Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. Yep my first doll came with a company face up, when I ordered her I knew very little about the dolly world. All four of my girls so far have had company face ups. I plan for my next doll to be blank, I cant stand the thought of waiting all that time only have a doll send away again so I am gonna try and do my next dolls face up by myself. Its going to be very strange unboxing my first blank doll, I think I will find it very hard to like her at all until she is finished
    2. Yes, my first doll came with a face up. It is/was a FCS F-05. I chose the face up myself.
    3. Yes, all my dolls so far have come with a company faceup. I either need to find a faceup artist whose work I really like, or else I need a lot more faceup practice myself, before I'll feel comfortable ordering a blank head!
    4. If I remember correctly my first and second doll came with company face-up. After that I learnt to do it myself and switched to ordering only blank dolls/heads. The only exception was a LE fullset doll I bought secondhand who also came with a default face-up, however that didn't stay long before I wiped it off and painted my own. Painting my dolls FUs is very important to me and an essential step in the bonding process, so much that I only own dolls I painted myself and I wouldn't dream of commissioning someone to do it for me. This hobby is an artistic outlet for me and commissioning someone would be the opposite effect.
    5. It depends upon which doll you consider my first. Technically I ordered my Miro MSD's first but I only had bodies for a while. My RS Ju came totally faced up and dyed and I had plans to work with her as is but then I made the mistake of putting her down near a wet spot and her dye ran all over the place. Apparently her sealer didn't hold up. I ended up stripping her back to NS and now she looks like a completely different doll than the one I intended her to be. I still haven't faced up all the dolls I've bought this year. I've been more into getting the small collection I want assembled than in doing all that. I've been really sick a lot the past few months. Chronic illness thing. When it's like this I'm just not up to a lot of painting and stuff. It will all get done eventually. I go through these long miserable flares with this. Eventually it's bound to gets better for a while. When this one does I'll get back to playing with my dolls more.
    6. I ordered my first doll with a faceup because I figured there was no way I could do one myself.
    7. I ordered my first doll pre made and with a face up. It was the exact one from the picture and I'm still in love with it.
      My second one that I have coming soon was also ordered with a face up which I do plan to change later.
      I just know that I won't be able to commission someone right away and it would bother me to have her sitting around with no face up.
    8. I wasn't too fond of the factory face up for my boy, so I ordered him without. I was definitely not prepared to do his face up myself so I sent him away. Having a headless body around for a couple weeks was quite odd, to say the least :lol:
    9. I fell in love with my first because of her faceup. I asked the company in a really green kind of way where I could get that exact faceup and they said it was her factory faceup so I could just order it. Luckily I did too because she was so small I think I would have completely screwed it up if I did it.
    10. I ordered my first doll blank, but since then I have ordered other dolls with factory faceups and I think it is definitely worth the extra money.
    11. My first doll I ordered without a faceup. I had already planned to do the faceup myself. While waiting for my doll, I looked up all sorts of faceup tutorials and such and got all the materials I needed. A few days after my doll arrived I did her faceup and it actually turned out pretty good in my opinion. Since then I've redone her faceup, but yeah.
      And for my second doll I am ordering him with a faceup, but I will be adding details to it when I get him.
    12. I ordered Ann with the custom face up, both because I love it and I'm a little scared about do it a totally new >__<
      Mayyybe, in the future I'll try to re-do it &#9829; but, right now I really love it <:
    13. I bought my first one without a face-up. The face-up artist I had asked to do him, fell of the face of the earth and I did (a horrible) face-up myself. Later I send him of to Soft-Poison and she made him gorgeous. The second one did come with a face-up though. xD
    14. I've never paid for a faceup, either from a company it an artist, ever. Even my first doll came blank ^^ because I'm artistic I told myself I would save money by Doug face-ups myself and I'm very happy I don't have to pay to get my dolls painted :,D
    15. I am planning to buy my first BJD after the holidays, and am ordering a faceup to be included. I am too nervous to work on such a big investment at this point. I want to do more faceup work on less expensive dolls, like Pullips, then graduate to resin BJDs.
    16. My very forst doll was a Pukifee Luna and yes she came with face-up. I wasn't part of DoA at that point so I didn't know lots of people that did doll face-ups. Plus I really loved her default face-up :)
    17. I just got my first BJD about two hours ago and she (Volks F-01 / Nana) has a company face up. :)
    18. Yes, my first doll came with a company face-up. Sometimes it can be hard to choose the most suitable face-up for a doll, but in this case the doll on the promotional photos looked just like the image of a perfect doll that I had in my head.
    19. My first doll came with a factory faceup. My second doll is and anthro and I am going to try doing her faceup myself.
    20. My first doll was a secondhand one, and he had (still has!) his default faceup. I bought him as a fullset, because I wanted him to have clothing and things when he arrived (even though I knew I'd change many of them) and with the faceup because though I knew I wanted to learn to do them, I wanted to see what a faceup looked like first. I'm really glad I got him with the faceup, because my first ones (done on a practice head) were pretty bad, and I may not have realized just how bad they were if I hadn't had his gorgeous faceup to compare to. Now I prefer to buy my dolls blank and paint them myself, but it was important to me that the first one come with a faceup.