Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. yes, a default faceup that I did not want and the company gave it to me, anyway,
      which made it difficult to remove, because I felt guilty wiping it, lol.
      I order blank dolls because I prefer to give them faceups myself, although there have been some company faceups that I thought were very cute.
    2. None of my dolls have come with a face-up. There are times I do wish they had because it takes me so long to complete their faces on my own, though I do really enjoy doing it myself.
    3. My first doll came with her original face-up which I really liked. I don't know how to do face-ups myself, so that wasn't an option for me at the time. :)
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    4. mine came with face up option.
    5. I had mine come in without a faceup....still waiting for some new chalk pastels before I can do her faceup though, ebay is slow sometimes! XD
    6. My first doll came with her default face-up. After 8 years, she still keeps it.
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    7. I plan on ordering my first doll with the face-up. I'm not a big fan of the blank-face look.
    8. I ordered a face up from the company for my first doll (just because I knew i wouldn't have the money to send him off to get him a face up from another artist) and I wanted to enjoy him for a bit before I get the face up i want for him.
    9. I get my first doll with faceup, and so do my second and third and forth fifth doll. After sometime I want to do it myself, so I ordered some blank dolls, but also nervous to start. Anyhow I nerver send them out to a faceup artist.
    10. My first will be coming without a face, period. XP

      But when I do find the right head for her, I'm probably going to be doing the faceup myself, just due to the particulars of the character I'm shelling (and also because it's highly likely I'm going to end up having to paint and/or pastel it to match the color of the body anyway).
    11. She's not here yet, but my first doll will come with a faceup. I'm still new to painting in general, so it just makes sense to take the safe option this time.
    12. My girl will come with a faceup which I did change a little but I doubt Id be happy with something Id do now.
    13. My first doll is my shaun from souldoll and he come with the default faceup.
      Actually I make the makeup of my doll !
    14. I only have one bjd but without company faceup. I don't intend to order any doll with default faceup in the future. To me, it's more fun to create the look for my own dolls.
    15. I like doing faceups myself, so I always order them without when possible--saves the hassle of removing an existing one and the sad feeling of destroying another artist's work.

      My last two dolls got company faceups anyway, though. The most recent was only available as a fullset, including faceup, but it's a cute style and nice quality so I don't have plans to remove it. The other actually was ordered blank, but showed up with a faceup anyway... the whole batch was super delayed (took 6 months instead of the promised 2-3), so I don't know if the artist just got flustered or confused and painted all of them or if it was meant to be some sort of "sorry for the wait" gift? They didn't charge me extra, so no real harm done, but it was neither a style I liked (too grumpy/sad) nor particularly high-quality work, so if it were meant as a "gift" I wish they would have asked first to save us both time and effort on painting/removing. ^^;
    16. My first FOUR dolls came with faceups. I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to do my own, so nowadays I only buy blank if I can help it.
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    17. My first bjd did not come with a faceup and I did it myself. I absolutely loved doing it myself. Now my second bjd is coming with a factory faceup but I plan on getting a separate head to practice faceups on.
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    18. My first bjd did not come with a face up. She still does not have a face up 6 months later. I'm having difficulty finding a mask that fits, so I will probably send her out to an artist to do the face up. My second one, I bought second hand & she did come with a face up.
    19. Yes it did :D since ive no idea how to do it before so i made sure that my 1st doll had a faceup tho i removed after a few weeks cuz i did not like it :)
    20. I just ordered my first bjd and I'm getting faceup and body blushing done by the artist. Their faceup is one of the reasons I feel in love with the dolls to begin with, so I had no hesitation there.