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DIKA Doll discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. Cool! Pix please! :D
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    2. I'll photo bomb as soon as he shows up. Its a delivery race between him and my doll legend head now:lol:
    3. Congratulations!
      I ordered a Abel too in mid September...hope i get a update soon.
      Please share pictures, i want to see this pretty boy :D
    4. Gentle crying -- He arrived today and he's gorgeous! This is my first SD doll, first time purchasing one brand new, and second doll altogether. I've taken some pictures, but I may have to wait until tomorrow or the day after to post a box-opening thread. One way or another, I'll certainly share!

      Sneak peek --

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    5. :oThat face up is gorgeous!
    6. @PennyForTheGuy // Thank you! Isn't it!? So simple and yet quite expressive ... I'm in love!
    7. OMG!
      I love him so much...i hope i get my Abel soon :atremblin
    8. @StillsEve // You're definitely going to love him! He's a work of art. :)
      Which body did you get him on?
    9. The normal 3-part body :)
    10. Box Opening Thread has been created!! :)

      @StillsEve // Ooo, I'm really curious to see how that looks! I got him on the 68. Please post pictures when he comes through!
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    11. Oops -- sorry to double post, but @Magical Rin I just wanted to let you know there are some full body shots on my arrival thread! I know you were curious about how the fullsize head would look on the 68cm body. Turns out, pretty good! -- At least, imo. :)
    12. Thanks for letting me know~! I'll go check it out, congrats on getting your boy too :)
    13. @lavalunar i definitely will took pictures of the body ^^
    14. I picked up Floyer today! Pix will be up later tonight, I have to do my daily grind at work. He'll be sitting on my desk all day taunting me.:sigh
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    15. Exciting!!!!
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    16. Sorry it took so long I work till 10pm. Here a few pics of Floyer, I'll do a proper box opening post after work tomorrow.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      His name is Aethelstahn, and he's a an ageless incubus.Here he's trying out the Spirit doll body.
      And he's already finding his character.
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    17. WOW! What a wonderful sculpt! Look at that profile (the nose!) and those pointed ears and that smirk! So much character, before he even gets a faceup! Quite a lot of the trickster in that one! Love him! CONGRATS! :D
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    18. Ohhh, Abel is absolutely lovely!! I'm so tempted to get him with the holiday sale- that's such a lovely discount, no matter the body!! And it's good to know that he looks alright on a 68cm body, though I do wish it was a bit bulkier. Maybe my opinion will change with clothing.

      Speaking of clothing... this is perhaps a silly question, but I haven't found any answers to it, and I do wanna know- is it possible to order through their website proper? I would assume so, as they have a PayPal link, but there's no explanation of the process. There's an outfit that appears to be only on there that I would kill to have, but I'm willing to hunt through the secondhand scene for it if I must once I'm able to. I would assume I send them an email with what I would like to order from them?
    19. By the way, how do you find the resin match between Floyer's Dikadoll NS-yellow resin and the Spiritdoll NS?
    20. It a fairly good match though the Dika normal yellow may be slightly more yellow? I've done blushing on the torso of that body too so that could effect it. I took a picture of the bare resins together to give a better idea of contrast. The hands are Doll legend normal yellow and they are slightly more pink.