DF (Doll Family) Tiny doll discussion thread

Aug 27, 2010

    1. Thank you so much kurogane! :XD:
    2. Why is the topic so far gone)) Let's raise it up) DF-H Ralph (My Kit)
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    3. Wow! Master JuliaS, I don't think I've ever seen a DF-H Ralph before. He's very handsome for a tiny! :D

      SteamWitch, your little guy is as cute as ever! :chibi

      I can't help thinking he's up to some mischief.;)
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    4. Has anyone here gotten the speacial offer head, Little Peach? I'm thinking about ordering a few as practice heads. I'm really interested in their tanned color. I also have triplets I some day wanna shell and might order 3 of that head as 'for now' shells of them.
    5. Oh my it's such a cute face! The price looks good too!
    6. So I bit the bullet and ordered 3 of the Little Peach heads from Alice's Collection. It didn't have an upcharge for tan, so I ordered all three in 'tanned' resin. Really can't beat $70 for 3 tan yosd heads. I plan on making them into my triplets who will start out with one shared body but eventually have their own. I might hybrid them later on as well.

      Anyone know the waiting time for DFA?
    7. I ordered through BJDivas and got my tan mini in 5 months but it was a full doll. It might take less time since it's just heads.
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