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discontinued doll archive?

Oct 9, 2017

    1. is there an archive anywhere of discontinued dolls and dolls from closed companies?
      (and if not.... should someone start one...?! :o)

      i'm trying to find out information about one of my dollzone heads (mocha) that i got back when they discontinued a bunch of their 1/3 boys in.... early 2015? i think?

      i'd really like the original blank photographs and measurements, but i can't find anything. i've found... uh, one person besides me that owns him, so there's not a lot of owner photos or anything either.

      he's a beautiful sculpt and i really don't think the company photos did him justice, i really just got him on a whim and wasn't even sold until he arrived and i instantly fell in love. his face just has so much personality, even blank.

      but yeah, does anyone know anything about him? or anywhere where there's a lot of information and company photos of/about discontinued dolls?
      if anyone else has any discontinued dolls they're curious about, you should post about it here.... i think it would be fun and useful to start an archive/wiki/something. ^^
    2. It's possible to look at dollzones old website with waybackmachine, I was able to find measurements for one of their old bodies with it. Unfortunately it hasn't saved all the images from the site.

      I'll check and see if I can find the page for Mocha

      Sorry to double post but I managed to find the page! :)

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    3. I also wish for an archive of discontinued dolls. I have a Dollzone Yi who was apparently discontinued in 2007. Using waybackmachine was an awesome idea, @Konjyouyaki, but I haven't had any luck with mine so far. I'll have to poke around later when I have more time.
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    4. I think this is a fantastic idea! A lot of my dolls are now discontinued, so I know the struggle of trying to find old company photos and whatnot for them. Plus it's just sort of fun, like having a bit of BJD history and newer people to the hobby might not even know about these dolls if they've been removed from the official company website. I think it's a neat way of preserving a bit the origins of the hobby.
    5. I would be interested in this too, although I think it might be a huge project since companies are always discontinuing sculpts and going out of business. I have a few screen caps of dolls that have been discontinued, particularly Unidoll.
    6. That would be a cool thing to have! I can imagine the upkeep it would take, though... We have a thing called a BJD Database in the Reference section. I think people still use it...
      For your mystery man, the best place to ask will be the Discussion thread for that size of Dollzone doll, where some other people might have it or have seen it.
    7. It'd be great if more people would get into adding sculpts to the Wiki.

      A couple of months ago I noticed that Custom House didn't have any sculpts listed under their Ai line (57-60cm dolls) in the Wiki, They went out of business a few years ago but had been around since the beginning of the hobby. I didn't want the info to be lost, so I went through all the info I could find on DoA and I used the Wayback machine to add nearly all of them. I also updated the body measurements.

      I think if you have an interest in a company, and find yourself doing research, add it to the Wiki and you're potentially helping a lot of forum members.
    8. @idrisfynn Is there someplace we can add old promotional photos or anything? That's something I often find myself looking for as a reference. Especially for sculpts that are discontinued and no longer on the company website.
    9. @redfeathers I have also saved old images of Custom House sculpts, including some of their Limiteds and Uniques and I have nowhere of use to put them. DoA doesn't have any on-site hosting capabilities for that kind of thing. I do wonder if it's at all feasible, at least for the Wiki? hmmm
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    10. thank you so much!!!
      i also tried using the waybackmachine, but i was looking through mintoncard since that's where i bought mine, i didn't even think to use dollzone's website, since they made a new one, omg....
      this is excellent, now i have his measurement to plan my baby's body!!!! :'D<3
      still gotta find blank pics to plan his faceup tho..! >:3c
      i could take some myself, but.... i'm so lazy about taking pictures omg....

      ooooh, i hope you can find some more info on your yi! that's such a long time ago, it might be tough, but there's gotta be something out there.... i was thinking maybe you could email dollzone directly? i was gonna do that about mocha, but thought i would post on DoA first. :3

      YES i love learning about history and origins of stuff in the hobby! it's really interesting to see what's gone on through the years.... i joined DoA quite a while ago but i didn't actually start using it until i got a doll in late 2013, so there's a lot i missed. o_o

      it would be a huge project, and probably impossible to get everything, but it would be fun and helpful to a lot of people to try, i think!
      screencaps would be a good resource if there's nothing else to go off of, for sure.

      a lot of upkeep, but if we had one or two people who were like, project managers or archivists or something, i think it could be at least kind of managed! i have a lot of free time and am really interested in it, so i might take up that opportunity! i love doing things like spreadsheets and i'm working on adding to my random doll generator i'm making, and i've hand added over 1000 sculpts at this point i think..!

      that's great!! i feel the same way, not wanting information to be lost. we're such a niche hobby, if we don't do it, i doubt anyone else would take the initiative.

      i'd really like to know the same. i think wikipedia has a good system for their images, like how their moth species pages are formatted with images showing each stage of the life cycle. i think something similar would be very good for dolls. like a company default photo, a blank photo of the head facing left, then forward, then right. i'd really like a few photos of them with different eye sizes, but that's a liiiiittle bit harder to standardize. it would be cool to have each skin tone too, but they do change over time.
      another thing to keep in mind would be standardizing photo quality and angles and sizes and such. but that would probably come later after adding sculpts was at least more common.

      imgur has really good hosting imo! maybe we could have like a person dedicated to collecting and organizing the images and also backing them up?

      i'm gonna start a spreadsheet that shows what sculpts we need added to the wiki, if anybody would be interested in that?
      i might end up just doing it for myself for fun anyway. :P
      i'll start with my favourite companies.... >:3c
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    11. If you've got the energy, the DoA wiki can always use a boost! So far it's our biggest record.
    12. i've got the energy, but not the know how unfortunately. :( i don't know what the proper procedure for starting and editing pages is. i'm lost without a template already in place for the most part. ;w;

      Missing Sculpts

      here's the spreadsheet for missing sculpts for the wiki. i've added all the missing basic tiny fairies. i would add them to the actual wiki, but i don't know how to edit and i get embarrassed really easily.

      i think we need a sculpts page template!
      something like...
      i'm an absolute master of MS paint, i know, please, save your compliments....
      if anyone knows how to make those, that would be honestly amazing. :aeyepop:
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