DIKA Doll discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. Can anyone tell me what company's blouses fit the 56cm girls? I'm talking a close fit, not a loose one.
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    2. Does anyone have Dikadoll Tequila or Vodka photos? Or can link owner pictures? My friend thinks both ate handsome but can't decide which to get.
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    3. Reviving this thread and delurking simultaneously. I just bought a DikaDoll Carlos head. I love the promo photos of him! But does anyone have any other pictures? He's not a new doll (2013) but I can't seem to find anything on the net.

      Thank you in advance,
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    4. My favourite doll is baixuan, he is so unbelievable!
    5. Metaishopeless on Instagram has a Carlos!
    6. Hey everyone!
      I just discovered this company and I think I've fallen in love with Red Moon. ;_;
      How do I order from DikaDoll?
    7. Most prefer to order from dealers or agents.
      My friend loves Dika dolls and she always orders from legenddoll.net or alice's collections, acbjd.com.
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    8. [I meant to post this in the MSD thread whoops]]