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Jan 7, 2010

    1. Thank you very much for this info and the photo! :)
    2. May i ask what you think about the male bodies and their poseability? They all look great, I'm especially drawn to the big one with the 5 part torso but 73cm is so big. Maybe I should get the 64cm one, but I wanted to ask first how big is the difference in poseability.

      Have you ever tried using female hands on your boys? I noticed the male hands are big and with details like veins, I actually wanted something more delicate looking.
    3. @ninive I don't have female hands to compare, but the male jointed hands are on my boy right now. He does have the veins, but they are hard to see unless the light hits them just right. So they are not as drastic in person as the website pictures imply
    4. Hey everyone I just purchased a head from DikaDoll. I was wondering if any of you knew what bodies were compatible with the DikaDoll SD heads<3 thank you
    5. I have a white skin dikadoll Murong and was able to hybrid it on white skin AOD body without any issue. The head fit on the body just right and looks good proportionally. The resin match is barely slightly off.
    6. Thank you !!!

      thank you so much !!
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    7. I am hoping to get Bobby, a 1/12 sized Dika doll, but I am kinda spoiled for choice in terms of skin colours.
      I would be heading to San Francisco and Los Angeles on a school trip and I am wondering if there are any physical stores in the area where I can see Bobby in person?
    8. I believe the only physical store out there is the Volks store.
    9. Ah I see! I went to check it out on the Web and I can't seem to find anything about Dika dolls. :<
    10. Ah I see! I went to check it out on the Web and I can't seem to find anything about Dika dolls. :<
    11. Is there any images showing all the skin colours of Dika dolls?
    12. @justsimplyL If you scroll down to the bottom of the page right here, you should see their company photo with their colors.
    13. @justsimplyL Have you checked out the Dika Wiki entry yet? When I have a question about any dolls, the wiki here is almost always the first place I check as it's a wonderful resource. There's also a section for dealers who sell the dolls.
    14. Thank you so much!
    15. Oh I see! Thanks for the info!
    16. My Paradise boy; Cian received his first wig today (after nearly 3 years, oops!) and apparently he's decided when he gets a body he doesn't want to wear Steampunk fashion like I had originally planned but Shironuri fashion. I think it'll be a good look on him... once I save up for a body that is :XD:

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    17. Magical Rin, my congratulations to Cian on the first purchase! He looks good in sky blue color:thumbup.
      I hope he gets his body soon.

      And this is my Orpheus - he's hybrid Floer Dark from Dika doll & Loongsoul male body 70+
      (demonstrating his "cubes")
      [​IMG]DSC_0011 by Tornny wsufyjr, on Flickr
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    18. Has anyone gotten a Pan? Really curious to see his face from different angles, and possibly a different face up. In love with his horns/ears.
    19. Does anyone have Liuhuo? I would like to see him blank, but Dika's site seem to be down atm (so I cannot ask them if they have any pics).