DF (Doll Family) Tiny doll discussion thread

Aug 27, 2010

    1. Oh my goodness! SteamWitch, he looks adorable! You did an excellent job on his face-up! :thumbup

      Wow! Those eyes are are wicked cool! :aeyepop:

      I can't believe he hasn't told you his name yet! What a little scamp! ;)
    2. He is a little scamp, but he surprised me this morning with his name. It is Zuki or Zooki, not sure how to spell it but he has a name now. I think he wanted to hang out and everyone kept asking his name so he coughed it up.
      [​IMG]Zuki or Zooki or Zookee by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    3. LOL! What a little rascal! So cute!

      And, Zuki, or Zooki, is a perfect name for him. :thumbup

      (A perfect name for yelling "Zuki! Stop doing that!!!")
    4. Yes, I think that is exactly what I'll be doing a lot of.:3nodding::sweat
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    5. Such cute little dolls :D
      I'm actually hoping to get a Hu Xiaodo sonce they are running a special again ;)
      @kurogane did they send you anime eyes with him or did you have to buy them separately? I think he looks way better with the anime ones, they just bring his cute little face to life ♡
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    6. @SynnfullKaydee the eyes I got were regular acrylic. They are the same color as the promo pictures, but aren’t anime. I got my guy some anime eyes from Volks and he does look better. During the special, I was able to get the face up for the cost of a regular blank doll. Maybe there will be a Fall event, but for sure a Winter one. Sai is still one of my favorite dolls!
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    7. Thanks for the info. He would be my second doll and I'm trying to find a comparison of him with a regular (not chunky) 27cm doll (mine is a Kids Sky I'm still waiting on) for proportions, but no luck yet. I'll have to do a special post, I think.
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    8. @SynnfullKaydee I can take a picture for you. I have quite a few yosd sculpts from different companies. No Kids Sky, but Doll Zone, 5Star, Xagadoll, and an off topic Hujoo. The body is very chunky, more like a baby in style. Right now I have the head on a Doll Chateau msd body. The head is actually SD size and takes 20mm eyes and size 8 wig. I will post the picture tomorrow.
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    9. Yay, thank you so much! I saw inone of your other posts that he has a bigger head and I just couldn't visualize the difference in my head :sweat
      I'll look forward to your post :)
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    10. I wasn’t able to take the picture today, and have time tomorrow. This week! Wow, it’s gone so fast!
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    11. Don't worry about it. I'm really thankful you're able to take the comparison pic for me, so I'll be happy whenever you get around to it :)
    12. @SynnfullKaydee I got the picture! Wow, it even surprised me the differences in yosd between companies.
      Left to Right: Doll Zone b-0027 boy body, Xagadoll Red Obsidian Line, Doll Family A 30cm, and 5Star Doll. DF-A is huge! A totally different scale, more like the Big Baby but for yosd. I hope this helps. I wish DF-A just sold the heads as I'd get the girl version and put her on a DC k-01 body.

      [​IMG]BJD YOSD body comparison by SD Hampton, on Flickr
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    13. @kurogane Thank you, seeing them all together really does help a lot! He is big, but not horribly so. He's so cute, though, so I'm even more excited to have him on my wishlit now ♡
      I'm finding that a lot of sculpts I really like the heads, but not always the bodies, so I'm with you on wishing more places just did heads separately and I'm not quite brave enough (or educated enough) yet to try hybriding.
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    14. @kurogane
      I was wondering if you've found any good clothes that fit your Hu Xiaodao and maybe what size they were? His proportions are so different!
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    15. @SynnfullKaydee sorry, I never tried to use the chubby body as I put the head on a msd DC body instead. I was disappointed that DF-A didn’t sell the outfit he is pictured in, or the wig. I wanted mine as a fullset, but now he is a hybrid.
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    16. @kurogane
      Yeah, I was disappointed about his fullest as well :( It was just so cute! Thanks anyway :whee:
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    17. Today was Zuki's day in the sun. He was thrilled to sit with Nox at the doll meet today.
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    18. Hello,
      I'm hoping I'm posting this in the right place. If not sorry for my newbieness. I'm purchasing DF-A Kabu soon and I was wondering if someone who already has him could help me out. I'm trying to get some custom clothing made for him and I've noticed his sizes are very different compared to the more standard sized BJDs. If someone already has him could you please help me with these measurements?

      - the arm length from armpit to wrist
      - around the upper arm
      - around the wrist
      - around the thigh
      - around the base of the thigh
      - from the waist to the end of the thigh

      Also what eye size does Kabu use? I've seen many different sites say 14mm, 18mm, and 20mm. I want to purchase eyes but with sizes that vague I'm having trouble.

      Thank you!
    19. Just an update in case anyone also was wondering about the sizes of DF-A 33cm dolls:

      -the arm length from armpit to wrist 8.2cm
      -around the upper arm 7cm
      -around the wrist 5.2cm
      -around the thigh 11.2cm
      -around above the knee 8.6cm
      -from the waist to the knee on the outer side of the body 12cm

      I still don't know the eye size though. If anyone could help me out with that I'd be very grateful :)
    20. @Calithil my guy wears 18mm anime eyes. I’m pretty sure regular eyes can go up to 20mm, if you want the big iris look. 16mm and the eyes start gapping. Hope this helps! This is for the 33cm anime dolls. The heads are actually SD sized and take 8-9 wig, same as Volks Dollfie Dream. I’m not sure about the non anime heads on the 33cm body though.
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