right back up. So I'm going to try and give her some sueding this weekend
    12. Ehehe, they sound all wild and untamed.. I have faith in you guys! Good luck with fine-tuning the strings and sueding!

      Could someone with one in hand please do quick, at least approximate, measurements of Giorria?
      I found a cute dress set and wonder if it might be compatible.

      Height: (please exclude head)
      Neck girth:
      Across shoulders:
      Arm length:(please exclude hands)
      Leg length:(crotch to floor, and since her feet are unusual, crotch to ankle would help too)
      Under-chest : (the most narrow girth of her torso)

      And I feel slightly silly to ask this after having committed to purchasing one but..! Does she have a tail or not? I can't find any photos which show a definitive yes or no. :sweat

      Thanks in advance! :aheartbea
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    13. My girl has articulation issues as well, though with a LOT of patience, I *can* get her to stand. My plan is to wire her with pipe cleaners. This worked wonders for my Elfdoll tinys.

      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    14. I wish I could help you! I'm always seeking measurements too. This is the second or third time I missed her preorder. I'd love her in an "Eastery" skin color.
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    15. @Lokinta I measured my little one for you :) I hope this will be okay. She's so tiny so was hard to measure XD

      Height (neck to feet): 6 inches
      Neck girth: Approx 1 inch (this was really hard to get, hence why approx :P)
      Across shoulders: 9/16 inch
      Arm length (wrist to wrist): 4.5 inches
      Leg length (Full): 4 inches
      Leg Length (To ankle): 3 inches
      Chest: 2 inches
      Under-chest : 1.5 inches
      Waist: 2 inches
      Hip: 3 inches

      As for a tail, I didn't get one with mine :P I may make one for her in the future though!
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    16. @Dagger thanks very much for your trouble! That helps me a great deal. :hug:

      I was comparing her to a dress for Dollzone's Mini Kitty. It appears she's a fairly close match, but in this tiny size every centimeter of difference matters. Giorria's chest is a bit smaller and her legs rather significantly longer. Mini Kitty clothes would be baggy and possibly not stay up on Giorria. So you helped me decide to pass on that offer, stick to my original plan and make something at home instead. Thanks! :thumbup

      @Ballerina Thank you too for your thoughts. This thread is lucky to have several excited and helpful members active right now. Help (and enthusiasm!) will certainly be in good supply! Happy to have you here among us. Tama seems to like yummy resin colors, so an Eastery Giorria is not a total pipe dream! Keep your eyes on this company~ :kitty2

      @clochette cute photo, I do believe I see my two favorite jelly bean flavors there! :love Even before wiring, you found a fine pose. Pipe cleaners, what a good idea.:XD: I never thought about what to do if my usual 18AWG wire is too thick, which it likely would be in this case.
    17. Thank you Dagger for those measurements!!
      Also, I notice only Ivory and Gray Giorrias. What other colors were released so far?
    18. You're welcome :)

      I've seen pictures of a few different colours from when Tama was hand casting them. I know that Andreja of Nicolle's Dreams has a mint coloured and chocolate coloured ones. I saw pictures from Ldoll a few years ago that had pink and purple ones. Hopefully they will be more colours released though!
    19. I asked Tama if there would be any more pre-orders on Jpop for Giorria as well as Deilf this year and said YES! However he hasn't decided on the colors for them yet. I really wish he offered them in different ones because the grey was the reason I held back from purchasing her last year >_<