Do you have a plan for your doll before buying?

Feb 24, 2017

    1. You are absolutely right, maybe I'm just over thinking things, there is no way of knowing how things will turn out when he arrives.
      I've just never been so incredibly drawn to a doll as long as I have been collecting.
      Sorry to hear about your Luts boy and best of luck with your new Dollzone boy :)
    2. Kinda if i want it i have to think about it for a week and if I still want it I buy it
    3. I don't have a hyper-specific plan usually, but I try to at least have an idea of what I want for a specific doll; I simply can't afford to impulse buy, and really do not want to have to deal with the resale process if I can help it. Also, I collect specifically MSDs, who are each loosely fleshed out as a character so they can fit into the vague little story I have for them and I can justify making them interact in photos, lol. So I doubly try to make sure I won't have any repeat styles! They share some clothes, but I'd like to have some variety, such as all black goth vs pinks and florals vs earthy yellows vs rainbow kandi, etc etc.. I feel it makes them stand out from each other too.

      Additionally, most MSD clothes are made for minifee which I don't have; they are just plain too small for my dolls lol so clothing them is challenging. I've taken up sewing just to accommodate it (for the better, but its a bit annoying). So, even if I could be impulse buying, I would still have to strategize around what I was going to make for them before I felt comfortable purchasing! :sweat
    4. I tend to plan but 9 out of 10 times it changes in some way. I've got one girl coming in that I'm planning on turning into a pastel/kawaii child but we'll see how long that lasts. :XD: What I also end up doing is getting a doll I really want and then during the wait, I make the plans.
    5. Not usually, but if I do, that's great! I buy based solely on aesthetic, as I do not have characters my dolls. So plan wise, it's only how I'd paint/mod/dress them and that tends to come to me once they are in hand.
    6. I usually have a character idea and some sense of how I'd like them to look before buying. I need a sense of who they will be before I order. They tend to change and evolve once they're home.
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    7. It started out that way for me! Back in 2006 when I got my first doll, I had his character, story, and wardrobe completely planned out. But by my last resin kid in 2015, I got a feel for his character and story after he arrived. No matter when they came to me, each passing year I look forward to keep getting to know them even more.
    8. honestly no. I see a doll and I like the aesthetic, size, price, etc. And and put in on 'the list' or buy it. planning on what kind of character it's going too be comes later. I just get what speaks to me and the character will come:)
    9. Yup! And if I don’t, I’ll make one. I always need a plan though, especially before I order.
    10. I useally do, yes.
      I only ever had one exception and that was a limited doll I judt fell in love with. I mamaged to come up with the idea while waiting for him to arrive.
      I used to always tell myself I needed a solid, thought out idea first and I haven't done it since.
      There are so many pretty dolls that I think that, should I not have this self imposed rule I would just be swarmed with dolls.