DLace Discussion {Ex Machina and Other 1/3 Sculpts}

Jan 10, 2020

    1. DLace really makes wonderful dolls. I like a lot the medusa boy!

      And while I'm here, a little picture of my Ex Machina female:
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    2. Welp, apparently I've got a new grail doll to pine over. I'm a little late to the omgExMachinaMale! party but OMG 0___0. I need him. But I also need to NOT spend 1k+ on a single doll this year. -huge sigh- Hopefully he'll still be there when I've saved up enough on the side to make it somewhat possible. I love creepy and strange dolls, and he is PERFECT. I'd have to get his extra metal bits for proper completeness too. WHY IS HE SO PRETTY?
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    3. @TatterPunk
      Welcome to the party! :: throws confetti ::
      Cake? :bcake

      I agree, he's pretty dang perfect. :chocoheart I hope you are able to get him!
      And yes, the extra "inner" parts are soooooo goooooood.

      They do take layaway, if that helps your situation at all. And you can contact them to arrange your payments differently to what is listed on his page, which is I think just a downpayment and then the rest. I did monthly payments for him. :thumbup
    4. I'd definitely get him through BJDivas and likely on layaway, but still, that's a lot of money even with monthly payments right now. I wanna save at LEAST half first so I could do it a little less stressfully. Hours have sadly wound down quite a bit at work this month, soo we'll see how soon I get my last Dollshe layaway dealt with before I can start on the saving for that handsome handsome mechanical man.
      I also really wish the half skeleton-y stand were a full doll. Cause I would LOVE that as a full doll. I may have to get the stand to steal the arms and head for a proper body at least.
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    5. Gorgeous ! I adore the clohes you made for her. Tell me pls if you make some more of those :*
    6. Huh, I managed to finally get her home :lol: It takes near month and half to deliver her from China
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    7. Hello all! I've recently ordered the Medusa head! Not sure how long it'll take especially with shipping delays from pandemic :sweatNice to see everyone's pictures here as it doesn't look like there's too many around on the internet...

      I'd never heard of DLace before actually before I saw them on Dolly Planet's Taobao store but their stuff is really amazing! I fell for the Medusa right away ahaha. I'm kind of disappointed they don't have bodies for sale? Their bust stands are absolutely gorgeous, my faves are the Omega one and the Slim one. Someday I hope they make them into full bodies! For now hoping to hybrid my Medusa with one of my Switch bodies and see how it'll work out....
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    8. I absolutely adore the dude Ex Machina sculpt--the detail on the mechanical parts is incredible, and I'm such a sucker for robot body horror like this. Definitely found myself a new grail doll, I think.
      How's the posability on these beauties? It looks pretty good in the company photos, but I prefer having some owner opinions to go off of, too.
    9. Thank you! I'm very excited to see everyone's!

      Omg:oI can't wait to see the finished body!
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    10. @Orionis
      Right?!? Isn't the Machina aesthetic exquisite? :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart

      I have not received my male ex-machina yet, but my female ex-machina poses quite nicely.
      I have to say that her lower torso joint is the best lower torso joint I have ever experienced on any doll I have ever posed. It just works so nicely.
      Elbows and knees are double jointed, her face is a hinge so very easy to move up or down.
      I changed out the feet on mine so she could wear a certain pair of boots with heels that I owned, but she stands fine for me.
      I haven't had any issues with her, though I know some people had problems in shipping with some of the thinner parts breaking. She definitely has parts that need extra care due to the very delicate nature of their sculpting.
    11. @Lady Ravenswood
      It's such a good sculpt--I love how realistic they've gotten the paintwork on the metal, too, and I'm already out here trying to think of a concept I could shell with this dude. I'm glad to know they're really easy to pose, also! I actually somehow totally missed the lady Ex Machina until I hit up this thread, and I'm blown away by her, too. I super dig that both of them have the same weird robot stuff going on, and that they didn't pull any punches with the lady!
    12. @Orionis
      Yes! The robot parts on both of them are just love. :chocoheart
      And some of the additional parts for the female are really fun too!

      Ahh, this is getting me so excited for the male Ex Machina all over again...still, some more, always. :D:D:D
      I also desperately want to paint my Ex Machina female...but it's just not in the cards for now.

      What concepts have you come up with so far? Please share. :)
      I love that kind of thing. Hehe. I always think up too many concepts.
    13. @Lady Ravenswood
      Oh man, I totally agree. The additional bits you can get for the lady are so cool! They're sculpted so well, and genuinely, I'm a bit tempted to try and pick up a girl for myself at some point.
      I'm turning over some ideas for basically a kind of eldritch-powered automaton? Got a bit of a supernatural Victorian-era setting I've been turning over in my head, and the dolls I've got on the way are going to be characters for that. c: I think the Ex Machina sculpt would be super fun to fit to that kind of aesthetic, too!
    14. Oooh, yes, he would! :chocoheart
      I love automatons as well. Sounds lovely.

      I'm toying with adding organic elements to my Ex Machina female. Like moss and plants that have grown among the artificial. The idea just keeps popping back into my head, so I think I'll have to give it a shot. It's tempting to make her very sleek and cared for, but I can't help my love for decay. :sweat
    15. Oh man, that sounds awesome! You can get a lot of really cool little foliage bits from miniature kits and the like. I love that kind of look too, so I totally get where you're coming from. If you're a bit torn on whether or not you want her to be all neat and tidy or overgrown, you could do something where maybe there's parts of her that are doing better than the more dilapidated ones? Sort of a contrast kind of thing. Either way, that's a hell of an idea, and I'd love to see what you do with her when you're done!
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    16. Ah, that's true! Hmm, balance would be the key in that approach. Haha, this is what I mean by having too many ideas. :lol:

      I had an idea to make very shiny, white pearlescent parts of her, just so sleek on a robot. I got some pearly cables that I'm testing various ways to see if they'd suit her. Like her power cords or such.

      Buuuut...for the organic decay, I think making her much like a lacquered box would be lovely. I want to paint the interior of her chest piece and face red, and line the edges of the parts with gold. She would become a forgotten treasure. :chocoheart
      Ooh, and yes, that's what is prompting the idea. I have some miniature greenery like for grass or tree stuffs that is just burning a hole in my craft supplies. :XD:

      I really like your idea too. You are right about the metal paint work, it's so wonderfully oily looking and would suit a Victorian setting beautifully.

      Eee, it's so exciting to hear about all the ideas for these dolls. They are such inspirations. :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart
      Thanks for sharing! :hug:
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    17. Omg...it suddenly just hit me that I should do the lacquered box concept and name her Pandora. :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart
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    18. OMG YASS This needs to be done!!! I need to see thiiiiss!!
      I'm seriously considering getting the Kyle skeleton head and torso. . . I'll just have to find a body to mod in with it maybe. . . . I have a fierce love of zombieish sculpts.
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    19. @TatterPunk
      Oooh, yeah! The skeletal parts of that are so goood. :chocoheart
      I hope you can find great hybriding options. :thumbup

      I know! I am so excited now! I have to find a way to get started on her. :: flaps arms ::
      I have a toddler so....hard to work on very fiddly things with everyone home 24/7. :sweat