DLace Discussion {Ex Machina and Other 1/3 Sculpts}

Jan 10, 2020

    1. I'd say the normal option is more yellowish, if the colors shown by the 1/3 female body stand are any indication. Here is what seems to be their white versus their normal at least for that!
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    2. @Lotte Rotten
      Ah, I only have WS heads/dolls so not much help there, but @Follow-the-Wind has photos of a NS head on page 2 and mentioned it was yellow tone.
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    3. @Lotte Rotten Dlace NS is yellow'ish. I can make comparison pictures if you want. Moreover it's not always the same NS : my Ex Machina is quite pale when my n°5 is very deep yellow. =_=
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    4. @vietblueheart @Lady Ravenswood @Follow-the-Wind Thank you so much for your help- I appreciate it! I was looking to buy a pair of hands from this company, and just wanted to make sure that the Normal skin resin has some sort of yellow'ish tones^^
      I don't own anything from DLace yet, but my gosh, this company sure is one of the most exciting new doll companies out there right now, isn't it?!! I love how they come up with designs and dolls that are so different from what other companies release! Please everybody, do share photos on here of your dolls- such unique dolls^^
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    5. Well, on the topic of what fits...
      I woke up this morning and wondered, "Huh, would that Feeple 65 Sylvia fullset outfit fit my Ex-Machina?"
      And actually, yes. Better than expected.
      Not sure what that says about the waist fitting on other Feeple 65 outfits (as this one has corset lacing up the back) but it did go over her hips and bottom. The stockings did not fit.

      Please ignore the quality of this photo. Just took a quick snap.
      The butterflies are because I was bored. :lol:


      So yeah. In related news, she will be covered in fine golden glitter until we have actual android companions... :sweat
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    6. I had been planning to buy the Male as soon as I saw him in their Instagram, but life hit and I had to move twice since then, and when i finally settled and got a new job...in comes the coronavirus:sigh
      As soon as I can work again I'm absolutely putting him on Layway.
      ........not that I know what to do with him yet. :mwahaha
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    7. The male machine sculpt is my new dream doll but what a time to think of doll plans! =(
      Their dolls in general are absolutely stunning but the male android is especially amazing.
    8. @Wolfgang If it helps, BJDivas is a dealer for them and offers 12+ month layaways. Best of luck with your life stuff, I hope it all works out!
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    9. @sno4wy
      Oh yes! I know. I was the one (or maybe not the only one) to reach out and ask them about him initially! (I had intended to ask about them sponsoring a layaway for him for me, and instead they offered to talk to them about becoming a dealer for them instead)
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    10. Nice, thanks for doing that! Makes it easier for the rest of us. :XD:
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    11. khjgfdsdfkjshjfsdk I am OBSESSED with Greek mythology, and once I saw their M. Medusa head, I was a goner ^^;; I actually bought him!! I'll probably get a more neutral body, who knows, as there's still a 3-4 month production period. But I'm very excited to get the sculpt!!

      Oh my god, her whole getup is so friggin cool??? She's awesome!! DLace is really pumping out such gorgeous sculpts and we're all getting sucked into their fabulous sculpts. Yours is so gorgeousssssss!

      Ohhhhhh I'm loving this ~fancy~ style on her. Your doll collection is so vast and are all so beautiful! I remember you from the FOVEO thread and was surprised to see you started this thread ^^ Thanks for doing so btw!! DLace just has so many great sculpts??? And I love their half body stands, they're so pretty qwq

      SORRY I didn't mean to spam the thread, but I ordered the M. Medusa head just a few weeks ago! I was getting anxiety because I messaged Dolly Planet via their email, asking about when DLace was going to close pre-orders. They replied back telling me they weren't sure when the artist was going to close! So I bought off a head of mine and immediately set off to buy the M. Medusa head ^^ Though, I'm thinking... since it says M. Medusa head, does that mean there might be a... F. Medusa head? *_*

      Oh! And I didn't know this until asking, but I believe you can ask to pay for just the head, if you're anything like me and only had the exact amount for the head. I asked via email and they told me that I could pay the shipping fee once it was ready for shipping (actually, I can't remember the exact words, but bottom line is you could actually pay for the shipping fee at another time). Which was fabulous news, as I wanted to secure the M. Medusa head.

      ...:chibi I'm so excited for the Medusa head. Here's to hoping all the snake heads, their bodies and the little tongue for the head will all come in one piece! I'm slightly worried bc customs here opens all packages and, heavens forbid, a piece might get losted bc of customes :...( oH WELL it'll be some time. This thread just makes me so happy, love seeing all your kickass robot hotties!! :abow::love
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    12. @inky_doric
      Glad to see you, welcome, and congrats on getting the M. Medusa head!! Please do show him off a lot when you get him. :chocoheart

      I have to admit that I am absolutely a DLace fan, I want the majority of their dolls. Ohhh nooo! Haha. Soon I will have a house full of them. But their designs are so magical and exactly my taste. :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart

      And I was wondering if there would be an F. Medusa head as well! :evilplot:
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    13. I'm glad to see another person to order the handsome boy medusa head :D I already have plans for mine :) its all about finding the body for him at this point.
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    14. Hello guys. Sorry If im asking it here (due to lack of dlace topic threads), but can you guys give a good time estimate as to how long dlace processes full doll orders. Do they stick with what is shown in dollyplanet page? Im planning on doing a layaway for the ex machina male, tho. Im not sure how long should i go for. Thank you in advance! And have a blessed day!
    15. I was told about 3-4 months for my doll head. Maybe its about 5-6 months for a full doll? Its a rough estimate. You can always ask the dealer you are ordering from for a time estimate too. Might not be perfect but you will have a pretty good idea.
    16. I already did. They said it would roughly take 5-8 months. Hopefully it'll be on the fifth month ahahhha. Regardless, I do hope the artist is doing okay despite the current pandemic
    17. I agree :) It gives me time to grab the head's body so I'm not really worried too much. As long as our favorite artists are okay. Then I'm okay! I'm still pretty hyped about getting the male medusa head lol.
    18. Yeah. Thats one cool head! Actually to be honest, almost all the sculpts under this brand are really beautiful! The type that leaves a really strong impression!
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    19. Like the MadMan I am, I put the Male Ex Machina On Layaway! :dance
      And I decided what to do with him! Or technically them, I suppose. They'll go with my Grant Phillipe, I'll just have to dye them grey to match him and they can be creepy alien robots together (that is to say, when I can get my Grant's clothing commissioned :wiggle) Hopefully he comes quickly!! I wonder if the 5-6 month estimate is true...I'd love to have him by Christmas!!
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    20. I hope so too! From what Ive been told (kokdoll fb), the artist have juet finished or have been finiahing the 2nd batch ex machina female. So I guess the ex machina males and other sculpts would be next.
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