Difference between Volks SD body and SD13 Body?

Nov 16, 2004

    1. ah, ok I understand what you mean ^_^ Sorry for the confusion, wasn't sure which you meant. I was really confused about sizes when I first started and quickly realized not all SD girl clothes fit girls that are SD lol. I hope you are able to find some really cute clothes!
    2. okay guys, sorry for bugging you again about this, but trust me, its bugging me aswell 8'D

      I am still struggling to decide which body to get for my school head A. I'm looking for a girl body, and I was almost positive that SD13 girl body is what I should be going for, but today I came across this thread and QuietQueen said that :
      "The height difference between a SD girl and a SD13 girl is all in the legs."

      The height wasn't really much of a problem for me, it was mostly the shoulder length, because on some photos School A looks a bit bobble headed.
      But after looking at some comparison shots, and measurements I realised that SD and SD13 bodies both have the same shoulder length xD;
      so at the moment, I'm quite confused.
      Seriously help D:
    3. akeyaranu, is your SchA going to be a boy or a girl?

      The boy SD13 body is considerably larger - taller, broader of shoulder, with larger feet and hands...

      If you are looking for a girl body of a slightly more mature type, buy a SD13 body, or if you are looking for a girl body of a more childish type, buy a SD body.
    4. Quiet Queen
      I'm going to make her into a girl :3
      thank you for your help~
      I'm just trying to find a body that would be in proportion to the head, I don't want it to look like I put an SD head on an MSD body ._.
    5. Im wondering for a while now.. I know the "13" means 13 years old (correct me if im wrong)
      But,which one is bigger? a normal SD or SD13?
    6. SD13s are larger than SDs. SDs are shorter by several centimeters. I believe the measurements for both sizes, male and female, can be found in the Sticky at the top of this sub-forum. :)
    7. Oh sorry my bad.. O.o'" I'll refer to the measurement thread..
      Thanks for the information~:XD:
    8. Bookmarking for future reference. I'm getting an SD10 Rose in a bit, so I think this will be helpful information regarding her.
    9. I am trying to find a small SD-sized body for the Crobidoll Head I want and figured I would go with a SD10....
      With this thread and a lot of research I found out that oldskin SD10 were about the same height as SD13 and that the pureskin is about an inch smaller.
      So I am looking for a pureskin but now I cannot seem to find if there is any height difference between the girl and boy body =O

      Is there anyone who can help ?
      And are SD10 only available with no torso joint ?

      Thank you!
    10. Do you want a girl or a boy body? The SD13 girl body is actually pretty much the same size as the SD girl and boy bodies. The SD13 boy body is larger.

      Standard SD bodies have no torso joint, and depending on which legs the body has, the boy and girl body can be the same height. There are two leg options, SD girl leg and SD boy/SD13 girl leg. The standard girls come with the SD girl leg, but you can get the longer leg through FCS. I believe that the standard boys come with the longer leg, and if you wanted the shorter boy body, you would either need to track down a Magical Michael body or order the body through FCS.

      Certain limited girls come with the swarikko body, which has a torso joint and special legs. It's the same height as the regular SD girl body. Certain limited boys come with the jointed SD boy body. Also same height as the SD boy body. Both of these bodies can be ordered through FCS.
    11. About availability: Volks don't sell bodies, to get a Volks body you either buy it on the after market or you split a doll with someone who wants the head and other stuff, if applicable.

      You can acquire SD bodies either with the one-piece torso or with the jointed swarrico body - one-piece torso bodies are generally a bit cheaper. All SD13 bodies are jointed.

      As Kim said, it all depends on what you are looking for...!
    12. Thanks for the answer!

      I'm actually looking for a SD10 body and absolutely did not understand all the skin/leg/10or13 things xD

      But you say the SD13 girl if about the same height as her SD10 counterpart ? That may be interesting.... but again the oldskin would be bigger right ?

      *Trying to go as small as she can without going to msd*
    13. Okay, so I bought one of Chang Hsiu Mei's guidebook. And I don't understand the difference between SD 10 & SD 13. Would someone pls. tell me, bcuz I'm really new to this hobby. Thank you!!!
    14. SD (or SD10) and SD13 are different sizes/lines of Volks dolls. SDs are made to look more like 10 year olds, and have body sculpts that are a bit chubbier and less mature. SD13s are meant to look like 13 year olds and tend to look more grown up. The bodies are less chubby, the girls are bustier, and the boys are more muscular. Sd13s are also taller by a few cm.
    15. Would it be hard to adjust the sizes from SD10 to an SD 13?
    16. You mean adjust the size of clothing? I don't understand.
    17. For SD and SD13 girls the difference is very slight - the SD13 body is somewhat slimmer and has somewhat larger boobs. The main difference is the hight, pants or a skirt meant to be floor length on a SD will be short on a SD13 girl.

      Here's an example of two kinds SD bodies and an SD13 body.

      The difference for the boys is slightly bigger, but again not enormous - and mainly a difference of hight.
    18. I think SD10 girls might be a little bit thicker through the waist, in addition to being shorter and flatter-chested, though it doesn't seem to be a huge amount. I have two SD10 suwarikko bodies and a lot of their outfits are meant for SD13. Length hasn't been much of an issue, but I find that some of the closer-fitting items are EXTREMELY tight through the waist, and the overskirt of one of my Dollheart outfits won't button (I just sewed on a little loop so it could still close, no big deal).

      Mostly as far as I can tell they can wear clothes pretty interchangeably. If you're making something that's very tailored and very snug out of a nonstretch material you might have some issues, but that and arm and leg length are the two main differences.
    19. Yes...because the clothes are made for SD 10..will it be hard to adjust it to an SD 13? Will there be any adjustments at all? Thanks..Sorry..I"m still a newbie! Hee hee..
    20. If it's a girl they could possibly share clothes, the clothes made for my SD10 boy are too small for my SD13 boy.