Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup? - Pt.2

Dec 10, 2017

    1. My first doll came with a company faceup. I was advised by some people here to go that route, and I'm really glad I did, because I'm not especially artistic and I basically wanted him to look like the default photo anyway. It wouldn't have made any sense for me to attempt it on my own. He came with an unpainted wing part and I'm going to try to blush him, though, so I still get the fun of painting him without the stress of trying to make his face look right.
    2. Nope :( didn't know if I'd love him or not and thought selling him blank would be easier. Received him and loved his skintone, so $100 worth of regret right there :...(
    3. The first resin BJD I bought was a Cerberus Project Lishe and she came with an orange and yellow default face up.

      It took me years to build up the confidence to do my own face ups and body blush.
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    4. No. I was 15, I think, and my parents were rather strict about not asking for a commission from anyone. I find it funny bc I come from an artist family, yet still my parents find it odd to pay for art, because "you can make it yourself".
    5. My first few dolls came with faceups; it suited my impatient teenage self at the time. These days? I always try to buy blank so I can have a proper artist bring my ideas to life. :)
    6. My first doll did indeed have a faceup! I thought since I loved the doll as she was on the website that I would just go ahead and get her with a faceup~
    7. My first will come with a face up. I like her company photos so much that I just went ahead and had a face up included.
    8. My girl is coming with a faceup done by her artist.
      I am not crafty at all, so even if I ever got a blank doll I'd get someone to do the faceup for me. =P
    9. i prefer to get all of mine with a faceup if the option is available. sending the head to a complete stranger is nerve wracking, but i've (luckily) had no problems so far... *aggressively knocks on wood*
      my first doll came with the factory faceup in 2008 and he still has it with nothing chipped or rubbed off despite a few faceplants.
    10. My first doll (which will be arriving very soon:XD:) will come with a faceup, i'm not completely sure why I ordered him with a faceup as I have all the materials needed for at faceup at home, and I have 2 floating heads that I have practiced faceups on and I feel confident enough to give him a faceup.
      Allthough as he is ha Resinsoul the faceup was only 10 usd and I guess I just thought why not. So I'll probably be adding to his faceup or just completely remove it.
    11. Ou yes default faceup. And because of that i made changes my dolls character.
    12. I never entered the hobby wanting a doll already with a faceup, because I wanted to do my own! My first doll came completely blank and I did his faceup and body blushing myself and he was perfect!
    13. When I got my first dolls I had no idea that it was so common for people to do their own faceups. I just assumed that if you wanted a finished doll getting the company to do it was the way to go.

      For my most recent doll I'd just rather not have the bother so I ordered the faceup, but I'm finally feeling it's time to try one out for myself. I think learning to do it myself will significantly reduce some of the handling anxiety I have toward them.
    14. My first doll was secondhand, and had a faceup, but I wiped it. The faceup was beautiful, but wasn't what I envisioned for the character. I later did her faceup myself.
    15. My first bjd was blank actually any bjd doll i want i will try n get blank as i like to customise my iwn dolls to my vision
    16. I got mine blank! I aquired supplies to do my own. <3
    17. Nope. Like others, I got the supplies with my first and went into the hobby knowing that face-ups were something I wanted to do as a part of my hobby experiance :3nodding:
    18. I got my first one blank too so that I could do my own. It was very, very crude since I had no idea what I was doing, but I still have it because I love that memory so much. I may eventually wipe her and re-do it, but for now it’s perfect. My second one was done by doll artist Ban Sidhe on here, and she is unbelievably beautiful. I doubt I could ever come close to her work.

      I have fun when I do my own though, and that’s what matters, right?
    19. I bought my first doll from resinsoul and got the company faceup, but I ended up taking a chance about a year later and redid it myself. That doll is also the one that's gotten the most faceups in my collection.
    20. Yes,Even now I like to order dolls with makeup:3nodding:If the company's makeup is good, I'll order it with the makeup because I just don't know how to do it myself:nosebleed