Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. My first doll was face up. Very beautiful. I very much love it.
      I am sure, the first doll surely has to be face up.
      Alex Girl - Gretel, Dollmore.
    2. I bought my first doll with his default faceup. I really wanted to enjoy him right away as soon as he got home. At the time I didn't have any faceup materials and I was still reading through tutorials. Now I enjoy doing my own faceups on my dolls and I prefer to get them blank.
    3. Nope! He was entirely blank!
    4. Well, I didn't much like the Obitsu face ups, so no… but my first true resin buddy came with one. Even though I made an annoying white stain on it and had to reblush his cheeks :/
    5. My first doll came with a company face up, that I still really love!
    6. Mine came with the company face-up. It was kind of his face-up in combination with his sculpt that made me fall in love with him. I might have passed right by him if it weren't for the sales pictures.
    7. my first doll came with his factory face up but its started peeling and coming off withing a week (probably due to my poor knowledge on face-up care at the time) so I was forced to do it over myself and it was a complete waste of money. I learned to seal my dolls face up upon arrival now ;)
    8. I only have two guys at the moment and both have factory face ups because it is those faces that I fell in love with. Besides, I can't draw a straight line so me doing eyebrows.....eh,no! :o
    9. I'm an artist myself!

      But.. I don't wear make-up at all, so doing a face-up would probably go horribly, horribly awry. I am getting a company face-up for my first doll!
    10. It did, why? well, learning how to face up is still one of my goals >.<
    11. It didn't and I've never ordered a company face up. My only dolls with it, they either included it in price or I got them second hand with it as there was no choice. I prefer doing my own face ups :)
    12. My first doll came with face up i found on flickr, i have to pay more for custom face up from Dragondoll but his face is a reason i have fall in love with him.( sry about my english TT~TT )
    13. My first bjd came with the company face-up .... and although I love it, the truth is I didn't know any better. I didn't realize the artistry that is available for face-ups and all the talented people out there. One of my goals for 2014, when I get up the courage, is try my own hand at it. :)
    14. I remember how insecure I was when getting my first bjd, was scared to mess her up so I ordered ehr with a default face up. In the end it was to tame so after a half year or something I sent her to a face up artist since I was still afraid to modify anything.
      But now I'm totally past that insecurity and finally started to do them myself, I do recommand a practice face up head. Not that people would screw up their doll but just t give them extra confidence.
    15. My first doll came with a face up.
      However I no longer buy with face-up, I like to paint them myself :lol:
    16. I didn't get a faceup on my first doll. Or on my second, for that matter. I got into this hobby for the crafting side of it more than anything else, so I wanted to start from scratch. I kind of wanted to try making my own doll, but I'm not much of a sculptor. I at least want to learn to make shoes, eyes, and wigs in addition to faceups and clothes. But I'm not in a hurry.
    17. I bought my first doll second hand and she came with her default company faceup. I highly doubt I would have had the courage then to do her faceup anyway, I was fresh and new to the hobby in 2008 or so when I got her. In fact, I'm scared of doing faceups to this day, all of my experiences haven't been satisfying, :P
    18. I've recently ordered my first doll with a factory face up! Am curious to see how she turns out.
    19. I got my first doll with her default faceup; I didn't trust my limited artistic abilities to make her look just right. After trying to do my second doll's faceup myself, I've decided that I made the right decision by trusting luts on that first one :sweat
    20. My first doll came with the default face up. I didn't want to worry about getting a face up before I could enjoy her. I actually just sent her to get her very first face up change today.