Do you have any "doll friends?"

Jun 19, 2011

    1. I've only got a couple online friends, one I talk to every day, another is once every week through private messages, and a third is busy with their studies so they haven't got a lot of time to chat but once every few months or so. There is sadly no local community where I could meet and make new friends nearby.
    2. Nope. My country people are busy chasing after rolex and AP watches. So yeah bjd collectors here is very little.
    3. I have one friend that owns a BJD and a few of my other friends have at least heard of them before. It's a nice balance since I can chat about owner-specific things with that one friend and then just show off nice photos to the others haha

    4. I have to admit I've been tempted to reach out to people in my area that I've run into here on DoA but really I don't need more enablers for my doll addiction :lol: My sister is sort of into dolls (she has a Volks Ken from forever ago) but sisters don't count.
    5. No >< I think there is a bjd community where I live but I'm so shy. But when I see people with their bjds when I'm tabling at an artist alley I always love to talk about dolls and ask about theirs =)
    6. Not yet, but I'm really hoping to. I honestly work so much that I don't always have time to hang out with people. Not to mention the social media site I'm on, I can't really seem to trust people on. So it would be nice to make more friends.
    7. I do not have any doll friends TAT. My best friend is actually terrified of dolls. Maybe some day though? It seems that her younger sister is interested in getting one.
    8. No but really wish I did :( I know my hubby gets tired of me talking about them. It seems like I click with people I trade or buy from but once the transaction is complete I never hear from them again :( To be honest I have zero friends. Just have my hubby and 2 kids. Gets lonely.
    9. I actually convinced one of my internet art friends to get a doll. She told me I was so enthusiastic on my Instagram that she was re-interested in the hobby and took the plunge for a Kid Delf. Aside from her, I don’t really have any other doll friends—though now my best friend AND my sister are both looking into dolls. :XD:
    10. Sadly, I don't know a single person who is in the doll hobby. As with most hobbies, it would be great to speak with someone in person about all of the difference aspects of collecting dolls, but that is simply not the case where I live. :eek:
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    11. I have several doll friends but only one of them is into BJDs. The rest are antique or fashion doll people. Since I have some of each, we still share doll stories but mainly we just chat about everything under the sun. Unfortunately, I no longer have a car so I don't get to see them very often. There's always the phone though.
    12. i have no friends who are into BJD:shudder
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    13. My best friend was actually the one to get me into the hobby :XD:

      It's great having someone to fawn over dolls with!
    14. Only new a couple of them before I got into the hobby but after getting into it I’ve met so many more amazing people that are now my great friends(Bjd friends)! And I absolutely love them
    15. I only really have one friend who is kind of into the hobby, but she doesn’t intend on purchasing one herself. She kind of just prefers to watch from afar, I suppose. My boyfriend isn’t into the hobby, but is super supportive of my interest and likes hearing about my characters’ stories!
    16. Most of my friends are either creeped out by dolls, or just don’t get it. I still love them, it’s just a bummer we can’t nerd out over dolls and stuff. That’s why I joined DoA and it’s been nice talking about dolls, characters, and their stories.
    17. yes, I have a lot friend that interested bjd.
    18. i kinda had a doll friend. but she seemed to fall off the face of the earth until recently, so i guess i was mistaken? oh well.
      the only other person i could consider one would be my boyfriend's sister. but she's not really all too into it, though she does have a doll.
    19. I have say BJD let me meet my best friend!! When I was in high school, I had my first doll, then I knew some doll friends through the internet. My best friend is one of them. Then I found we are in the same city, and then I found our homes are really close!! I was so excited!!! until now we still often meet each other during holidays or weekends!
    20. I met someone on here shortly after joining, and introduced me to a few others nearby weho were in the hobby, and we're all going to get together near the end of the month for our first little get together! I hope it is the start of some wonderful doll friendships! Outside of them, I had no one in particular who was interested in BJDs. I know my sister bought herself one when she bought me mine, but outside of that I am not sure she is as nearly interested in the hobby as I was and probably bought her because she was adorable. :) If she is she hasn't told me! :P