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Jan 7, 2010

    1. Can anyone tell me what company's blouses fit the 56cm girls? I'm talking a close fit, not a loose one.
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    2. Does anyone have Dikadoll Tequila or Vodka photos? Or can link owner pictures? My friend thinks both ate handsome but can't decide which to get.
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    3. Reviving this thread and delurking simultaneously. I just bought a DikaDoll Carlos head. I love the promo photos of him! But does anyone have any other pictures? He's not a new doll (2013) but I can't seem to find anything on the net.

      Thank you in advance,
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    4. My favourite doll is baixuan, he is so unbelievable!
    5. Metaishopeless on Instagram has a Carlos!
    6. Hey everyone!
      I just discovered this company and I think I've fallen in love with Red Moon. ;_;
      How do I order from DikaDoll?
    7. Most prefer to order from dealers or agents.
      My friend loves Dika dolls and she always orders from legenddoll.net or alice's collections, acbjd.com.
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    8. [I meant to post this in the MSD thread whoops]]
    9. does anyone have a dika youth head (or something around 20-21cm) on the 68cm body? I have a ringdoll teenager head and I'm still looking around for a body for it and I really like the 68cm dika body but I'm worried it's going to look too small on the body.
    10. Curious if anyone has any photos of Floyer! I love Dika Doll and own another but I was wondering if anyone has any home photos of Floyer before I purchase him!
    11. Here is my newly arrived X, he's in pure white resin color. No face-up yet

      I am planing on turning him into vampire Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series.

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    12. Hopping in here because I hope to (sometime in the next year) order Egretta through a dealer - I noticed, at least on LD, that there's an option for 'high heel feet' and 'high heel leg' and I'm wondering how that works. I went to DK's official site and looked at Egretta's page, as well as the page for the 65cm girl body, but I'm still pretty mystified. Does she come with regular knee and ankle joints and flat feet, plus the option of a full high heel leg and also an option for a heel foot to switch out with the flat foot, or something altogether different? :?

      Reading back through the thread now. :) (If I find my answer, I'll come back and edit this query haha.)
    13. I really need to knuckle down and make an order for a Mo Xia head. Have been waffling on color though. The normal yellow seems very yellow, and the pink very pink (and I've got too many white-turned-yellow dolls here already!). Then there's matching a body - I want one a bit chunkier and not 70cm.

      How do the two normal tones age?

      Tried to order heads recently (actually 2, one in each color) directly from Dika via email, and kept getting emails back telling me they don't sell tinies' heads separately. Then even after providing links to the 70cm order page for Mo Xia, got more email reminding me that the shipping for "tinies" is high and I probably wouldn't want to pay it. Guess I'm going through AlicesCollections--
    14. Good morning all - received the sad news that Aosagihi has been discontinued because his release was limited to a month. I misunderstood the listing on multiple dealers' sites, apparently, and had read it to mean that the fullset + special makeup + accessories was limited, not the doll entirely. Alas, I'm unable to find even a single owner picture of him - if anyone happens to have Aosagihi, I'd love to see him, even if you ordered him blank (in any resin tone)!
    15. Following up on my prior reply - I went digging through Dika Doll's site and discovered that Chengxun looks a lot like Aosagihi. I think the Aosagihi sculpt was likely modded from Chengxun - which worked just fine for me! I ordered Chengxun via Clover Singing in mid-December and received a shipping notice today (Jan 22nd), so about a month and a week since I ordered him (blank). Very excited to meet him!
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    16. My tracking for Chengxun just updated - he'll be here tomorrow!
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    18. Hello everyone, first time posting to this thread!!

      I was on Legend Doll's site and saw that Dika Doll has some new boys up for an event!! Alfred really caught my eye!! He's gorgeous, but the photos that situate his hand near his face are kind of jarring to me because his hand is this weird, clammy-looking white color and it does not look good next to his very handsomely-painted face. Also I'm glad that Legend Doll and Alice's Collections give you a choice when picking his body: the default 73cm seems to be a little too big for him!! I'd personally go with 68cm if I order him, which I might in the future.

      I've seen Dika Doll's sculpts before and have been vaguely interested in some of them (namely tan Pan, Lucius (who reminds me of Draco Malfoy :XD:), and Lucius's SP-face), but now I'm seriously considering getting a few of them. I don't know why Dika Dolls don't seem to be more popular; I think a lot of their sculpts are very beautiful!!
    19. Kinda itching for a Dikadoll Felis rn. Are the waits for full dolls seriously that short?
    20. @deredereyanyan I received my Chengxun very quickly! (It's seriously tempting me to order Egretta, simply because she'd likely be here inside of two months.)