DF (Doll Family) Tiny doll discussion thread

Aug 27, 2010

    1. WOW! Link looks brilliant in his new wig! That color is perfect for him! And, it really brings out the colors in his eyes.

      Sorry, I wish I could help you on the colors for his tunic and leggings but, unfortunately, I'm terrible with colors! Even my husband makes fun of me because my sense of color is so bad; and I'm not even color-blind! I'm sure the colors you've mentioned will work great, right?
    2. @Rabbit-moon thank you! Well, color challenged or not, your dolls look amazing! So well put together, it's a joy seeing them. :D

      My problem is too many colors to choose from! Maybe I should just go look at fabric. Since Link is an unusual size, I'm going to make the outfit from scratch. Oh well, it looks easy. :sweat His feet are actually msd size! So finding boots should be easy. I say 'should' but shoes have never been 'easy' for me. No matter what, this is going to be fun!
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    3. OMG he's looking so amazing! I agree with @Rabbit-moon that the wig really brings out his eyes! It's funny that how you didn't notice how serious he is, that is one of the first things I noticed that made me fall in love with his sweet face in the beginning! I'm not sure if the gray leggings would look right with the reddish brown tunic but I definitely think tan would look fabulous! It's funny because I've been trying to design a similar outfit for one of my resin babies and have been struggling with color choices too. I've pretty much narrowed down his shirt and tunic but the original pants I had him in match his current boots almost perfectly and the new pair I made him didn't quite turn out so I'm still playing with ideas there. Anyway, he looks fab, can't wait to see how he looks once you get his clothing sorted. :)
    4. @TwistedRiver thank you! For some reason color matching with bjds is so difficult. Unless you go with black, lol. You are right, tan would look best. I'd love to see pictures of your project, for inspiration!

      I think a reddish brown, tan and white color scheme will be my choice. I think a nice stretchy material for the leggings and a nice, soft heavy material for the tunic. That is, until I see what is available!
    5. Oh man I hate trying to figure out colors some times and it seems just when I've figured things out, my dolls have a different idea. xD
      It's not the best picture, and his outfit is still a work in progress, made with the fabric I had on hand, but here's a pic of my Elfkin Leif next to my Scorpio Aggi, (Leif is the one who's outfit is loosely based on Link) ((linking since neither doll is on topic for this thread))
      Definitely looking forward to what you come up with for your baby. :)
    6. @TwistedRiver oh, wow! Both dolls and outfits are so cute! Thank you for sharing! Scorpio's dress is clear! That blew me away! And you did a perfect job on Lief's outfit. You said you even made the boots? Simply amazing!

      I'm so inspired now I can't wait to get started!
    7. Oh wow thanks!
      Yeah Aggi is wearing the dress I made for last year's triathlon, the skirt is actually a lid to a frappe from McDonalds. xD I can't wait to see what you come up with for your boy! You're lucky that his foot size is easier to find shoes for xD Tiny shoes are always so tricky to find anything that isn't either 'little girl' style or like keds, so I watched/read probably half a dozen tutorials till I figured out how to make a pair.
      Looking at your pics so far makes me fall more and more in love with Hu Xiaodao and I've decided he is definitely going on my wishlist though it'll probably be a while before I can afford to bring one home.
    8. Oh, goody! I was able to get to the fabric store today. We are expecting our fourth round of bad weather, so today was it till who knows when, lol. I searched, and searched, but reddish brown doesn't exist! It must be 'out' this year. So, I went with Link's traditional colors -green tunic and grey leggings. I got a super deal, so it cost me only $4.00. I feel good, so if I screw up, at least the cost is minimal. :sweat The fabric is knit with a nice lined texture, so stretchy, and forgiving. I'll just be extra careful when designing the patterns. I tend to make them too small, so this time, I will make a paper towel mock up. Super absorbent!
    9. LOL! Super absorbent should work! :mwahaha

      Wow! Kurogane, sounds like you got a very good deal on your fabric! Can't wait to see your finished outfit!

      Yeah, we are finally drying out here on the West Coast. So much rain! :arainclou. But, we needed it badly because of the drought.
    10. Oops, sorry for double post.
    11. @Rabbit-moon I'm on the west coast too! Just up north in Washington. With the weather we've been having, you'd think we were in the far north. This weekend snow and freezing rain. I guess we are making up for the mild winters, and are back to what I remember as a kid.
    12. I got my first Yosd. Doll Family Yoyo on a boy body. He needs a faceup and well everything since I don't have any other Yos to share stuff with. He is wearing a pair of leggings I got at Doll AKon and a Pure Neemo top I had. He may fit into the shoes I bought that no one fit into but I haven't tried yet. My only small wig was too big so I'm planning on making one for him. Not sure where he is headed atm, perhaps clown town or an ESPer. Who knows where inspiration will strike.
      [​IMG]No face and no name yet. by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    13. He's very cute SteamWitch! Can't wait to see what you do with him.

      (Word of caution: Beware! Tiny bjds are so cute and adorable, and fun to play with; but multiply like rabbits. Before you know it, you will have an army of tinies. ;))
    14. Thanks for the warning, I'm not sure how I feel about him really. I'm going to give him a chance.
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    15. SteamWitch, I don't own any of the DollFamily-A 16cm tinies, so I don't know how well they pose. I own 5 of the DollFamily-H 26cm tinies, and they are fabulous posers! I have quite a few tinies, and the DF-H YOSD-size body is my favorite. (and you can buy different hands for DF-H tinies from Doll Legend, because DF-H and Doll Legend are sister companies and their resin matches.)
      Doll Body : Alice's Collections

      :sweatThis probably more info than you need, but just in case you are interested later.

      Again, looking forward to how creative you get with your new tiny.

      *loves the No-Face doll*
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    16. He got me to successfully make a wig with a decent part so another point in his favor. He is single jointed but stands like a rock, another point for him. He looks good in his new wig - now do I want it long or short. I like that he is definitely a boy and not an angel body another point. He is racking up the + points quite well.
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    17. Wow! You made that wig? It looks great! :thumbup

      I guess the length of wig will depend on what his character is going to be. A mad little mage would definitely have long hair.

      Looks like he's coming right along. :3nodding:
    18. He hasn't told me his name yet so we are still working on that and what he does. He is growing on me.
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    19. :3nodding::3nodding::3nodding:
    20. Finished his faceup last night but it was too dark for photos. I tried these soulinabox eyes and I like them. He still doesn't have a name. :eek:
      [​IMG]DF Yoyo faceup done by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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