DIKA Doll discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. Wow i may add his eyes to my order and just do the thing next paycheck (i need eyes 1st for other dolls)

      Edit: ended up with a Dikadoll Droma girl on layaway
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    2. I know I've mentioned getting Egretta in this thread, but with Clover Singing having a 30% off sale on Dika Doll until the end of this month... I think I'm going to do it. Have to see what my finances look like on Monday, but it's about time. <3

      Oh, does anyone have Dika Dolls in normal white and normal pink resin to share a comparison photo? I'm having a heck of a time finding an example of this.
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    3. My dika girl shipped already! Anyone have experience with what fits the 65cm girls?
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    4. @deredereyanyan they're comparable in measurements to the Iplehouse Eid Woman body, medium bust. Dika Doll will have slightly longer legs though, so something form-fitting like jeans might come out a little above where jeans should sit at the ankle. 3/4th pants or dresses, shirts, sweaters, or historical clothing should all be comparable, presuming it's made for IH medium bust dolls rather than large bust (this is usually the case - but worth double-checking). Hope this helps! <3

      Oh, if you happen to sew, there are patterns for IH women. Adding 2-3cm to the length of trousers should fix the aforementioned. :) Also, some shops might be willing to do this if you ask nicely, if it's a pre-order item, because it's a simple alteration.
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    5. Oh! I do sew! This helps a lot, thanks