Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. I'll buy my first doll with face up. I can't do face up myself.
    2. i just got my first three dolls and they were for specific characters i have in mind so i did not get face ups on them because the company ones did not match their personalities (this will probably be the case for all my dolls). i have never done a face up before so these will be my firsts. however i have a couple of very talented friends who have been collecting for a few years now and have done all their dolls' makeup and they are willing to help me with mine :D
    3. When I first joined this hobby the most exciting part was the doing the face-up, so, my first doll came without one :)
    4. Nope, my first doll came blank! I thought the idea of doing my own just sounded like a ton of fun, so I researched it and tried my hand at it with a Dollfie Plus and Hujoo Baby while she was being made. ^^
    5. I ordered three dolls at once before ever seeing a BJD in person. They came within days of each other. Two were faced up and one was blank so I could customize it myself. I painted him gray because he wasn't available that way from the company. It was fun.
    6. I bought my first doll with face up.
      the reason is that i can't do face up by myself and i love the default faceup^^
    7. I always buy my dolls blank. It forces me to learn how to face-up. :sweat
    8. Oh, my first doll got a free default face up from the company. :)
      I hope to see more dolls with your face up~
      Good luck ! :D
    9. My first one came without and I was never really happy with the result. My others have all had default face-ups
    10. Just ordered my doll last week. I got her with a free face up and was going to pay for body blushing as well, but I ended up changing my mind on the body blushing. I will change her clothes a lot and didn't want to ruin her blushing.. so I only did the face up.
    11. My First doll was a Angel of Dream (AOD) Rao and she came with a face up. She kept her make up for a while almost one or two years before I decided to try my hand at a face up for an anime convention. And now she recently, came back with a custom face up from an artists. From my experience. I let the expert handle the face ups or leave the doll with a default face that they arrived in. Face up is not my skill.
    12. Yes, my first doll was with a faceup - Amy (Iplehouse)
    13. I'm one of many here, I chose my first one with face up too^^.
      I wanted to get a feel for dolls before I started messing around with them, but it did not last long, face up started to crumble 6 months later, so it was my turn to redo it^^
    14. My first three dolls (as well as one head and five OT dolls) I got blank, to customize myself. It's trial and error but it's a fun bonding experience too, though I wish I had more time/access to the one spot in the house where most of that kind of work can be done (it's often also my brother's 'workshop', or my sister has a DIY lightbox set up for photos...), just so I could give them all more attention instead of putting off fresh faceups for so long.

      My next boy, though, I plan on ordering with a faceup because I love the company faceup photos, and I feel like it won't harm my enjoyment/bonding experience not to do his first faceup, since I'd bonded with Pete and Billy while leaving them blank for a really long time, the poor guys.
    15. I did a face up on both heads for my Shiwoo Special. Normal one for the regular head and then I asked for a bit more dark purple undertones for the vampire elf head. They were very lovely. After that though I got all dolls blank except my Glati. I went all out fullset on him. The two zuzu limiteds I have came with the face ip.
    16. Yes, my first doll have a face up, because I did not have the courage for it. Every other BJD comes with a blank face.
    17. My first doll came with a face up from the previous owner, but I redid it myself because even though I knew my first results wouldn't be anything to brag about it's something I really wanted to get into and be able to do. I've been practicing ever since. :)
    18. My first doll was a kit. Unstrung, unsanded seams, and no face up. I did her first several face ups myself and got better and tried new materials and techniques, but was never really satisfied. Then I sent her out for a face up and I love it. I'm slowly sending my other dolls out for face ups or buying them with company face ups if I like how they are done. I realize I'm not super into doing the face ups myself and prefer to spend my time perfecting my other skills like sewing and am super happy with letting other people who are much better than me do the face up.
    19. I followed a very helpful advice and ordered with company face up. Then I can enjoy it out of the box once he arrives.

      Before i asked anyone for advice, I was gnawing my hand off trying to figure out whether I should buy it blank or not. I'm a capable artistic person and i figured if I were to buy the expensive face up, I'd be wasting tons of money if iwere to eventually redo it.

      But honestly, I haven't been passionately driven in years (Except for this bjd, of course), so I have to keep in mind of the possibility of me being lazy.

      I'm glad I got the company face up tho. I read the safety thread days after ordering my first doll. I never realize how life threatening doing face ups can be. I do not have the willingness to risk my life yet.
    20. I got my first girly with a faceup. Only because I didn't want to have to send her out again after waiting so long to get her.