Did you see a doll in person before buying it?

Oct 4, 2017

    1. I bought my machina at Dollism, but I was planning on buying her anyway, I had made the decision to buy her from looking at pictures online. My only real decision to buy a doll after seeing it in person was when I stopped by a friend's room sale to say hi and her roommate was selling a gorgeous Unidoll girl. I bought her immediately.
    2. I wish I’d gotten to see one in person before buying, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Honestly, even as much as I like being able to see what I buy in-person, I have to say that having never gotten to hold or touch a BJD before added to the fascination and excitement I felt when I removed my first girl from her box. c:
    3. You know, I'm not sure I had ever seen ANY BJD in person EVER before opening my first one from its box! I'd never thought about it before, but all I'd ever seen were photos and videos. I'd never been able to touch, hold, or pose one in real life.
    4. i bought mine online and went to a physical store while i was waiting, so i guess i saw one before i had mine but didnt see one before i bought mine
    5. well, if u r referring to bjds in general, before i got my own dolls, i have seen them for years at manga/anime conventions (i was quite active in the doujin ring) & a few up close, dolls belonging to friends. i was afraid to touch them back then, mainly because i am quite rough with dolls.

      but i thought they were so pretty, that i want my own. but, i learned that they are expensive and had to be ordered online. so, in my early 20's, they were just a pipe dream for me. it was until i started making my own income (in usd) & figure out online shopping & using paypal, that i was finally able to buy my own dolls.

      but, if u ask did i see my dolls in person before i bought them... well, of course not. bjd is a rare hobby in my country, & the dealers/companies are faraway. so i could only depend on promo pics, & owner pics , or if possible personal snaps from the dealers.
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    6. I never saw any! And I'm still waiting, haha~~ I think that how others were saying, it's worth to look at them on youtube videos to have that 3D feeling.
    7. I've seen a couple at anime conventions! Sometimes people carry them around, or sellers sometimes have them sitting on desks. I've never gotten a really close look, though.
    8. I went to DDE before making my first doll purchase. I was happy to get an idea of how resin felt before jumping in and ordering.
    9. I'd like to, but since events having bjds are really rare in my country, I depend on a deep search for reviews and pictures .-.
    10. I had seen and held "a" bjd before buying my first, but not the one I bought, but another one from another company, but it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't. I was already so intrigued by the hobby I would have dived in anyway :whee:
    11. I did! I think I saw them online first? My memory is terrible haha- but a friend of a friend had some and we met up so I could look at them. I remember we went to the mall and she was like “want to hold him :) ?” But he was an SD boy and I was so intimidated by the thought of dropping him or seeming odd for sitting with a giant doll in public.

      So I saw then! Just never touched one till I got my first MSD dollzone girl. Now I never take them out of the house out of fear of something happening to them over being embarrassed about them.
    12. never have :roll:I only saw photos in Internet
    13. I already knew I wanted these dolls prior to being lucky enough to see them up close at a convention. Was a few months before placing an order for my first back in the day. So this wasn't something that got to be the deciding factor on whether or not I should get one home.
    14. Nope, but I wish I was able too, i’d Love to go to a doll festival one day.
    15. I am very lucky to have a friend with a large doll collection, which includes BJDs. On a visit to her house, I saw her Iplehouse dolls. I fell in love with the Elin sculpt that she had. I began saving and bought one.

      Over the last few days, I have been looking at the Latidoll Yellow Lea online. I have not seen her in person. She may be a future purchase.
    16. Never had, yet! But I always brows and brows other peoples' photos of the doll I want. For several months, sometimes. I want to make sure this is exactly the right sculpt. Dolls aren't exactly cheap, so I want to make sure I really love the doll or that the sculpts suits my ideas.
    17. I don't live near any stores at the moment so I just search up images of the doll from different sources to see what the potential outcomes of the doll look like. Before I got into BJDs, I went to doll conventions and really loved window shopping.
    18. Nope, but I do prefer to check out owner photos before I buy anything!
    19. I've only ever seen other people's dolls at a distance. Never up close and never handled them. Of course, this was back when I couldn't juggle this hobby and another, so I was less interested in BJDs. Knowing what I know now, I'm kicking myself for not being more interested in other people's dolls.

      But like others have said, I try to hunt for as many owner photos as I can before committing to a purchase.
    20. Nope, I never saw *any* bjd before I got my own. In fact I've still never encountered any other dolls besides my own, as there are no meets or anything near me.