Difference between Volks SD body and SD13 Body?

Nov 16, 2004

    1. Hello! I was hoping someone could help me out here. I have a Ninodoll Bada and many people buy Volks bodies because the reson match is basically perfect. I bought an SD13 body and the neck is too big, I should have read more carefully that he fits on the SD10 body. I'm probably going to sell instead of mod the SD13 body so I'm not sure if I should buy my Bada the SD10 or go for a Fantasy Doll body. I already ordered him SD13 sized clothing from M3 Studio...the difference between SD10 and SD13 for pureskin boys is still a little foggy. If I bought the SD10 body would it fit into SD13 clothes well or would they clothing be too big? thank you!

      Also does anyone have measurements for the SD10 boy body?
    2. Clothes for SD13 boys will fit on an SD boy body, but the pants will be too long, the waist will be a little too large, sleeves will be too long, etc. Things will stay on, but they're going to be looser than they would on an SD13 boy body. Depending on the look you want, this may not affect things.

      I have SD13 jeans that are skintight on my SD13 boy when he wears them. They look like baggy jeans when on my SD boy.
    3. Volks' new SD16 body is different from their slightly 'older' version, is there a really marked contrast/ is there a reason you may prefer one over the other? I know the newer version has more sloped down shoulders.
    4. You mean the SD16 girl body? I much prefer the older version and the powerful, athletic shoulders it had. Not a fan of the weaker look they gave the newer body, so I've never really looked to see if there were any other differences between them.
    5. Does anyone know the neck circumference on the female Volks SD10 please? I love that body sculpt, but want a DIM head for it.
    6. Thank you all, I was very confused about the difference in sizes and am now relieved and feel much better about shopping and buying for my doll.