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Did you see a doll in person before buying it?

Oct 4, 2017

    1. I have never seen any of my current dolls in person before buying them. It would have been nice if I have though since they are so expensive. I was thinking of buying a smart doll and was lucky enough to see one in person in an anime convention. Now, I am absolutely sure I want one and I can't wait to get my very own smart doll when we go to Japan next year!
    2. I never saw any of the dolls I've bought in person prior to buying them, but I've seen several at meets that have ended up on my wishlist ;)
    3. Never seen in person before. So I started googling.
    4. I bought the one in my avatar photo at a BJD convention. I went back to the booth several times and looked at her before finally buying her. She was calling my name and I just couldn't resist.
    5. I did not see my dolls in person before buying them. But some doll meet-ups makes me go "maybe I should get that one..." like some dolls really have the "photos can't capture it" look and when I see them in person my feelings and 100% different.
    6. I did. Back when I first heard about BJDs I started seeing some at conventions, but I was too scared to touch them even when a friend of mine said I could touch hers. Then I went to the BJD meet at SDCC, this was before it was a real sort of panel, and I saw the most beautiful Luts Lishe. After that she was the one I wanted. She was my first doll. But I STILL barely touched a doll until I got her. Then I realized how sturdy she was.
    7. Just piling up the same comments from before: I have never seen my dolls before buying them. It was a hard choice, because judging on photos alone cannot tell me how they would really look like in person. I own a few and to be honest, they look slightly different from the photos taken online; there are some hidden features that the camera cannot capture. Also, I personally prefer to look at dolls instead of spending time taking photos of them, because they just look and feel different.
    8. I didn't see a BJD in person before purchasing it. I just browsed owner photos to see more angles and to make sure I loved the sculpt.
    9. Yes, in-fact I even got to hold one before I ever bought one for myself, @darthmissy here on DOA worked at my local hospital where my mother also worked. It was on Halloween, my sisters and I went to see our mother while she was at work and my mother introduced Darthmissy and I, I saw her Hypermanic Eujquiv (Paloma) sitting on her desk and asked about it. She explained about BJD's a bit and told me to try joining DOA, I actually bought my first doll from her too, it was nice to get to physically see and touch one before making such a big purchase :kitty2
    10. No, my first one was thru internet, my resinsoul mei, i was very lucky with that she looked so nice..
      Just reasonly i visit my very first doll fair...and it was awesome, so many nice dolls..
    11. No but I wish I had
    12. Nope - I've never seen any of my dolls in person prior to buying them. When I bought my first doll, I didn't worry too much about needing to see a doll in person before buying one. Now there are dolls that are on my wish list that I haven't gotten around to buying yet, and I have seen those dolls in person by chance.
    13. I remember seeing BJDs at dealers' tables at conventions a few times before I bought my first doll, but as far as I can remember, none of them were the sculpt (or even the same company) as what I ended up buying. I tend to fall in love with sculpts just by seeing pictures of them, to be honest.
    14. I haven't seen a doll before buying it, but I would definitely want to~
    15. Nope, I'd never seen a ball-jointed doll in real life before jumping into the hobby. Johnny was my first doll, and he's the first on-topic ball jointed doll I laid eyes on.
    16. Yes! Which is exactly what began my downward spiral into spending all my extra money on resin. Anime conventions used to be booming with them. I saw a couple people holding them at AWA more than 10 years ago and though it was a delayed reaction (about 1-2 years later), I've been obsessed ever since.
    17. Never, I just buy them in the websites,so i never see them
    18. I never saw a bjd in person before I ordered my first. The others, I maybe saw 1/3 of them in person at meets before tracking them down for myself... mostly because they were out of production and while they were on my want list, seeing them in person sealed it for me.

      This was me and my Doll Chateau Agnes. If I had not seen one in person, there is not way I would have considered her after seeing her on DC's site.
    19. I had never seen a BJD in person before I got my first doll. I'm kinda glad I didn't because I feel like that would have ruined the whole " first doll in my arms " kinda moment when I opened my first doll!
    20. In three cases, yes, I did see the doll before purchasing. One was for my one and only Puki; I'd liked the look of the Pukisha sculpt, but mistakenly thought they were closer to a traditional YoSD scale until I saw one in person, after which I couldn't resist getting one to be a "cat" for my minis. (Though I do now have a YoSD-sized Pukisha with my LTF one too. :) )

      The most recent is my dyed Doll-Love girl; she was purchased secondhand from a collector local to me at the time. The sculpt was one I'd had wishlisted for a long time, in tan, which has also been unavailable for a long time. When she put hers up for sale, I decided to buy her and tan her myself.

      And the last case is the MNF body I got for a hybrid (who is now a full MNF); I'd been trying to find the perfect body for the character, and started realizing that the only one that met my qualifications for size, build, and flexibility was a MNF body. And, because I already had reject bodies to get rid of from the hybrid, because I was planning some heavy mods, and because a MNF body is not cheap, I waited until I could see one in person before making my final choice.

      In other cases, I've had a chance to handle dolls that I own before they arrived, but in each of those cases they'd already been purchased and I was just lucky enough to run into one I could see and handle between ordering and shipping. :)
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