Do you consider Dollfie Dream to be a BJD?

Jul 8, 2009

    1. I have vinyl dolls(Azone), and obitsu dolls but I don't consider them BJDs. BJDs for me are those dolls made especially with resin and need an elastic to join all the parts. If it is not resin and doesn't use the elastic then it is not a BJD for me. It doesn't mean they are less special though, I equally love all my obitsu/Azone babies :)
    2. They're ball jointed dolls. There are quite a few other dolls that are "off-topic" I consider to be BJDs. I don't think it matters what's inside or what they're made of, as long as they are as their title says, Ball Jointed Dolls.
    3. Well technically ABJD just means asian ball jointed doll, so a Dollfie Dream would fall under that category as well.
      The thing is many people associate ABJDs with the dolls made of resin, and Dollfie Dream definitely have a more of an anime feel to them (especially with the eyes)
      However, they are still beautiful dolls, and I want one myself, the day I get rich enough to afford Volks x'3
    4. Very interesting topic. I think many people have asked Volks this question as they made a post to answer this question a couple of weeks ago. This is Volks answer regarding DDs:

      Their whole post to explain what a ball-jointed doll is can be found here:

      Personally, I found their explanation makes sense, and I also think DD cannot be called a ball jointed doll.
    5. Personally I don't care about what terms people like to categorize DDs with. I just don't like how people will sit there and say oh well I think they're ugly. Even if I didn't like the way a resin doll looked, I would never say that to their owner's face, or on a forum. If I don't like something, I just won't comment.
    6. DD are beautiful. They have ball joints on skeleton. Maybe they are cousin of BJDs ;-)
    7. i dont think DD are ball joint dolls becaouse their not made entirely out of resin and are not strung like a bjd.
    8. BJD means ball-jointed doll, which as far as common knowledge goes means they are dolls with ball-shaped joints used in posing. Dollfie Dreams do have ball-joints and they used to be strung much like a regular BJD, their current inner skeleton being an UPgrade not a DOWNgrade to further help with posing. So as much as you want to say they're not BJDs because they're not cast in resin that is largely untrue, I'm afraid. Since their change in engineering the farthest you can get from a regular BJD would be to consider them a cousin of the regular line of some sort.

      And I want to say... that I actually don't own a DD -yet-, although their particular jointing features and lightweight built as compared to resin dolls is what motivated me to want to save to get one.
    9. I never thought of Dollfies as giant figmas, but it makes sense. I own one figma and seeing the skeleton it makes sense why some people can't see them as BJD.

      Either way, I plan to own a couple of Dollfies in the future. I think that many of the molds are beautiful; especially Mariko and Rise.

      I personally would classify them as BJD because they are as flexible, if not much more than a BJD.
    10. That is terrible! I know not everyone is interested in Dollfies, but to say something like that out loud is unbelievable! I hope to never encounter people like this.
    11. I consider them to be BJDs. They do have ball joints after all....:lol:
    12. Technically, they are not ball jointed dolls. Yes, they have ball joints, but they made out of vinyl and have no strings. As not everything with wheels called a car, not every doll with ball joints is a bjd, cuz that's not all what it takes to be a bjd. And why DDs can't be just DDs? Is it that important to be in BJD family?
      I don't own a vinyl doll yet, but hopefully will, next month, and it's not a Dollfie Dream as I'm not a fan of their bodies. I don't have any problem with that doll being not a bjd.
    13. I consider DD to be ball jointed because they have balls in their joints. Of course, I also consider all other dolls that have balls in their joints to be BJD. To me, the inner workings make it a different category of BJD. However, that is just my personal opinion. :)
    14. I actually do not consider a Dollfie Dream as a BJD!!

      They might also be 1/3 and 1/4 scale, but the fact that they are not cast in resin and they do not use string to string their body but a skeleton, although I know DDI body use to have string.

      I mean if DD is a BJD, then many other dolls can also be classified as a BJD. I have read the rules in this DOA forum, which to my surprise the Jun Planning Ai dolls are not allowed here. DD and also obitsu 40/50/60 can not meet these requirement, but for some reason are granted as permitted dolls. It is as if they are granted because of their sizes. I think this is unfair to other type of dolls like Jun Planning Ai dolls... Don't get me wrong I own a DD myself, but I never ever consider it as a BJD.
    15. @saleepom: The operative word is "grandfathered". DD's (and their iterations) have been featured before the current DoA On-topic doll criteria have been set forth. It is thus extended as a courtesy to old members so as to continue participating in the community. This does not imply that DoA considers DD to be a BJD by virtue of their size or anything.

      Me, I consider DD's as not of the BJD resin-and-strings variety. Sometimes I feel them to be souped up action dolls, a make-your-own or recreate-your-favorite anime character of top caliber. In which case I am very much praying for the release of a 45cm above male sculpt. ^_^
    16. They're not your traditional BJD. But dolls nontheless.
    17. I consider Dollfie Dream to be BJD, but not Dollfie Dream Dynamite...simply because them boob sizes are outrageous! :B
    18. True.

      Also true.

      I actually don't consider DDs to have a very realistic frame. I've owned several of them across the different body types and I don't believe real women often exist with those proportions that aren't air brushed in a Victoria Secrets magazine. ;) DDs really remain as idealized as any other doll I've seen. I originally believed that was the reason for their creation- the ideal female anime character doll. They are the 'pin-up' girls for Volks and I adore them.

      More like Stickfas, if you're familiar with that toy. Basically a plastic, moveable skeleton. Figmas are really more of a advanced G.I. Joe situation. They're (figmas) quite beauitful.

      With what part? The action figure aspect? They do have that aspect to their creation- part figure, part doll- hence the name "doll-fie". I think if you start to spilt hairs about the percentage of action figure and doll then, well, it's just sort of pointless. It does both jobs beautifully with neither side really being negative.

      Whoa, whoa whoa. No one said DD's weren't dolls. They obviously are. They're not techinically a BJD though. That doesn't mean they aren't great.

      If people have further questions for what is 'on' and 'off' topic then I would suggest to ask a mod? As we well know: "DoA is not a democracy" and the clearest path to knowledge is to ask the source(<---aka the people who actually make those decisions).

      It never really bothers me what other people think of my DDs or any of my dolls. They bring me so much joy and no one could possibly make me feel bad about that.

    19. I hope you're being sarcastic. Because Dollmore Model Doll has bigger bust than DDDy I believe.
    20. I don't particularly care for them, but I do count them as BJDs.