Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup? - Pt.2

Dec 10, 2017

    1. My first doll didn't have a faceup and none of mine have been ordered with them, because part of what attracted me to this hobby was doing faceups. My characters are also usually uhhh... unique, so I feel like this is a "if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself" situation.

      Buuut... my second came with one that I suppose was complimentary? She's an artist doll (Villitunes Gloriana) and Villitunes did one even though I didn't ask for it, which was super sweet of her. I plan to wipe it because it doesn't match my character at all, but it's nice to have her not be blank while I wait to get my respiratory supplies in order.
    2. No, although in hindsight I doubt it would have made a difference for me, as I wound up hating everything about the doll.
    3. My first doll, from Doll Chateau, I requested a company face-up for. To be honest I was a bit disappointed by it; his face still looked pretty much blank besides some pink line marks around his lips and eyes.
    4. My very first doll I ordered without face up. I did try to do my own faceup a few times but none were satisfactory enough. I ended up selling him as a blank. Since then I've purchased doll with faceups. I think I might get a blank head to practice faceups on as a side hobby. In general I like my dolls to come with high quality faceup. If I want a custom look, I don't mind paying for it when I'm buying the doll.
    5. My first doll came with faceup but it's not default faceup. I wiped it off right away and I did it. That was my first faceup.^^
    6. My first doll came without faceup! I bought her secondhand on dA, from a den of angels member who told me how to find a faceup artist when I bought the head.
    7. I've never bought a doll with a faceup. I'd rather do my own. That's half the fun! ;)
    8. My first doll, a Fairyland Sirrca, did come with the company face-up but I ended up sending her to get a new face-up a couple months later (with my Fairyland Chloe). I don't mind company face-ups if they have a generally neutral tone (black eyeshadow, nude lips, etc) but once I start giving dolls their personalities, I start to want a personalized face-up.
    9. My first doll came with a face-up. I was new to the hobby and I liked the default face up in the company's promo pictures. My doll was extremely cute in person as well.
    10. I usesly get the face up if I buy it from the manufacturer, most of my dolls from ebay didnt have faceup.
    11. My first doll came with her default company face up and she’s kept it ever since! I love how changing her eyes and wig have such a huge impact on her expression. I never felt the need to change it <3
    12. My first doll (Iplehouse Carina) came with custom faceup (Carina old A type make-up). And she looks so gorgeous, so I don't want to change it (and I use the same make-up for the Elly, it was a smart decision).
    13. The first doll I received, my Mystic Kids Tremmel, came with a faceup, but after comparing it with the faceups that I’ve been doing, I sort of feel like wiping it. It’s very pretty, but it lacks in contrast, and I feel like it would be even more special to me if I made him more uniquely my own. (Then again, almost no one seems to have this doll anyway. :lol:)
    14. My first doll, a DreamingDoll Airi, came with the default faceup. I considered getting her blank, but one of the things I loved most about the sculpt was actually how it looked with the faceup, so it wasn't much of a question for me! Now that I have her, I'm very pleased with the quality of the faceup.
    15. Nope! My first, second, and upcoming third came completely bare. If I'd had a choice, I'd possibly have wanted a faceup on the first head? Maybe? It's hard to say. I really love the blank canvas that an unblushed/painted doll represents.
    16. My first doll will be a licensed character doll, so yeah he will have the default faceup. I hope to do my own faceups in the future for non-character dolls though
    17. Yes my first boy came with a face up. All my other boys came with face ups to. And do not need to mess with having to redo their face all the time because it will not stay on.
    18. I got my first doll second hand and he did come with a company face up that I wiped within days of his arrival in preparation to send him to the faceup artist I'd commissioned. :sweat I now have a mix of company and artist faceups, with more artist than company.
    19. I was a bit scared to enter this hobby, so I searched for the least expensive, basic doll that I liked and found B&G Rin (who came in just under $300 back on '09) with a company default faceup. He still has that faceup, although it is a bit worn around the edges.
    20. My first doll, if we're talking full doll, I bought secondhand that had the company face up. I wiped it later to try my hand at face-ups (but needed help from a friend for the bottom lashes and eyebrows). But if we're talking about my first head, then that did not come with a face up. My next doll (also secondhand) came with the company face up that I also wiped later to try doing face-ups.

      My dolls after mostly don't come with face-ups because I'm not totally in love with the default company face up so I get them blank to try and do it myself. But I did get a secondhand head that came with a face-up I wiped almost immediately as the style was not to my taste at all (the previous owner had sent it to someone to get a face-up done).
      I think any future dolls will probably come blank unless I'm in love with the face-up.