Do you have a favorite BJD size?

Aug 27, 2021

    1. Oh, I've always been drawn to the larger SD sizes. I do find the smaller sizes adorable, and I'm sure I would like to own one or two eventually, but I just want more and more SDs.
    2. Wow, it seems like pretty much the majority of people here prefer SD or bigger! And lots of boys too, it seems like those who have bigger sizes also have more boys, while the smaller ones have more girl dolls. Very interesting :)
    3. It turns out I love MSDs and my new favorite size is 31cm. I have purchased fewer SDs lately, though they DO trickle in... I thought I'd end up loving SDs the most but I like slightly smaller dolls. They are lighter, sometimes easier to pose and a little cheaper.
    4. Didn't include this information in my original post but mine (in all/any sizes) are more girls than boys. (1 girl Lusion, 4 boys to 14 girls in SD size, 3 boys to 7 girls in Mini and Slim Mini size, 2 boys to 4 girls in "Inbetweenie" size, 3 boys to 5 girls in 1/6 size... etc).

      I prefer to sew for girls too, and also find fewer nice boy outfits for sale and even fewer that are worth the price. So, the boys are not only fewer in number but also the "poor relations" in terms of their range of clothing choices in my resin family.

    5. The guys do (and pretty much always have-) had the numbers advantage over here... But that's because I'm a lot pickier about girl sculpts in some ways. Their faces have to "match" their bods maturity-wise and a lot of female BJDs fall into that "Little Girl face on a Very Mature adult body" weirdness.

      It's not that I don't WANT to add girls to the gang, it's just that there have been a lot fewer girls over the years that had me making grabby-hands and pushing "Buy" buttons because of that common maturity and style mismatch. :lol:
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    6. {shudder!} Yes. I have a lot of trouble with that, especially in SD size.

      Most of my SD girls are hybridded onto the few more-immature SD size bodies I've been able to find, with a couple fo other bodes with the boobs modded off, or boy bodies with the "boy-bits" removed to introduce some variation in their build/height/silhouette.

      It also caused the oddity thqt nthe most mature of my SD girls is actually shorter and more petite than most of the younger children, even if I put her in heels.... so they won't be getting any hand-me-down clothing from that older sister

    7. Honestly, so far ive found that msd is the nicest for me, unless its vinyl dolls, in which case i like sd, but thats a weight thing tbh
    8. I literally own every size of dolls from tiny pet to 75cm boy.
      My favourite size is MSD/MDD size! They are easy to take along, also not so small to make stuff for them.
    9. While I have an MSD and an FID boy, but I prefer dolls 62cm and taller. The scale works best for me, I've found, as I can sew items comfortably for them and the weight & size in my arms is a great comfort. I don't know that I'd go taller than, say, 80cm though. Probably 75cm is the upper limit I'd be willing to keep, so I don't end up feeling overwhelmed by a single doll. :sweat
    10. I have a few MSDs, but the YOSDs are growing on me! I would Love to have a 1/3 or bigger! :)
    11. I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite size. I just would not buy a doll bigger that 40 cm or smaller than 10.
    12. In the world of bjds I won't go under 1/3rd scale, mostly because their size is part of what drew me to them but also because those tiny dolls can cost the same as their much larger counterparts and I can't personally justify buying one. Also, I'm horrible and they'd get lost in no time lol.
    13. I like pretty much every size, for different reasons. Though I do like 1/6 size dolls in particular, because they are very easy to handle and really fun to pose.
    14. I love 1/6 scale dolls. I have had almost every size at this point, and I prefer the ones that can share barbie sized things. Atelier Momoni is my favorite because they pose better than any other dolls I have had and I think they are all adorable. They also fit in a variety of different dolls clothes in that scale, they take up very little space and they are fun to play with.
    15. I like 1/3 and larger the best (mine range from 52cm to ~70cm). A 60cm doll was what I started with and the larger ones just seem to fit my characters better. Now, if the fashion 1/4 had been around when I got into the hobby, then I might've gotten into them first. But, it's big ones that catch my attention, and mostly boys at that. I do have 1/4, 1/6, and smaller. And while I love them, I still focus on the big ones more. Wish they didn't take up so much space, though lmao
    16. Recently, I really thought I'd love 1/3 and up sized dolls. After handling and owning one though, I got quite overwhelmed by the size. I found myself loving 1/4 and 1/6 dolls because they're so much easier to handle. They can also be quite adorable! c:
    17. Depends on my mood and my pain levels (I have chronic pain due to relatively newish accident). I used to tote around my SDs all the time before my injury. Now I prefer carrying around my Yo-SD as it is both lighter and compact for covert dolly adventures. However, I'm recently been toting around the DearSDs around the house as they are lighter than the SDs but large enough for me to admire the details without too much eye strain. Haha. However, when it comes to buying, my range is still the whole spectrum of Yo-SDs, Dear SDs, SD10, SDGr, and SD13 with maybe a few exceptions for the tall boys. Hahaha. They are a separate category. :dance
    18. My favorite BJD size are SDs in the 60-65 range ! But I love bigger SDs too ! I want to get into tinies and MSDs but its hard since I am shelling characters and the more semi-realistic look of SDs just fits them better c:

      i would love to get a smaller doll later on that I can just dress up in cute lil outfits~
    19. I have dolls in sizes from 20cm to 65cm and each size offers something different to the table, and honestly, the sculpt and aesthetics are priorities for me.

      Having said so, I tend to gravitate more to SD dolls - they allow much more detailed face sculpt, can take more details for faceup and have more options for what fabric and pattern I can use for their clothes. It also helps that I prefer more mature faces, and those are more often available in SD size. There is also something really magical about their presence and weight...:love
    20. I like all sizes but I prefer anywhere from 50-70cm. Got a 95 cm but i made her myself. Cant seem to find any that big (and female) to buy yet. :c