Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. Depths Dolls are usually only sold at conventions and sometimes on his Facebook in very small limited numbers however due to the fact that a lot of collectors have expressed their wishes to purchase his dolls he has started to open up pre-orders for them on JpopDolls. The only one so far that was pre-order was Glorria the bunny girl in Grey. He has plans to release her as well as a small mermaid for pre-order on JpopDolls again this year however we don't have the exact date or color of the dolls.
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    2. I see, thanks a lot for clarifying that for me :) I'll keep an eye on his Facebook page to see when the pre order event starts! I really want to get a little Mermaid and a bunny girl in the near future :D
    3. [​IMG]
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    4. My first ever Depth's Doll Giorria! I adore her size although I'm sure it's difficult to find clothing for her she came with her clothes, wig, and eyes thankfully. One thing is it's difficult to get her to stand on her own and I haven't been successful at it... Regardless here she is!
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    5. She's super cute!! Clothing mine has been quite the trouble too, I know she fits pukipuki clothes; which also means there is a chance she can fit picco neemo azone clothes (?) still trying to find clothes so don't hold me to that. As for posing I wired mine, it helps when posing her on flat surfaces. I also hot glue sueded her hip sockets. Hope some of this helps :)
    6. Yay, glad you are liking her :) I had wired Giorria to make her stand and removed the leg wire when I sold her because I didn't know if you'd want it in there(her arms still have it). Her brown dress with the fur stole is Picco Neemo XS :) There are FB groups for Azone sales, as well as EBay where you can find Azone clothes.
    7. Thanks so much for the info!
    8. Tama just posted photos on his Facebook that Rose, Mint and Lavender Giorria will be for sale at Austin Convention in July and two of theses colors will be for sale via JpopDolls!
    9. I'm not sure if it's sky blue or mint though for the middle one !
    10. I'm praying its the lavender/ligjt violet one soooooooo badly!!:eusa_pray
    11. I pray to the god of dolls to finally get my hands on one of the Giorria dolls, they're just so adorable! My attempts to find one second-hand on instagram have been so tragic, but now the perspective of the preorder breathed in some hope. :kitty2
    12. I am so in love with everyone's beautiful dolls :D I'll be watching the thread now LOL
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    13. Gosh, I'm so wishing I'd waited in order to get one of the colored giorrias! They look beautiful.
    14. Aww @Sept she is so pretty!!! :D
    15. I love Tama's pastel skins, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!!!
    16. I really am super excited about finishing this gal up and sending her off to her new home! I have some beautiful detailing planned and just got some new sealant and pegs to keep her hands away from her wrists so they dry without scuffing. (it's not bad now but I want to add a protective coat to make sure there's no damage while playing!) I couldn't resist sharing a WIP shot though, I'm so in love with her right now! I took a detail shot of her legs which are my favorite parts but haven't uploaded it yet! Her faceup is nowhere near complete either..... so much left to do! But I wanted to get all the water-color on first to give a good seal below MSC layers to reduce any risk of it rubbing off.

      [​IMG]WIP Giorria faceup/bodyblush by SmoteyMote, on Flickr
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    18. I want a deilf so bad, I heard he may be releasing some soon! I hope so! I'd buy one in any color <3