Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. I had gotten a sweet little tiny head to do a faceup an and she was my project girl so I didn't mind. When I bought a full doll I loved the factory face up (and it was a yosd boy so I wanted a more natural look) and I don't regret it at all. I would get a practice head and you will feel strongly one way or another when you try it for yourself :)
    2. I bought the fullset for my first doll, so he came with the faceup, the clothes, accessories, etc. My second doll was a blank canvas that I had someone else to the faceup for.
    3. I purchased my first doll with a face-up. That wasn't my original plan, I actually wanted to commission an artist but I ended up loving the original so much.
    4. Nope! Doing the faceup is such a huge part of making a doll feel "mine" that I wanted to do it myself.
    5. Yea, I feel the same. I wanted to do the face up for my very first doll but was scared that I will screw it up so I ended buying the factory make-up. I have been practising face ups with Monster High doll...I am still not at the point where I am confident to start doing it on my BJD. But I do hope soon, I will after all it's cheaper to buy blank ones.
    6. My first doll came with a face up and she still has it on today! It suits her character!
    7. I got my first with a face-up because I wanted my first experience with a bjd to be a positive one. I was kind of on the fence about spending so much on a doll, so I opted for the "full set" so that I had a complete doll for the 1st. I can be a perfectionist and if that first doll had a bad 1st face-up or sat around blank, I was afraid I'd get buyer remorse. Glad I made that decision. Now I feel more confident about painting my own!
    8. My first doll was bought secondhand with a custom face-up. It was definitely nice because at the time I joined the hobby I didn't know the reputation of any face-up artists in the community and I still don't have the confidence to do my own face-ups. Maybe once I get an event head or something I'll attempt it.
    9. I bought my first doll with no faceup (because it's cheaper) and 8 years later I still think it was a mistake. Since my mother is really good at painting and very creative, I was hoping that she would do the faceup, but after failing twice (it wasn't a bad faceup but it wasn't perfect) she gave up and told me to try it myself. I didn't want to, I was too young and scared to try, so I quickly lost all interest in my doll because she wasn't as pretty as the BJDs I've seen online. It took me 8 years to finally get her out of the box and just TRY to do it. And know what, I actually really liked it! And I was better then I thought I would!
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    10. My first doll was a Doll Leaves R and he came with his face up even though I was never a huge fan of it, I still haven't been able to get his face to satisfy me like six years later lol
    11. I ordered my doll blank because I knew for a fact that I wanted to do the face up myself. I had previously practiced on a monster high and a Blythe so I felt pretty ok when she arrived.
    12. All my first three dolls are ordered with faceup.
    13. Yeah! I ended up falling in love at a convention with the little fellow and bought him with the company face-up. I think it's had me go to being more inclined to order company face-ups for sure, though I am trying a couple on my own.
    14. My first 1/3 scale doll was second-hand and totally blank. I don't think I had a ton in mind for her at the time-- it wasn't like I had a certain vision that I was trying to adhere to. I had done faceups on a few 1/6 scale Obitsus prior to owning this doll, and so I had juuuust enough experience to feel sort of confident that I'd be able to give her a decent face.
    15. the first doll I got had a faceup but I added a few things to it to fit her character.
    16. Yes i order my dolls with face up if possible. since I am isually undecided what I want them to look like. I will have them with default make -up and will dwcide later on if im going to change it or not [​IMG]
    17. My first doll will be coming with a blank faceup as I really want to attempt to learn and do her faceup myself. And if that really doesn't work I can always send her to a professional for a custom one! More options imo.
    18. Yes, my dolls so far all have company face ups, one standard and one custom. My next planned order will be sent off for a faceup though. Company faceups are nice, since you have a great idea what you are getting when you order.
    19. My first one I ordered with face and body up. It was nice but they didn't do a super great job.. I don't feel I am good enough at it to do my own.