Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. No, I enjoy repainting vinyl dolls so I had no problem with it either.
    2. When I got my first bjd back in 2008, I ordered her with a faceup. At the time I was very new to bjds, and mostly did faceups on Pullips. So I figured at the time it would be best to get her with a face already done. If I'd gotten her when I rejoined the hobby last year, I probably would've done her faceup myself. So far she's the only one in my crew with a faceup not done by me :kitty2
    3. I haven't got one yet, but I'm 100% certain that I will order it with a faceup because I'm scared I wouldn't be able to do the faceup well enough and I'm a perfectionist
    4. Nope. And still have no courage to make one myself. I did start training on other, smaller dolls and hope to soon be able to give my girl a decent faceup, soon she'll complete 1 year at this home! :D
    5. I ordered my first doll without a faceup. He still has no faceup after 6 yrs . I have a friend who's willing but I'm leaning towards doing it myself. With my second doll I made sure she had a faceup. I kinda wish I'd of done that with my first one.
    6. My first BJD did NOT come w/a face-up - I had visions of doing them that quickly went out the window.... I finally got her one about 3 years later LOL Most of mine DO come with face-ups because I just don't do them.
    7. My first doll has a company face-up, I'm happy with it :)
    8. Yes, because I was afraid to paint on my own, and I didn't know faceup commissions exist... now I want to try my own! I've got to break out the sealant!
    9. Nope! The biggest appeal of the hobby to me was being able to do all the custom work so I never buy dolls with faceups when I can avoid it. If I buy something secondhand that already has a faceup I just wipe it and do my own as soon as time/weather allows :)
    10. Ahh, unfortunately no. The doll enough was expensive, but I have enough friends with dolls to help me out!
    11. I bought all dolls with default face-ups. If I ever get a custom face up, I would send it to Korea. I like natural face-ups.
    12. I ordered my first dolls without faceups because I am wanting to do faceups myself. It might be because I'm not usually a huge fan of company faceups, I think they start to all look the same ^^'' Though, sometimes I really love company faceups but would still rather order blank and do them myself to save money, plus I love the process of doing them myself <3 So far I have only done on Monster High and Pullip though...Dx
    13. I bought two heads (different sculpts) one with faceup and one without while I figured out how to do faceup. I still haven't gotten around to it so I think I made a good choice XD
    14. My first doll did not have face-up until I commissioned a face-up artist :)
    15. My dolls have all had company face-ups. Personally I'm not artistic (at all) and I don't really want to ruin them by trying my kindergarten painting job on them. I'd be interested to check out some face up artists but as of right now I like company face-ups and I don't see any reason to change it. ^^
    16. For my first complete doll, I got him with a face-up from the company. I do have a few floating heads as well, and I plan on doing my own face-ups for all my blank doll heads.
    17. My first doll came with his company face up, because I thought it was cute :) and if I ever decide I don't like it, I can paint him myself, though I've never done a face up before :XD:
    18. I am in the process of selecting my first BJD and will get a company face-up. My 2nd BJD will be without face-up. I definitely want to do them myself. I am looking at tutorials and such now. I've seen so many fantastic face-ups on DoA! I came to the right place to learn from the best. So thankful for people sharing!
    19. My first (and only) doll was second hand with the company face up. I would love to one day do my own face ups!
    20. Yep! Because itd be awhile before I commission someone haha. Fairylands faceups are pretty nice