Do you collect other items besides dolls in this hobby?

Jun 18, 2018

    1. Besides collecting BJDs, the main content of this hobby, I like to collect also other items, like outfits from wellknown seamstresses or alpaca wigs from wellknown wigmakers. Anyone else collecting other items besides dolls? :)
    2. Edit: Misreading :/

      I mostly love to buy outfits from Volks, dollheart, odd numbers and some other taobao shops. And some japanese props, like kiseru, koto or shamisen.

      I can't find eyes that satisfy me. I love one particular nin9style wig: I have it in like 3 different colors plus Licht 2.5 wigs.
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    3. That's very nice. :) Hello, I am a new member of DoA and I own a Night Lolita. I know it's not exatly a BJD but I am already starting to save up for a Fairyland minifee. Other items I collect? I love Studio Ghibli merchandise and I cosplay. Since I have cosplay costume-making skills, I can make an outfit for my dolls. :) Nice to meet you.

      -Celina, 22, Philippines
    4. Outfits and wigs are always a great thing to play with :) Trying different variations on you beloved doll is such a fascinating moment!
      I guess i'd collect something to interact with, such as a soda cans, some books, a cell phone etc. It will help to create more lively photos that I am totally into :chibi
    5. Eyes, I can't help myself, I just love doll eyes. They are like little boxes of treasure I hoard in my doll cabinet!
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    6. True, doll's eyes are amazing, but I should say sometimes it's creepy when you're deciding which pair to choose and after some time staring at them you notice that they, like, staring back at you :aeyepop::shudder
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    7. No, I just have what I need for my dolls, shoes, eyes, outfits, wigs, nothing more.
      Otherwise, I collect other things that don't have so much to do with BJD (bears and vintage toys).
    8. Absolutely! I love books too especially the ones written by James Rollins or Anthony Horrowitz <3

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    9. I would say other then my dolls I collect Funko Pops. I love certain movies, and animes so I try to find ones of those.

      My dolls are the ones who collect clothes and shoes, I just pay for them. LOL
    10. I own a humble amount of anime/video game/movie figures but I wouldn't call it a collection just yet, tho I plan on expanding it in the future.

      However I do own a ridiculous amount of eyes that does not match my amount of dolls, so maybe I collect doll eyes unconsciously.
    11. Another bjd collector who’s dolls have just what they need. Since I have many other hobbies, I gotta spread the $$ around between action figures/OT dolls, dollhouse miniatures, rock/mineral specimens, and craft supplies.
    12. So far, nothing yet! With my non-BJDs, it was definitely shoes, but I haven't been able to find one pair of shoes that I both like and can actually buy, let alone a whole collection. :horror: I did recently end up with a Raouken corset, though, and I fell in love! It was so tiny and so well made. Maybe I'll start collecting her corsets instead of shoes. :XD:
    13. Not so much from particular designers or makers but from anywhere I see one that appeals to me or works for one of my dolls.

      I am amassing a huge number of clothes/outfits/shoes/wigs/accessories/fabrics/yarn/patterns for my BJD gang.

    14. I presume I've spent tons on eyes and wigs.

      (Maybe I need more dolls to wear all the wigs and eyes that I've purchased. :shudder)
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    15. Props. OMG the props!!

      I have room dioramas permanently built so I’m regularly buying things to add to those. About once a year, I host a swap meet and clear out all the extra stuff I’ve collected that doesn’t fit in the rooms.

      Also, shoes and clothes but I’ve been cutting back a lot on those. Ideally, I’d like to be more minimalist as a whole but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of all the doll props, clothes and shoes.
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    16. I'm a bjd shoe collector. I currently have close to 40 pairs of shoes and 6 full I passed "one pair for each doll" a long long time ago. I'm always on the lookout for bjd shoes in unique styles to add to the collection and will buy 1/3 shoes that I really like without having a particular outfit or doll in mind...I always find something someone can wear with them, eventually. So yeah, I would say my doll shoes actually are somewhat of their own little collection hobby within my bjd hobby.
    17. I'm an absolute eyeball FIEND... I have more of the things than I'll ever use, but still collect sets that I think are interesting.

      Props are also A Thing over here... In particular, miniature food, cooking and serving pieces for Crane's kitchen.
    18. *raises hand*
      I'm another BJD owner with an eye hoarding problem. I have lots of colors and styles, but I cannot pass on a beautiful pair of brown urethanes. They are the favs among the favs.

      I also have amassed a dolly shoe hoard? But I am becoming more constrained in my collecting. I've lost a few pairs to normal pleather aging and white rubber yellowing this year, so I am trying to only buy specific shoes at the time I need them.
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    19. Faceup supplies!! And art supplies in general, aheh. Art is such an experimental medium, I really enjoy trying out new supplies...and if I really like a particular brand, I make it a priority to try and get as many colors as possible!

      Aside from dolls, I collect...other toys! :sweat I just love toys, it’s what initially attracted me to the BJD hobby.
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    20. Eyes, for sure. I'll rationalize my way out of buying new clothes or wigs for my dolls (they can share pants! I won't be taking photos of them at the same time anyways. Who cares if they barely fit?) but I'll buy a new lot of eyes if they look at me funny. If somehow I fell out of love with all my dolls I would still keep all the eyes.

      Now that I've gotten into making my own eyes it's even worse. :sigh