Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. When will the next release date be? I'm psyched to get a beautiful human delif in a light blue or turquoise!
    2. I think the stringing just depends on who actually strung the doll at the factory. Mine is rather kicky and I've yet to get her to stand but I haven't had any time to work on her just yet.
      Mine came with 8mm eyes but I think the iris size is important. Mine has small irises but I plan on replacing the ones I got with my doll with another color to better fit her character.

    3. I can't wait either! Tama has yet to announce a re-release date but he said he has plans to sometime this year. He hasn't chosen a color yet but I'm crossing my fingers for blue as well!
    4. Not mine but just for your viewing pleasure :drool Pictures are from LDoll Festival France!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    5. Say hello to Violette, my Giorria :

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    6. And this is Ablette (you can tell I love purple xD) :

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    7. So beautiful in the different colors <3 I really need to work on a wig for my girl, I've just been so busy.
    8. Love all these photos! I really hope Tama will offer them again in these fantasy color ranges!
    9. Just got Giorria, where can you find decent wigs, M
    10. I myself was planning on making my own wig for her since her head is just so tiny. But you should be able to find something online in 4cm
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    12. Tama about Giorria said:
      we will probably make a second preorder (maybe this year I don't know) in an other color.

      And about Deilf human:
      I hope deilf will be available on jpopdolls at the end of spring!
    13. Sept, what size/ kind are these eyes? I love them so much!

    14. Anyone have a link to where I can find Giorria's measurments? I want to know if she will fit Azone XS clothes :)
    15. Le Tama made them himself ! I think they are 8mm with tiny irises.

      I don't have the exact measurements but she has a very narrow bust I think even XS size would be too big.
    16. I need to know how you got your Giorria to stand XD I feel like my Giorria's butt gets in the way of me trying to position the legs in a way that allows her to stand, haha Also, I love those wigs!

      I bought a Azone Picco Neemo XS outfit for my Giorria and she fits it almost perfectly (the butt is a little tight)

    17. Hey guys! So I'm super new to Depth Dolls, and I was wondering if someone could explain to me a little about the company and the purchasing process. I only know it's a small company from France, the owner is known as Tama, and you can only preorder?
      Please someone enlighten me about the whole ordering situation please. I really want to get a tiny mermaid and a bunny girl :3
    18. So I got some new eyes for my Giorria and found an old little doll dress of mine that I thought would look great on her.

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