DLace Discussion {Ex Machina and Other 1/3 Sculpts}

Jan 10, 2020

    1. I've ignored looking at the ex-machina male for a while because I'm still simping over it but I decided I can reward myself with him if I get into the graduate school I want to go to (they give good stipends...) but those results will be a year-ish so..... Also I've been considering getting some of the new torso stands because I have 27 dolls and 1 on the way thus my space is filling up especially since most of the ~cool~ sculpts are 1/3... so it may be hybrid stand-o-clock......
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    2. Well, the process has been initiated... male ex machina 12 month layaway with bjdivas is a Go! :mwahaha
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    3. Oooh, congrats @Xila :sumomo::sumomo:
      Eeeee, so excited for these bots to come home and see what everyone does with them.

      I hope you can get him! :chocoheart
      And yes, those stands are gorgeous too. :3nodding:

      Well...I started working on my Ex Machina female. I made one of her braids. I don't have much experience with making wigs, but it came out pretty good! So now to make a second braid for her. It feels good to get started on her.
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    4. Is anybody else losing their minds over all the new parts the Machina Male is getting? That arm and that mechanism in a second head? I'm sold...I wonder if we can add them to existing orders, or if they can be bought seperately. I would love to see that arm without the skull on top if possible, I have a character that would look great with it! :D
    5. @Wolfgang
      YESSSSSS!!!!!! :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart
      I love them so muuuuuuuuch. I want the arm, and the spinny head cap, and that crazy head that is all cut up and swivels.
      They are amazing.

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    6. I have a DLace boy, Kyle the half skeleton version, but he is a bust? He is 1/3 scale but he only goes down too the lower thighs. I call him El Novio Olvidado. I was working on painting him before I had a little disaster break out.
      He is a ghost, and will be done up in a monochromatic scheme when done.

      About how far I was in doing his face up before shit hit the fan.
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    7. @PennyForTheGuy He's looking super good so far! I will be needing to get this guy too. I really wish they had a version with legs though. . . .
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    8. Hey Wolfgang, where can I see this new arm
      And head parts for the machina male? I’ve been lurking this thread as I’m loving all of the DLace stuff. I’m eyeing the machina male, he’s freaking awesome. I might cave at the end of the year for him.

      Loving everyone’s DLace photos, spam away, love them.
    9. @PowerAndWeakness
      You can see them on their Instagram page. :fangirl:

      I updated the first post with the instagram and facebook pages for DollyPlanet and added that BJDivas is also a dealer for Ex Machina Male. :3nodding:
      If there is other info people think of that would be helpful, let me know and I can edit the first post. :thumbup
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    10. Thank you for the link and the extra information.
      Okay, my jaw just dropped.

      I love everything about this guy and will look into making it happen at the end of the year. I’m not a fan of the skull on the shoulder either but I’m sure I could easily mod it a bit to be more just a bio mech design and more to my liking.

      wow. So cool. I’m sold.
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    11. Hello! Just an update..... I placed my order for the Medusa head on May 20 and got a shipping notification today! So fast what! :aeyepop:
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    12. Yay!! Please spam us with photos when the head arrives. I’d love to see as I’m interested in this head also.
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    13. So, just received it last night! It was packed in 2 cardboard boxes and layered in bubblewrap, but not other packaging, except his little tongue came in a small resealable bag. 3 of the snakes broke off in shipping but they are separate pieces and were just super glued on anyway so I can easily fix. Also didn't come with CoA or anything.

      It's really heavy like I expected, and resin is a little bit rough. Face plate comes off nicely, but little hard to get back on because of the rigged line of where the snakes end. I got in white resin. Overall I'm pretty happy! Can't wait to do faceup. I can post more photo when I have some time.

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    14. I've been trying not to plan more doll buying for this year. . . but apparently I've resigned myself to the fact that as soon as my other dolls are paid off, I will be orderng the Ex Machina Male. Mostly I now know this because he suddenly has a name; Caliban, and that is always the first step towards dooming myself to buy a doll.
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    15. Holy sh*t you got yours already!!!! CONGRAAAAATTTSSS!!!! omg now I'm hoping and waiting for my shipping notice qwq
    16. Hello hello!! I don't have any photos (bc I took them on my phone) but my M. Medusa arrived! But she decided she was a F. Medusa and I'm just going with the flow hehe. She arrived just this month though, Sept. 2nd, so it took a couple more months longer then others, probably because of the PH's postal offices closing due to the pandemic. She's unexpectedly... delicate, for me at least. Like all those snakes!! Whew, I was very nervous about handling it, as was my 7 year old brother, who was watching a distance away haha. But nevertheless, she's goreous, and I've a few silly ideas for her. Imagine all her snakes on her head, but instead of fierce snakes, they're all just those dorky worms on a string ^^;; She's probably not going to be as silly as that, but the thought made me laugh :XD: but for now, she's cooling inside my closet, let's cross our fingers she gets a faceup in the near future ^^
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