DIKA Doll discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. I am utterly in awe of Floyer light and dark, they are so beautiful.
      I mean no insult but I did see the outfits are $535 each ??
      I know they are super limited but oh well, maybe another doll, another time lol
    2. does anyone have any resin colour comparisons between dika and little rebel? i was hoping to put the tenten head i ordered on the dk-62cm-boy-body-ver4 from alice's collections :0
      id like to see proportions too, if anyone has them~
      i was also wondering if anyone knew if dika did resin matching, since i was thinking about emailing them and asking if they did, if no one had any pictures of matches, or the matches were bad. :0
    3. I was wondering is Alice Collections the only option to buy one of the 70cm Dika Dolls besides buying direct from them? With Mintoncard stopping sells what other options are there for us in the states? Or more so what is the best shop with a layaway option. I have a friend wanting to purchase a new release but paying the doll in full straight up isn't possible.
    4. @Suki-ru


      Dollmix (ask if item for purchase isn't listed and they will post it and sell it to you

      Legend Doll (not Doll Legend the doll company)

      Jeeryama/Dolls Singing on Ebay
    5. has anyone got the version 3 70cm boy body?

      are the knees really as wonky as they look in the promo pics? the hands look really nice, and the shoulder width is good for the giant head i'm trying to hybrid -- without the whole body being bulky bodybuilder style. but what is the posing like? It's a little hard to tell in the website photos. And.... are the upper arms the right length for the body? they look fine in some of the promos but in one of the angles.... maybe not???

      any info would be appreciated!
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    6. @Cloudedmind

      I did see that! I'm glad they posted it, because I was beginning to wonder if my email had gone into the abyss because I picked the wrong one, or it was inactive or something!
    7. Has anyone already ordered a Floyer? I'm thinking on getting just a head and switch him onto my Spirit doll body when I want to futz around with him. Like a permanent floating head. I was drooling when I first saw Floyer and since all of my other dolls have characters it'd be nice to have a 'model' doll who could wear anything.
    8. @PennyForTheGuy - I'm considering getting Floyer as well. ^^ What skin were you planning on getting him in? Is it a good match with the spiritdoll resin?
    9. I'm planning on getting him in normal yellow. I' haven't seen any comparisons with spiritdoll's normal yellow resin but it should match fairly well. If it doesn't, time to blush.
    10. Hey all~ I'm also popping in because I'm super into Floyer and am this close to buying him. I haven't bee this in love with a doll in a long, long time.

      I just had qestions about the Ver 1 & Ver 2 bodies. The measurements are about the same, but does anyone know if Ver 1 sucks at posing or something? I hate the look of Ver 2 with all those parts, but if it's because it vastly improves the otherwise shit posting of ver 1 or something, I might have to consider it. (Also, should I be worried that the new listing for Floyer doesn't have tan as an option but the other dolls listed before and after him do?)
    11. Oof, I am so taken with Abel, you guys. I just love his gentle but not quite smiling expression ... And now that there's an event on ACBJD, I'm tempted to pick him up. However it's very hard to find other pictures of him. I was wondering if anyone might have some extra photos to share? Also, can anyone tell whether he's being displayed with normal-white or pure-white skin in the official photos?
    12. @Cloudedmind Oh, I see! I haven't kept up with the bjd world for a few months so I wasn't quite sure, but thank you for this!
    13. I'm following this thread too… I'm planning to purchase dikadoll felis in 3 part torso ver 1 right? How was the body pose? Are the knees joint single jointed? I'm in love with felis face sculpt but i dunno much about the body…
    14. I know this was asked a few pages ago, but maybe there has been some development since. Does anyone have any pictures of the 68cm body with a dikadoll head on it? I'd much rather have a 68 cm doll than a 73 cm doll, if I can help it, but I'm worried that the head will look disproportionate on the smaller frame ... does anyone have any experience with the new slightly shorter body? Thank you. :)
    15. I'm really loving Floyer. Lately I've been bitten by more male sculpts than ever before. Hopefully I can order him in the upcoming months.
    16. I'm putting away about 25 per paycheck to get his head. I should be able to get it by October. I don't really like many of Dika's head sculpts but Floyer has really grabbed me too.
    17. @PennyForTheGuy I can certainly see why, he's extremely handsome!
      Good luck in your savings. :)