Discussions of Uyoo

Nov 26, 2005

    1. My goodness, Ms Sealpup's on a doll-buying binge lately <G>. I think I'm having a bad influence on her.

      I can't wait to see her, she looks very poseable on the site. I'm curious to see how she is in relation to some of my other girlies.
    2. You're a bad inlfuence on Sealpup and she's a bad influence on me :)
    3. you're ALL a bad influence! just terrible. *smiling happily*

      I was thinking of getting another Unoa. Sist this time, but when I saw that perfect little Uyoo face....that was that! painted and strung, less money and NO SIX MONTH WAIT.

      you know, it would be kind of fun to name our girls similarly so they can be a family. since she's a mini Gem, maybe gemstone names? just a thought. we could add another name to it. I'm thinking of calling mine Dragonfly and giving her a tattoo and some extra drama to her face. and she's got to have wings!

      emerald dragonfly, opal dragonfly? padpuradscha sapphire dragonfly? marquise cut pink diamond dragonfly?
    4. Barbara so you got sucked in as well! :)

      She is such a pretty little thing, I mean, how could any of us resist?
    5. What a great idea!! gem themed names would be so cute.
      I'm getting two uyoos ( a girl has to have a pal, after all).

      I hope you'll post pics of any face painting and tattoos. :)
    6. I ordered 2 (1 for my firend). We both have 1/6 dolls collection (Takara Jenny, Barbrie, Azone dolls, Momoko) and so we are so exciting to see Uyoo coming. ^^
    7. Did soom email reciepts or anything?

      I'm just having a sudden 'omg somethings gone wrong with my order' moment. I seemed to have so many problems ordering one. Firstly it put through two orders with different numbers. And then my initial payment to soom didn't go through (i think i might have hit cancel instead of confirm on paypal) and then I had to send payment again after freaking that I had already but it was lost on cyber space and I was going to end up paying twice. and then I was worried they might think I actually wanted two and were waiting on my second payment. argh! anyway. Now I am wondering what is happening now

      on my order status page it says Confirm reciept (credit card) is that saying payment confirmed, or asking me to confirm it. according to the site they should be starting to post the dolls out now
    8. Pirate Wench, I would email them and ask!

      For some reason, I can't seem to remember what I used as a sign up name and password, so I can't access the Order status page. But I figure, I have my PayPal receipt, and if Sealpup's gets delivered and mine doesn'y (we are almost neighbors), then I will write them and send a copy of my PayPal reciept.
    9. ahh now it is reading as Credit payment Success. Phew. Maybe they were waiting til the order period closed off to process all the orders and payments in one batch. I feel much more at ease now.