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Jul 24, 2016

    1. JellysFancy, I agree. I'm sort of almost glad that I missed the gray simply because I know he made this doll in so many colors, I've seen them around Google. If I'd seen her pre-order I'd have a gray one; but I WANT a fantasy color. I asked him about it too, it sounds like human Deilf will be the next release, in which case I'm getting one of those too. But he's in the process of a move so he's unsure about doll schedules.
      Does anybody know when the pre-order before last August was?
    2. I'm gonna hope for a pink Giorria :) She would be my Sakura girl to go with Twilight lol. I was unsure of the grey but when I thought of the twilight night sky theme, it worked with it :P
    3. I'm hoping more for a mint or turquoise. Or even baby blue. I think I'm just getting too bored with ns, white, tan, and gray. :sigh I have characters that I can't put together because I need colored dolls, which are getting harder to find.
    4. I'm not wild about grey given the rainbow of colors I've seen tama's dolls in, but in person it is quite pretty. Especially on the thinner parts where its almost translucent. So I'll live with it :)
    5. The other giorria are excluded Ldoll, and are not exactly the same as pre order Jpop
      For the deilf human, Le tama said they are Normal skin, but I'm not sure.

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    6. I remember photos that he was reworking the body. I like the facial features on the former. But I'm very glad to see the magnetic ears!
    7. The Giorria in JpopDoll was his version 2 of Giorria. Love them both!
    8. Yes I know, I have a Giorria V1 ^^
    9. Thanks for the picture Lucilia. I love comparison photos.
    10. Has anyone given hot gluing her a try? I have yet to get my girl to stand but I can get her to sit quite elegantly.
      I am thankful for the magnetic ears as well since I was a little daunted with making her a wig thinking her ears were like the previous version.
    11. She's rather small, have you tried simple pipe cleaner wiring in her legs? You can probably get away with shoving one or two; if not then thicker craft wire (most easily found in the floral section at craft stores) will be good. The way I always wire is to get it down one leg, then U shape it through the torso (crotch part) to the other leg and down into the other leg. So long as it goes from one mid-calf to the other it should be very helpful.
    12. As I don't have a Depths Doll of my own yet I can't say however Depths Doll's sculptor Tama hot glues his DD dolls for posing and for dolls he's using for giveaways as shown on his Facebook page.
    13. Another "thanks!" for the comparison photo between version 1 & version 2! Version 1 seems to have a softer body sculpt, but I like the revisions to the new body and ears especially.

      I was excited for gray because the point when I am most susceptible to falling in love with a doll is when I see sculpting in-progress photos. They seem to often be made in gray clay, or shown off in black-and-white photography to diminish the appearance of uneven colors between sculpting materials. I like the "sketchbook" kind of look that a gray doll has, if that makes sense.

      Besides! My mom once said that Thumper was my first boyfriend as a toddler.. :lol: So gray rabbits still do get extra favor..

      Very much looking forward to Deilf's human debut and many new fun colors of Giorria!
    14. For anyone who does not know. Here are some specifics I found/asked for:

      Giorria: 19cm, size 4 wig, 6mm or 8mm eyes
      Human Deilf: 16cm. size 4 wig, 6mm or 8mm eyes

      The former prorder price on Giorria was $285.

      I really love the fact that Tama is so responsive! Donny Harijanto of Dream High Studio is the only other bjd maker I know like that! It's honorable and earns so much of my respect!
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    15. For information ;)

      And a take this picture yesterday

      Abyss - Deilf V1 - Deilf V2 - Deilf human

      And information for deilf, Deilf is a dolphin, She has a little dorsal fin :)

      and comparaison giorria v1 vs deilf human

      And with a pukifee
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    16. Has anyone had any luck finding (much less making) clothes for these little ladies? I am about a second away from ripping my hair out from hand sewing dresses for mine! *_*
    17. [​IMG]
      However I believe they are sold out but maybe they will release more in the future.
    18. Yea I've seen her work, I even follow her on Etsy; I sadly haven't found anyone else get to this small of a scale, so I hope she updates soon!
    19. Yeah, I have been stalking hoping she'll add more dresses. So cute.
    20. I know I don't check DoA often, but didn't notice this thread was here! I received my Giorria on Jan. 3rd, and she makes the third bjd in my collection. I completely adore her, especially for her size as I just have a thing for tiny dolls that are well detailed and articulated.


      Anyone have some eye recommendations, such as sellers, and type? Plus which size do you think would look better, 6mm or 8?

      Also, I know that her joints are rather kicky and like to snap back into bent positions but mine in particular seems to be strung just a little bit loose? Is this normal for Giorria or was I just unlucky to happen to get one this way?


      It worries me a smidge cause I'm still such a noob and have never restrung a doll before.
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