Distantmemory - Part 2

May 25, 2020

    1. Okay it looks like scammers are out there already. A suspicious account on Twitter with only 3 tweets messaged me saying that they want to sell their Hwayoung and asked me to give them a price, but when I asked for photos of the doll they immediately changed their mind and said they don't want to sell anymore, it's very obvious that they are lying... Please everyone be extra cautious when you buy Distant Memory dolls from the second hand market!

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      Distantmemory website (Korean)
      English order site via Nobilitydoll
      Flickr Distantmemory BJD delicated pool

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    2. The most ridiculous thing I had once was someone who sent me an obviously edited picture taken from someone else on instagram. The original had a blue wig, she just justed the hair brown and tried to fool me.
      She also wanted 1000 dollar for the head only xD....
    3. Eeeek, how sad that the scammers are so bold. :(
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    4. What a shame that scalpers are already trying to profit from this.
      I feel like there are some people out there that just buy the head for simply to make money out of it. No interest in dolls or such things, just want to buy things for cheaper and sell 3-5 times more expensive. And now they are trying to benefit from us, who didn't even had a chance for the doll/head
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    5. I remember that *** girl! so annoying.

      I was also offered a Hwayoung head on twitter and asked for some pics of the sticker. The seller took 2 weeks to send me the pics and it turned out to be a recast (no sticker and it has "Hwayoung" on the inner head. She was asking for 900usd. When I told her that was a scam she just reacted like "oh really? I didn't know!"....

      Be careful with scammers!
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    6. People started receiving Hwayoung only today and there are plenty already selling the head for $1000 and more... They bought him just to make money! This is so sad. These people don't deserve to have him. I feel like we should talk to Esthy about it... ):
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    7. yes I see what you mean. Found the same.
      But how can you prevent such a thing... it's hard to foresee
    8. Wouldn't it better if she accepted orders regularly just like Kanadoll does? I think doing it this way is good for her as a seller and us as buyers. She can accept small amount of orders each time so the workload is less. I think everyone can have him this way, and scalpers wouldn't be able to sell him for a high price too.
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    9. I would also like to have regular sales. Since right now I'm experiencing financial difficulties. But a very long time waiting for a new sale. It is unfortunate that many could not buy. Those who really needed this doll.
    10. I know Rugged Realism has announced that she will only sell to people who have bought before or people she knows.
    11. well that's also not very user friendly. I never have bought a rugged realism sculpt but I reallylike Epsilon. This would be unfair because I never get the chance to buy him.

      btw one of the 1000 dollar heads is now on instagram. It's crazy. The head was sold gor 150 dollar. I will never get over it
    12. I'm not sure Esthy would be able to do regular orders due to the issues with celebrity likeness...

      How sad about the heads only being purchased to sell on. :(
    13. @DeanDynamite I believe Epsilon can’t be reproduced. Only secondhand market I guess. What would you do about scalpers if you were a doll maker?
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    14. The solution is not easy to state. Produce more, or every X time looks like a nice idea though. Nevertheless, we don't know about Esthy life, so we can never be sure. I've been stalking her a little on her page and I think the Korean media (news..) are after her. This is not the first time, but she always avoided it. I'm guessing she wants to keep as anonymous as possible to avoid problems with companies and so on.

      Saying that, I can imagine that her idea of making new dolls based on BTS could be also done for her ( I hope I'm wrong but)...

      Anyway, If I were her, I'll try to do something about. As minimum as staying in my official web page some words not to encourage recasting/scams. She is also prejudiced with scammers and recasts i believe. Nobody likes your art pieces to be reproduced or stolen!
    15. AFAIK, Esthy has always been against recasters and they've stated it publicly before. They've never encouraged it.

      Esthy has always had limited runs of the sculpts they've made and from what can be noticed in public, that system has been doing well for them. In a way, limited production could reduce recasting as there would only be a limited amount of people who are able to obtain the real version. It is sad that a lot of international buyers couldn't acquire their own in the recent re-release, but Esthy's decision on how they've done orders/preorders should be respected.
    16. ngl i'm disappointed i couldn't get one
    17. Those prices frighten me but what really bugs me is the people who purchased the heads just for resale and scalping people. Definitely not a fair thing to do.

      I wonder if Esthy would have any possibilities to sell regurlarly her dolls. And just say that they aren't BTS or have nothing to do with them. Like Bomi does. When they changed the name and stopped calling their dolls after BTS, they were left alone and can now hold regular preorders and sales for their dolls.

      There are other minimee dolls out there but not a huge fuss over them and artists can sell them regularly if wanting to do so. Theh just don't state the person, they just say they take heavy inspiration for example from certain ethnicities.
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    18. We all respect Esthy's decision, many of us have been supporting her for so long. It's just that we're a little sad about how this sale went. Scalpers are everywhere selling the head for over $1000. And I've seen many people buying recast Hwayoung just because of how difficult it is to get the original one (not saying it's a right thing to do). I personally sold a precious doll just to save up money to buy Hwayoung (full doll), but I didn't succeed. And now my doll is gone and I didn't get Hwayoung... We're just discussing ways of how everyone can get Hwayoung. A lot have been wanting him for years. But it's up to Esthy in the end.
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    19. Lol, at some point I even thought about contacting to the people who make 3d printed objects here where I live and send them pictures and so on and have them printing out a Bts inspired head that I could then sent to a caster to be casted for myself xDD but then it just sounded pretty creepy said outloud so I gave that up :lol:
    20. It sounds like Esthy pre-made a couple hundred heads and received that many emails in the first minute, which is amazing considering how long it seems to take other doll retailers to sell out of LE. Well looks like the recent Ringdoll LE is all sold out within hours at most, I guess! On the other hand, I wish she had enough stock to keep the order window open for more than what, 3 minutes max? :p

      Being fair, this happens often enough, its that kind of one-person artist specialty artisanal hobby. Genuinely didn’t realize the sculpt would be so popular, so good for her. I’m not up to date, is this usual?
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