Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. I might name her Melody.

      I made her the dress and now she needs a wig. :)

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    2. Super cute dress ! Do you have any ideas for her wig?

      Let me introduce my Deilf, whom I adopted from the lovely Puffypuffers:


      I still can't decide on a name (my ideas are Napoleon, Helen, and Hope), but I ordered some purple and lilac mohair to try and make her a new wig!
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    3. Sendell, your mermaid is gorgeous!!

      I'm going to take the default Sircca wig and cut it down and resew it to fit my bunny. I found a tutorial now let's just hope I can pull it off.
    4. @Dakashy thank you!

      I would be interested in seeing that tutorial if you have the link, I believe Giorria and Deilf have similar head sizes, and that would be incredibly helpful :)
    5. @Dakashy thank you so much, I'm totally using this with the mohair I ordered for my girl ♥
    6. @Sendell I'd love to see your results!
    7. Well I finally finished her wig!
      It's made from the Fairyland Sircca wig, with elastic in the back to keep it better on her odd little head.

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    8. Oh the wig looks great on her! What a great DIY to reuse another wig :D

      Today I talked to Depths Doll's Tama and he told me that Giorria is pushed back to next year as he is dealing with moving so it's difficult to manage the release of Giorria as well as Deilf at the same time. Also he didn't want people to choose between the two and so wanted people to have a longer money-saving period between the two releases. Deilf is still scheduled for October ^__^
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    9. I'm relieved to know she's pushed back to next year! It's been stressful thinking I might miss out.
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    10. Yea he said he understands that people need to save money for dolls since he's been there; especially when so many are coming out all at once so by pushing it back this gives people more time to save up :D also he didn't want people to choose Deilf OR Giorria so yea :> yay!
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    11. Does anyone know if JPop Dolls accepts layaways?
    12. They try not to. Not really sure what that means because I've never bought through them. But they replied to me that they prefer not.
      Tama says he'll be offering it once he starts his own website, thankfully!!!
    13. That's good to hear! I have a friend that wants both Deilf and Giorria but will need a layaway.
    14. The latest rumor is that Giorria is now pushed back to next year (for the reason of not wanting to force people to choose one over the other). I'd really like both but because I'm so undecided about Giorria's colors I might skip Deilf to get all the Giorrias I can!!!:mwahaha
    15. I absolutely adore mine!

      Here's Melody:

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    16. From what I remember I don't think JpopDolls accept layaways.
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    17. @Lucilia What color would you call the blue bunny. Tama said she's more of a pale blue and sometimes she seems pale blue, but most of the time she seems a minty green blue!
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