DIKA Doll discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. I'm still considering the body, can't choose between 68 or 70 cm body, so if anyone has info about it I'll really glad. or if I can hybrid dika doll sculpt which company body that will look good on them? I don't mind If there's some slightly different resin color since I'm planning to body blush the body
    2. Can someone tell me about the size of Dika Doll heads? I got a Feeple70 body yesterday and found that "normal" sized heads are a tad too big (Tried an IOS "S" head). I have a Ringdoll head (Moyu), that fits pretty good and is a little more on the smaller side.
    3. I second this request!

      I've had my poor DikaDoll Paradise head floating around for far too long but I don't really want to put him on the 73cm body. I'm just not sure if his big head would look right on the 68cm body :sweat
    4. @Magical Rin // Since nobody seemed to have an answer here, I went ahead and ordered Abel on the 68cm body. I'll definitely post a box opening and some details/pictures about the body once he arrives, though that may not be for a while! Hopefully someone else will reply in the meantime. :)
    5. Congrats on ordering your boy and photos will be much appreciated! I don't plan on buying my Paradise a body anytime soon so I'm fine with waiting :XD:
    6. Thank you!! Fingers crossed the body looks nice. :eusa_pray Also omg I just realized I've talked to you on MFC as well, dropping a comment here and there on your blog posts, haha! It's a small internet ...
    7. I hope so, the company photos look pretty good :thumbup omg small internet indeed! Always nice to see another BJD collector that's into figures as well. Two expensive hobbies but they're both worth it :XD: haha~
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    8. True! I'm quite new to the BJD hobby, and the thought of owning a doll nearly 73cm in height was a bit daunting, so I decided to go ahead and take the bite out of my wallet for the 68cm ... not a huge difference, but hey, I'll take it! Ugh, too true! I'm starting to try and cut back on the figures (key word: trying) ... I've got that Koto Victor pre-ordered but other than that, I'm being good! All of your dolls are beautiful, by the way. I love your Transparent Façade dolls, especially! OR-doll Limos was the first sculpt/face up I ever saw that really made me want to own a doll ... congrats on such a lovely collection!
    9. Haha~ the few centimetres make a big difference. I'm sure you'll love him. My first BJD was a 70cm DollZone Yuu-2, I have a feeling he's the reason I prefer SDs since he was my first. I love my MSDs as well though, especially my Soom Shale :3nodding:

      I'm trying to cut back on my figure and merchandise purchasing too. So far I'm failing miserably :XD: but I'm getting there now! I have nowhere near as much pre-ordered as I did earlier in the year. I was so tempted by Koto Victor but with no Yuuri announced my wallet was safe.

      Thank you very much~! I really need to make Doll Profiles for the rest of the Transparent Façade crew, although a lot of them are demanding "makeovers" first. My OR-doll Limos is actually not so secretly my favourite doll :lol: I was mesmerised by his beautiful face up as well, what a lovely doll to get you interested in the hobby.
    10. I'm trying to figure out what skin tone they are showing their dolls in and having a hard time figuring it out. I thought maybe someone here could help me determine if in this photo the skin is normal yellow or normal pink? Thanks!

    11. I wonder if he's white skin. You can email Dika Doll and they'll tell you for sure. I did that to find the color of basic Floyer.
    12. I ordered Abel through ACBJD and asked about the resin color prior to purchase. They were really quick in getting back to me, so that's an option too!
    13. I know for sure it's not white since their other photos are of him in white skin that one was a little more obvious to tell. But I suppose that is a good idea.
      Thanks for that tip, I'll pass that along to my friend who's going to probably order through them!
    14. I love this beautiful modified Dew girl! She is so cute!

      I just got a Dikadoll Aqua head in the regular white resin (ivory white), from the marketplace, and I'm a bit stumped as to which other doll makes might match her...

      The head only just arrived, and it's evening, so the light is all indoor light. I put the head on a new Delf body I have in the "Real skin Normal" colour, and it appears to be an almost match... Puzzling. I'll have to take some pics in daylight, hopefully tomorrow.

      Does anyone else have photos of DK white resin with other makes?
    15. I finally finished saving for my Floyer head. Got the dark version in normal yellow skin. He'll be sharing a Spirit Doll Proud body with Orsino a Doll Legend Chimera. I'll post plenty of pics of him on the Spirit Doll, I'm sure it'll be a good hybrid.
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    16. Congrats @PennyForTheGuy !! Floyer is so handsome, I was tempted to order him myself. Please post pictures when he arrives!
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    17. Wouldn't do anything else! I was considering waiting a bit longer to buy him with face up but I figured I'd save the sixty bucks and do it myself.
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    18. Ok, took a few photos today, with the Dikadoll Aqua head (ivory white) on my Luts Delf Ann's body (real skin normal resin colour):


      You'll notice that in the photo there's a definite colour difference, and the head looks more yellowish. However, in person, it is pretty much un-noticeable.

      For more pics, have a look at my FLICKR.
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    19. Ok, I'm floored. My Floyer head shipped today, they must have had it in stock. Five days maybe from order to ship! Has anyone else had something from Dika ship this fast?
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    20. WOW, that's so fast! Abel also shipped today, but he was ordered in mid September. Still, for this hobby, that's pretty quick as well. I'm so excited -- but also so nervous! It says it's due to arrive on Monday. I have a training session Monday morning. Hopefully it goes by quickly and I'm home in time to sign for it!
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