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Jul 24, 2016

    1. Yea he said he hasn't been posting info because he is moving but he will be releasing his bjd release schedule soon. Can't wait!
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    2. Do we have any idea how much they'll be?
    3. Today the artist said he will most likely be releasing Deilf in September!

      His previous international pre-order for Giorria was $285.

      However I know before the pre-orders when you get his dolls in France (where he's based and where he usually sell his dolls), Giorria was $402 while Deilf was $459.

      EDIT: Tama just said Deilf's preorder price will be $285 on Jpopdolls and there will not be layaway. He's moving to Quebec in two weeks so he has a lot on his plate especially as the doll samples are still at the factory. He will be painting the faceplates this week for faceup reproduction for the pre-orders. He said Deilf will be in Sept, Giorria in Nov and human merrow in Jan but it's not set in stone as he's still really busy from the move.
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    4. Lol! You and I are talking to him on insta together! I was the one asking all the questions. I'm super excited! I'll try for two but I am definitely getting one! 285$ is doable ^^
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    5. XD haha! I love how we're trying to milk him for all the info!

      For those that aren't on his Instagram Tama revealed that Deilf will be released in normal skin as well as light tan!
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    6. I'm so sad I can't eat human body withbmermaid head! But I don't really like the human head ( I'm a sucker for those mermaid ears) i wish there was layaway I'd just get both!

      Looks like I'm getting the mermaid haha
    7. I can hopefully snag a Delif in tan :D <3 Can't wait!
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    8. Human or mermaid?
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    9. Human :D I'm not too into mermaids. I adore the human delif, she is sooOoooo cute.
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    10. I'm pretty torn myself! I think it'll depend on the colors he offers what I end up going with!
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    11. lol I want the tan. I have a thing for tan dollies XD
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    12. I really want gray! So I'm hoping for it!
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    13. I have a gray Giorria and the color is amazing! Delif would look great in that color too, I'm sure!
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    14. He has some of her in gray on his page but I don't know if he will offer her in it! I suggested it to him so maybe!
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    15. I'm sure eventually he may offer in gray. I'm just super excited he's gonna open the preorder XD. I thought it would never happen lol
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    16. Me too! I am so happy!
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    17. I also asked him on IG just this past week and he said September for Giorria.
      I think it's obvious that he's really just not sure yet.

    18. He is mid move so I forgive him ^^ I'm gonna plan for September for deilf and if it's later all the better for me Bc maybe I'll be able to afford 2!
    19. Oh I don't blame him at all. I agree on waiting so I can hope to grab two, especially if he does the pink and purple Giorrias!
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    20. Forgot to introduce my Giorria, Bon Bon XD
      [​IMG]Bon Bon by BjdSveta, on Flickr
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