Difference between Volks SD body and SD13 Body?

Nov 16, 2004

    1. From the FAQ button in the blue bar near the top of DoA!:

      Standard Super Dollfie (SD) come assembled with a non-jointed waist, or can be put together from parts with an optional jointed waist and several optional heads, arms, legs, hands and feet. They are said to represent children about ten years of age.

      Super Dollfie 13 (SD13) have slightly more grown-up looking faces, thinner waists, jointed torsos, and the girls have larger busts, like a 13 year old child.

    2. Like Carolyn said, SD13 bodies are slightly more developed than SD bodies.

      SD13 bodies are about 2cm taller also if I'm correct? The SD13 hands and feet are slightly different too.
    3. Hmmmm . . . do you mean the suwarikko SD10 girl body? No, it doesn't approximate the SD13 body except in having a jointed torso; it's definitely SD10 size. But that may not be what you're asking-- :sweat
    4. is it me or do SDs look nothing like 10 year olds...and ive never seen a 13 year old who looks like an SD13 O.O thats pretty interesting they say that
    5. I agree there. I think the SDs look kinda they are in their mid-teens with a baby face and SD13s look also like slightly more mature teens face and body wise.
    6. The height difference between a SD girl and a SD13 girl is all in the legs.

      Re: different hands and feet - that is only true for SD13 boys.
    7. Is the Original Customhouse Miya's body considered a SD10 size?
    8. No; "SD10" and "SD13" refer to Volks bodies. Older CH girl bodies are quite a bit slimmer and a little shorter than both SD10 and SD13.
    9. Which company makes the least expensive SD10 boys body for a Re-che head?
    10. Any body with the acronym "SD" is uniquely Volks. Thus the answer to your question is that both the chepest and most expensive maker of SD bodies is...Volks! ;)

      If you intend to ask for a maker of SD-sized body, this isn't the thread for it. I'm sure there are threads for it if you have a look around.
    11. Great information here, it has been very helpful to me. I hadn't even noticed the jointed torso on the SD13 (DUH!). Now I know why there is such a price difference between SD and SD13.

      I wonder if someone could tell me what range of motion this joint has. Does this allow the body to twist from side to side, or bend up and down?

      I am considering a Volks for my first doll and trying to decide which one would be my best choice.
    12. The torso joint twists a bit right to left, and bends a bit up and down. It isn't a huge range of motion - a SD13 can't touch her toes or anything! - but that slight motion is really useful for more naturalistic posing.

      I now own all three pureskin Volks bodies - SD13, SD swarrico and SD non-jointed, and I certainly miss the joint in the non-jointed body...
    13. Thanks so much for your help Quiet Queen. So I guess I should be looking at the SD13. Now that raises 2 other questions for me.

      1. the standard models are listed with large breasts - are these natural looking for a teenager or are they voluptuous!

      2. are all of the pureskin (new) UV protected or is it just the SD13 Elena and Yori that have it?
    14. The SD13 "large breasts" do not look super-voluptuous, especially when the doll is dressed. I think they are very youthful looking.

      I don't have any nude pics handy, but here's my SD13 Mimi wearing knits and a bikini...




      and here are both my Volks girls.

      Linda S.
    15. Oh they look just darling...and perfectly modest! Thank you so much Linda for taking the time to post those pictures, thay really did resolve my question.

      This will be my first purchase and I am still having sticker shock issues!....but I keep thinking since I am spending a lot regardless, I am trying to be sure I make a good decision.

      Lynn G.
    16. The SD13 L-bust is large - if you are 13 years old! If your girl is going to be older than that it is a modest busom.

      And Volks sculpts such nicely shaped breasts... :aheartbea
    17. I tried searching but I SUCK at using the search function :| So I'm sorry if this is a dupe.

      I know it's an awfully noobish and probably pretty moronic question, but I've always wondered:

      What the heck is the difference between 'SD' size and 'SD13' size :?

      I've been trying to look for clothes for my new SD girl and I'm bamboozled by the concept of SD/SD13 - how do I know if they'll fit her? Most people just seem to assume people know the difference so don't list measurements *_*

      Can anyone help?

      Once more, I'm sorry if this is a duplicate topic.
    18. SD/SD13 are Volks body types. SD refers to the SD10 Volks body type which has a smaller bust and is about 1-2cm shorter than the SD13 which is more mature in proportions. If you are looking at non-Volks dolls, SD refers to a doll around the 60cm size range and you will need to look at a companies specific dolls to figure out what size is what, but no one but Volks uses the SD/SD13 as labels for their bodies.

      Wanted to add when buying clothes from Volks, it will say if it fits both SD/SD13 or just SD13. The SD13 Volks boys are a bit broader so they do not fit the SD boy clothes as well. For girls, SD10/SD/SD13 should fit as long as it is a Volks body. Some dolls that are called SD size from other companies have much larger breast or slimmer waist and thus you will need to find out the sizes for that specific company (Elfdoll is an example of a SD sized doll that will NOT fit in most clothes for SD girls because of the larger bust).
    19. You might be able to imagine the size better by going onto the stickies at the top of this forum which have quite a lot of information of various doll company's bjd size. If you buying clothes that fit SD/SD13 might get you a better idea on how they fit on your dolls.
      Here is the link
    20. Ah, sorry NabeeRain - I should clarify. I know about Volks etc, but sometimes when I browse the Marketplace people label their outfits as "SD Size" or "SD13 Size" and I wasn't sure what the difference was, if there was any. I understand no other companies use these terms for their clothing, but obviously users do as it's (probably) fairly common knowledge for people who don't have brains the size of a grain of sand like I do :lol:

      So basically the SD13 size (generally) have a larger bust on girls, right? Well, my mini girl has a bigger bust than her older sister (no kidding!) so I think she's most likely SD size.

      Thanks for the advice, both of you ^__^ That's really helpful :aheartbea

      ETA: Oh yeah, and when I said "my new SD girl" I wasn't thinking and I meant to say "my new SD-size girl" - sorry, that's probably where things got confused. I'm so dumb :XD: