Do you have a plan for your doll before buying?

Feb 24, 2017

    1. For me it's kind of both actually, I like to have a bit of a plan for the doll that I buy (like what I want her/his type of clothes to be like and also the name for the doll) but I'm not really planning anything for her/his character beforehand, that just comes to me after I had the doll for some time! :)
    2. Yes I always think about the wig and clothing and got them before the doll arrives.
    3. I only have 2 dolls (thus far) but one was planned when I saw her default faceup and the boy I have on the way is based on an OC I've had for yeaaaarrrsssss. Come to think of it, I had one in the middle that I had no plans for and ended up selling him. I guess I do need some kind of plan!
    4. Sometimes. Like, the dolls on my wishlist, and my very first doll I had their styles planned. but the other dolls I currently own were all basically impulse buys whose looks and characters I made up as I went.

    5. I do have plan for my doll that match my wishlist. But you know, 99% the plan will change when bjd companies release the doll that makes us like 'damn take my money'

      And that happened to me when I fall in love with Souldoll tera zenith (Klaus) :mwahaha:mwahaha
    6. I always set on family ties and hereditary genetics. Brother/sister/daughter/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend kind of things. I.e., SD with light blond straight hair + SD with brown curly hair= YOSD with dirty blond curly hair XD
    7. I have so many plans I have a hard time deciding on one idea. For the dolls I love (but don't have yet) I can't stop thinking about how I will style them and what their character should be like, it makes it somewhat hard to focus on the doll I am working on right now :roll:
    8. I usually buy on a whim (and I know it kinda bad for my wallet lol)
      because I'm the type that "fall in love at the first glance"

      but I decided if I want to buy it or not after a week or so (usually I missed the sales period because of this :( kinda regret it)
      usually, if you already received the dolls then you know what kind of style do you want XD
    9. I'm a planner, partly out of necessity. It forces me to very seriously consider what I'm going to buy in advance, what wig I'll want, what eyes, what character for the doll... This hobby is awesome but somewhat rough on my poor wallet, so forcing myself to plan everything a lot helps me not go and buy whatever pretty doll just caught my eye.
    10. I have never had a plan for a doll, I fall in love with a sculpt and work it out after it arrives. The personalities I see when they arrive dictate to me more than I do to them.
    11. I sometimes like to come up with a back story for the doll to get a feel of what their personalities would be like and buy accessories , clothes etc that fit around that.
    12. My answer is yes and no. If by plan you mean, do I have clothing and toys in advance, then the answer is yes. I want to be able to play with my doll the moment she arrives.

      If you mean do I have a set "story" for the doll, then the answer is no. I see my dolls as my children as opposed to characters so they just work their way into the family.
    13. I usually have a rough guide for each doll that is coming to my home. I say 'rough' because sometimes things don't go according to plan and I end up changing things around. :XD: It also depends on whether the doll is part of the story universe in my head or not.

      Some points in my rough guide include a short character bio, a name, how they are linked to other dolls in my story, hair colour, eye colour, distinguishing marks (tattoos, scars, etc) and style of dress. Some minor changes are made along the way and I'm not super attached to the smaller details like hair and eye colour, but this is usually what I work off to bring them to life :lol:
    14. I’m a big planner, and this is mostly how I control my spending in this hobby.:chomp: It always starts with creating a character for me, and I’ll usually have most of their things ready or at least planned out before they even arrive. A few times I’ve fallen in love with a sculpt first, but even then I still won’t allow myself to bring them home until I know exactly who they’ll be. Only once did this not work out for me...when a doll totally jumped character right after he got here. And of course there have been the occasional inevitable necessary reshelling when the sculpt itself didn’t quite work out. But most of the time it all falls into place as planned, thank goodness!:sweat
    15. Barely. I usually have some concepts like "This doll's brother" or "This doll's imaginary friend", but I have to wait for the doll to tell me all names, backstory, and quirks when they come.
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    16. I tried to plan for my doll but it didn’t quite workout... When I finally received him I already changed my mind about the planned hair, eyes and clothing because it didn’t fit him once I saw him irl. I was so happy I did this because I’m much more enticed and satisfied with the doll so I’m glad I had the guts to create a whole new aesthetic.
    17. Definitely 100% have a plan before buying. While there are a lot of sculpts I like a lot, I would not feel comfortable buying a doll who didn't fit my plan or immediately inspire a new plan on sight. Although I'm open to changing plans later or repurposing a completed plan for something new, it's important to me to have an idea, and execute it well.
    18. I plan sort of? I wishlist dolls for a really long time, usually a few months. But once I make the decision to order them I start designing their wardrobe and shopping for customizeable aspect of it.
      If I stick with this phase of just designing the aesthetic, then I buy the wig (Or the stuff to make it). Once I buy the wig, I AM buying the doll.
    19. I always do, because if I don't have a clear plan in mind I won't buy the doll.
      The VIP things that have to be clear before purchasing are: name, age, job, style, personality and relation with my current or future doll characters.
      Of course, when the doll arrives home, my plan can slightly change, but it has worked for me so far and has helped me a lot to avoid compulsive buying.
    20. I like to do this too as it does help guide me when looking at clothing and wigs. If anything a name and basic personality is important for me to even think if I want to buy a certain doll.