Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. I bought my first doll with a faceup because, much like you, I was scared I'd mess something up. I will say, it was nice to have a doll I could play with right away. She looked great right out of the box. I ended up ordering my 2nd doll blank - and most of my dolls after that. I really like painting them myself now. Customization is really half the fun of bjd for me.

      I think if you want to paint your first doll, you should go for it! Just make sure you seal it properly and wear a respirator :) . You can always send it out for faceup services if you find you don't like doing faceups.
    2. I've never purchased a doll witn a company faceup or a doll where I intended to keep the faceup.

      I've done the faceup on all my dolls that have one--even my first.

      It's pretty hard to mess up a faceup (and even then, you can remove it). I think you should go for it, if you want to.
    3. I ordered my first doll sans-factory face up, with plans to attempt a face-up. I'm not artistically inclined, so the the idea was freaking my out.
      I ordered a practice head (Here's the one I ordered, but there are others), so I don't make mistakes on the more expensive doll head.
    4. I wish I could but the company I ordered from didn't offer faceups. I will have to attempt the faceup myself and hope it turns out alright :eusa_pray Commissioning would be my last resort since I'm really afraid of the head getting lost or damaged.
    5. This is such a wonderful question. I don;t have a doll yet but I'm considering on doing her own face-up my self if ever. which is so weird because before I really wanted to send her off to a face-up artist that I've already adored. But apparently the face-up artist never confirmed and before of that I got so inspired to do her face up myself. Though I would be needing the proper equipment and tools. But I'm so nervous but excited at the same time the problem I'm facing now is the current temperature here because some sealant requires a specific temperature to work well. Sorry going back to the topic I might purchase my first doll without face-up :)
    6. No, he didn't get a face up. I got a Puki Fee Tika first, and I kind of wish I'd gotten a faceup. The tiny teeth and lips are a bit hard for me to paint. Months later, I still haven't finished painting. It is super fun to try, but slightly worrisome.
    7. my first doll comes with factory faceup, and it still remain until now as i think she has a nice faceup,so I decide to keep it . But some of my dolls I do faceup myself,when it comes with faceup I din't like,or with no faceup.
    8. My first doll didn't come with a faceup because I wanted to do it myself. I already did a faceup on a Pulip doll and I really enjoyed the process even though my faceup was nowhere near professional grade. I also found that rubbing alcohol did a good job of removing acrylic paint so I wasn't too worried about making mistakes.

      So far, my first BJD's faceup doesn't look half as nice as the company one but, I don't think it looks awful either and it's a lot of fun to do. I like dolls that are already painted, but there are a lot of other types of dolls that are already painted. I like that the BJD companies give you the option to buy a blank canvas.
    9. i actually got mine with the default faceup, at first i was a bit hesitant to get him with the face-up but i thought that it may take time before i find the faceup artist that will fit my character so i got it with the faceup. I also thought of the same thing whether i should do his face myself or not, but i think i'll just leave it to the professionals. Some of my friends says that doing faceup is much easier if you have drawing or illustrating experiences.. maybe you should give it a try and get some practice heads :)

      like they always says practice makes perfect :) you'll get the hang of it soon :)
    10. I'm pretty different from most people here. All of my dolls have their original company faceups. So far I haven't wanted to get anything else. I'm not artistic enough to do it myself, nor any desire to learn anyway.
    11. I got all of mine so far with faceups. Makes them ready to play as soon as I get them.
    12. My first doll came with a face up, but she was yellowed and her face was green.. she looked sick. So I recently sent her out to get a brand new face up, which scared me a lot since I still loved her even though she looked sickly. However she turned out great!
      I also bought a very cheap doll to try my hand at a face up myself, before buying expensive molds and screwing them up. I'm pretty pleased with the result, and ended up bonding a lot with the little guy. A lot more than I expected when I got him in.
    13. I got the face up for my first doll, which is on order now. I'm hoping I like it, but I'm glad I got it because Iwanted to set her up immediately, and the blank dolls always seem... Odd? I guess. Kind of android-ish. I can't really picture a face-up I'd want on my first doll.

      Now, if I get her and go "Eeeeee! That is not what I wanted!" I'll at least have a baseline to go off of.
    14. I just ordered my first doll about 2 weeks ago...and I ordered her with the factory face up. I have absolutely no artistic talent, so I would never trust myself with something so valuable.
      I considered sending her to an artist, but I think her character fits the default faceup pretty well! Besides that, I don't know if I can endure a longer waiting time lol
      However, when thinking about future dolls and characters, I'll definitely have to send them to a professional to get the right look.
    15. My first doll came with the company faceup. But I was promised freckles on top and they failed to do so. She had full body blushing and two faceplates.
    16. After hesitating I decided to go for a blank doll since I knew my parents would freak out about a face-up that costs 200 dollars. It was the right choice. I have some magigal power perhaps - whatever I am up to (minus most sports), I seem to be destined to succeed without needing much practice at all. I dunno, I just looked at a few realistic faceups and realized exactly what colors and mediums I needed. Then I jumped straight to work. There are some things I would change, but overall I am still happy with Ludvig's face. As a 45 cm realistically proportioned doll he has really tiny face, but I love how I can test myself.
    17. My first dolls are on their way and they both have a face up! But I will buy my Myou Grace another head so I can try doing a face up on her myself!
    18. My first doll had a company face up, just because I was starting to get into the hobby and because it was a gift from a friend, I would have been way too overwhelmed to get my first doll completely blank so I was really thankful that I was able to choose to get the face up already done! :)
    19. I've yet to receive a doll with a faceup, I ordered two heads w/faceup but due to company error one was lacking the faceup and the other I cancelled.
      Out of the five dolls I have, only one has a faceup atm, I've only managed to send one out for a permanent face.
      Sometimes I'll do temp faceups but I'd rather collect other, nicer faceups. It's like having a piece of somebody's art on your doll and I like collecting art!
    20. I bought the first doll with make-up. So far I really like it, and I anxiously monitor his safety.