Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. All I can say is: more pics!!

      Here's mine to keep the pic spam started:

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    2. Hello! I think I have been lurking about for the most part, but I have a little Depths Dolls Deilf in peacott blue. Its so nice to see everyone's beautiful creations by LeTama :D
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    3. I think Deilf's pre-order will open in a couple of hours? Who's going to pre-order her and which skin color and sculpt are you guys getting? :D
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    4. Let the waiting begin!!! I have pre-ordered the light tan human Deilf with makeup :D

      I love that the page informs you that if you cannot wait, do not purchase LOL They also are kind enough to let you know that she takes a size 4 wig and 6-8 mm eyes! Jpop is set up very nicely. This was my first experience ordering with them and I'm very pleased thus far. Their email confirmations are instant too!

      Only 35 days remaining until the pre-order ends and the true wait begins. Thank goodness for free countdown clock apps :XD:

      In the meantime, my little Ondine is trying on everything that arrives.

      [​IMG]Ondine (Depths Dolls Deilf) modeling a dress by Choupicoture by Morti Fox, on Flickr
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    5. Ondine is adorable! I haven’t ordered mine yet as I’m still deciding on which skin color but I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with JpopDolls so far as it will be the first time I’ll be ordering from them as well!
    6. Very lovely :D
    7. These dolls are so adorable! It was hard to choose but I finally preordered a normal skin Deilf mermaid with make-up.

      I have a question for those of you have bought wigs for these girls. Is it better to choose size 3-4, 4, or 4-5? And do the ears interfere with the wig's fit?
    8. Congrats! I ended up getting the tan skin mainly because I don't have a tan girl in my dolly family yet :)
    9. Congrats to you, too! I was so tempted to order the tan. In the end I decided I preferred the mint tail to the pink. Wish there was a possibility to choose because I would have ordered tan and mint. I'm already thinking how I might customize the tail with paint when she arrives. It needs some detail...
    10. Can't wait to see how you'll paint her tail then! And yes I know a lot of people wanted the tan + blue combo as well as the fantasy head + human body combo. Maybe in the future when Tama has his own store we will be able to pick and choose.
    11. Nothing fancy. I'm thinking tiny scales in iridescent colors. I have the paints--it's only that I haven't used them for so long I don't know if I'll be able to get the caps off!:XD:
    12. I thought I would jump in because I've order the tan Deilf human without makeup. So excited! I'm confused about her head size and getting a wig that fits. Is 4-5 ok or does it have to be 4. I don't want her to be overwhelmed with too much hair. Any tips where to get what I want? Can someone post her measurements? I only have her height.
    13. I second this request!

      Congrats on your order @faeryfae.
    14. @faeryfae Yes it is 4 inch. You have Monique wig :)
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    15. Thanks for the clarity Lucilia.
    16. My second little mermaid with her new wig handmade :
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    17. Super cute! Love the dark burgundy color w/ the green makeup!