Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. My first doll had her face up done by a friend who is insanely skilled at it. :) It was a Dollzone Helen head, but I couldn't stand the face they gave her. I wanted something softer and more delicate--and my friend did a fantastic job! I would like to be able to do face ups, but the idea makes me really nervous. I can get shaky hands when working on art projects, and I'd hate to ruin a face because of it.
    2. Yes, my first doll came with default faceup, but now I prefer sending them to local faceup artists.
    3. Yes, my first doll has the company faceup. Or rather, body-up, as he is covered in tattooing from head to toes. He's a very fetching boy, and I could not be happier with his appearance. I do want to attempt doing a face-up though. Someday :)
    4. My first doll was a fullset so he did come with a face-up. When I first got in the hobby, there weren't as many face-up artists to choose from and I had no idea how to paint them myself so, a face-up was a must for me. I also didn't want to get my first BJD after drooling over them for so long then ship his head off for weeks before I could enjoy having him. Now I order most of my dolls without a face-up because I enjoy painting them myself. :3
    5. My first doll would have come with a face up, because i bought mine used from someone else. I decided i didn't like his face up and got it done by someone else on this site :/
      I would prefer first doll to come with face up, because its just makes bonding with them easier and cuts out the wait of having their face up done.
    6. I recently ordered my first doll without a faceup! I prefer customizing it myself to suit the character I have in mind. Moreover, it's much cheaper this way, given that I already have most of the materials I need c:
    7. I ordered my first doll with company make-up because I was so in love with the picture on the website
      this was a katie a. from Souldoll
      And I was SO disappointed when I received the doll because she didn't look like at all with the picture.
      I sold her because I never could really love her because of that.
    8. Yes. He had a company faceup, and something happened where he needed a new one. Had a friend do it, and missed his old faceup so much, I sent him back to the company for a new one. He still has it! My third and fourth dolls from the same company still have their original faceups and they were ordered at the end of 2005, and arrived in January of 2006. Nearly 8 years!
    9. I'm glad my first BJD had his faceup, because I could enjoy him right away. Now I prefer getting a custom faceup, and don't mind waiting, because I have other BJDs to keep me company meanwhile. But I would NOT have wanted to wait for my first.

      LOL, mine too! He came with a faceup, and underwear (which were his only clothes), and he had no shoes for a couple of months, except for a pair of sandals I made him. I made all his clothes for about six months... then I bought his first outfit and it was all downhill from there.

      Linda S.
    10. No she didn't. I bought a hujoo dana doll for $120.00 which was a lot for me. My niece did her a face up last year and she is so cute.
    11. I did the face-up on my first doll. That's one of the things I enjoy about the hobby! I only own a few dolls with factory & artist face-ups and that's usually because I was awed by the specific face-up or in the case of my Ringdolls and one AOD, they came with a free faceup.
    12. Mine came with a face up. I think for sure I'd get stuck with a doll without a face if I didn't order the face up.
    13. I ordered my first doll blank and did everything by myself. I got him, played a bit with him, then unstrung him the same day to do some sanding and started work with airbrushing him. I'm very happy with how he turned out ;).

      Its the same with the other dolls. I've gotten all of them blank. The only time I won't go for blank is if it's a second hand doll and he or she already has makeup.
    14. I designed a character for my first girl and she is currently having her custom face-up and blushing based on it by PinkHazard atm ^_^ I wanted my first doll to arrive ready to start taking pics, making clothes etc right away. I also wanted her to come ready as she is designed as the muse for the main charater or a story i'm trying to write. I will have an event head coming with her that i'm going to start practicing face-ups on. =)
    15. My first 2 came face-up'd. I have one here now and 2 one layaway that I will do myself this summer. I want 2 Iplehouse dolls in the future, but I will likely have them face-up'd by Iplehouse.

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    16. All my dolls came blank not because I didn't like the company face-up or anything but because I had an idea of how I wanted them to look. Although I'm still not very good at doing my own face-up's I feel better doing them myself then sending them out probably cuz I would get to anxious plus It's a very nice bonding experience with my dolls.
    17. I order my girl whitout a faceup, so I chould do It by myself and I think it turned out real nice. :)
    18. The girls came without face-ups because I wanted to do it myself. They turned out pretty good.
    19. My first girl was bought with a default faceup...sadly it had chipped so I removed it. So now she is faceless and needing a faceup attempt by me.
    20. I'm ordering my first doll soon and won't be getting the company faceup, it doesn't really suit the character I have in mind for him so I have to send him away soon after I get him grr