Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup? - Pt.2

Dec 10, 2017

    1. I ordered my first doll blank, but the production time was so slow that another doll arrived to me in the meantime that I purchased from the MP that did come with a faceup. I had plans to send the blank doll to a faceup artist when it arrived.
    2. Um... sort of? My first doll was secondhand, and she arrived with a half-finished faceup that the previous owner had tried. Of course I bought it with the intention of wiping it and starting from scratch though.

      I came to this hobby through the fashion doll repaint hobby, so I had no interest in a doll that already has a face. The whole point is customization! (for me, anyways)
    3. yes, my first one did. i loved the company faceup and thought that starting with a blank doll would be too intimidating right from the start. since my first bjd wasn't an oc of mine i didn't feel the need to go so customized - later ones though, are being planned out closely with room for different faceups!
    4. Yes, all three of mine did, actually. I'm a horrible procrastinator, so I figured if I shell out for the company faceup (or in the case of my DC Jodie, he already had a custom faceup from a previous owner), I'll have a doll right out of the box I can take pretty pictures of. I'll get around to trying my hand at faceups one of these days.
    5. Mine came with a face-up, but he was secondhand and an amazing deal-- he was basically the full set doll for the same as the blank one. I like his default faceup, but I think I'm gonna wipe it sometime and give faceups a try.
    6. Yes, I ordered my first doll directly from the company with face up. Since then, I always buy blank dolls as I like to do the face up myself :kitty2
    7. I got the default faceup. I didn't want my doll to have a blank face while I waited to commission a faceup artist haha
    8. Yes. My first doll came with a face-up since I still want to practice mine until I actually do them on a resin doll. I didn't want to wait until I felt more comfortable doing my own and have a blank doll sitting around forever.
    9. I got the default faceup for my first doll, and she's kept it since. It's been four years and I honestly can't imagine her with any other faceup.
    10. Mine came with his factory faceup and still has it. I was too nervous to get him blank and try my hand at painting on resin. I was practicing on off topic dolls at the time since they were much cheaper and I wasn't worried about staining them. I took a couple of years away from the hobby but I'm getting ready to start practicing again and he should be getting a new face before the end of the year.
    11. Yes, I would never buy a doll without a faceup because I'm in this hobby purely for the aesthetics not the artsy side of it. That and I would find it both difficult and inconvenient to send my doll off somewhere for a faceup, I just prefer to get it one and done with the company.
    12. I don’t yet have a doll, but my first one will not have a faceup. Doing that sort of customization is what drew me to the hobby in the first place, so it’s easier than having to wipe her. I’m waiting until I get decent enough at faceups that I feel I can do a doll justice, then I’m allowed to order my first full doll.
    13. My first doll didn't have a faceup because I was absolutely determined I would do it myself!
      Oh wow.... I learned pretty quickly that not only were faceups difficult for me (no art background), they're especially difficult on a >7" head! However, my initial failure with that first tiny doll face gave me the drive to keep practicing faceups to get better. It was such a defining experience for me beginning the hobby. The struggle all those years ago is funny for me to think about now but it certainly wasn't funny back then! :lol:
    14. Both of mine have company faceups on them; I don't have the skills for faceup stuff and I'm not a fan of them blank at first, so to me it's worth it to have a default faceup at least when I order from the company.
    15. @ker246 That’s exactly why I’ll be diving in headfirst with a 1/3 doll! *_*
    16. LOL I support that decision! I have zero plans to attempt a smaller-than-SD-sized faceup ever again. I have so many SD floating heads that are a ton of fun to practice faceups on. Having a bigger canvas definitely helps!
    17. My first doll was a full set, I just wanted to see what a resin doll was, so I bought the tiniest I found.
      Then I decided to live plainly my new hobby so I bought all my other dolls blank and did everything myself.
    18. Even though I've worked with all sorts of art mediums in the past I still have yet to reach a point where I'm comfortable enough to work on an expensive doll. @_@ I'll get there, someday! But for now, all of my dolls have come with faceups so far, including my first one.
    19. Mine both came with face-ups. I don't know how to paint. I would like to re-do Lele's eyebrows at some point because I think it would change his expression, but I don't know if I would have the courage to do it.
    20. My dolls came with face-ups because I was too afraid to do them myself and damage the dolls. My next doll will be my first without face-up because I want to shell a very special character. At the moment I don‘t feel like wiping any of my doll‘s current face-ups because I would feel terrible about it... I think I am a bit special when it comes to this xD