Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. My first doll will have his default face make-up, as I liked how it looked on the site. The second one will be blank
    2. Yeah, he did. I need to change it as soon as I get my own materials, though.
      My second and fourth also had or have company face ups, and my third is secondhand so she has a face up too.
    3. mine did - then I bought a couple of blank dolls but I was never happy with my faceup efforts, so now I only buy dolls with company faceup - I figure what's an extra $40 when I've already spent so much!
    4. Yes. I was too nervous to try and do a faceup on my first doll!
    5. Yeah she did, and it really bothered me because it wasn't done properly. I'd thought it'd just chipped, but now that I look back on it, I realise they forgot to do part of her lip! It bothered me so much that I wiped it off almost immediately!
    6. No he didn't. And the dolls after usually don't have them as well, or their face-up gets wiped soon. It's not that I do face-ups myself (with the first, I tried and then discovered that I really don't like doing this), but I just like to comission someone and get a doll that is truly my own :).

      I do have one doll with a factory face-up though. My IH Kamau's face is just perfect and they've painted him so well. If you like the face-up, why not order it?
    7. I got my first doll with factory face-up(a pukifee ante) becouse even though I knew that at some point I would redo it, I just wanted her to be "complete" first since it was my first experience with bjds. I also bought my second doll with face-up since she was cheaper with face-up and as a fullset(I splitted the fullset) than just basic without :)

      However I no longer buy with face-up though becouse I like to paint them myself :3
    8. When I ordered my first BJD, I got him without a faceup. I knew I was going to commission one for him when he arrived. I just wanted my first BJD to be done by someone more experienced, and now I love having all of my faceups commissioned. I'm planning to work on my faceups, but I want to get a couple practice heads first.
    9. My first doll did have a faceup. I got him secondhand, but he would have had one anyway. I wasn't confident enough to do my own (still not quite there) and I knew that the company faceups for Bobobie (he's an Apollo) were affordable.
    10. Fortunately my good friend was willing to try doing a faceup as she was selling me a blank new doll. I didn't feel confident that I could paint a face & I hadn't learned enough about commissioning a faceup. The doll kept that face for 3 years before all my newer dolls with better faceups finally convinced me she needed a change. Since that first doll, I've ordered some dolls blank because I knew just who I wanted to commission for the right look and I've ordered some dolls with faceups because I love the company faceup offered. Painting & drawing still aren't my preferred art form so I haven't tried my hand at faceups, there are too many sewing projects to take the time to learn!
    11. She did indeed. I was too scared to do faceups myself then and I wanted to make sure she looked perfect. And she came out looking just like the promo photos. She's my only doll with a factory faceup!
    12. My first doll was from Dollzone, back when they were really cheap and I think the faceup was like $30 or something, so I went for it. I wanted a doll who would look 'done' from near the first day and having a company faceup aided that. From then on, I've had blank dolls only. This is partly because company faceups, while beautful, are generally quite bland to me. They also cost a lot of money for what they are. I'd rather send my head off to an artist who will give me a unique faceup that is exactly what I want. I'm also more inclined to do my own now. Also, a few of my dolls are second-hand, and they also came blank.
    13. My first doll was purchased with a company face up because I adored the face up! If I hadn't, I would have tried it myself or sent the doll to an artist. I was satisfied with the face up that I received on that first doll, so all in all it went well.
    14. I got my first and most if my other dolls without faceups. Even though I'm artistic and could already draw well, it took me years of practice to get to where I am now. Faceups are a different ball game.
    15. My first doll is on her way now, and she is a PKF Zoe. I purchased her secondhand from Xhanthi, and as she came with the option of a faceup, I couldn't resist! :) I do plan to do future faceups myself, as I believe it will help with the bonding process.
    16. My first doll came with a default faceup. It was pretty bland, and I did eventually have it redone, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it myself and I wanted her to be ready to go right out of the box. I'd love to be able to do my own faceups but I have a movement disorder that causes my hands to shake pretty bad.
    17. I bought my first doll blank because I didn't love the company face up. I have no experience doing face ups, and am too paranoid and too poor to pay someone else to do it. A year after I bought her, she is still blank. My second came with a face up, and I paid for the ones for my third and forth. I plan to do some of them myself, but so far lack the materials and experience.
    18. Yes, she did. I bought an in stock doll at MoC, and that's what they had. It's probably for the best, as I had never seen one in person before. I don't know if I would have been quite as smitten if she had been blank upon arrival. I redid it about a year later, but am still glad she had one from day one!
    19. My first doll was second hand and had face-up done by her previous owner. My girl got custom face-up a bit later (done by one of my friends).
    20. The first blank doll which arrived to me was the 6th head from all the heads i ever owned in general, and it happened after four years in hobby. It also was the first doll i've ever gave to the artist. The rest of them arrived with company face-ups, basically because i did not want them to stay blank until they get painted. Wasn't really bothered 'cause didn't want anything special. Basics were ok. Two of them still have those faceups for years now. Others are either sold or disassembled, so this doesn't count.
      So, long story short, better take the faceup, imo.