Do you have any "doll friends?"

Jun 19, 2011

    1. Even if I don't have a doll yet, I somehow have a doll friend. She was my friend because we both draw, but one day I discovered she loves BJDs and dolls overall... She's making face ups and we can sometimes chat about dolls together!!
    2. I know three friends that have bjd dolls although one of them stopped playing with them after she became a mom and had to deal with a real kid. The other two are fairly active and were the main reason I ended up finally getting my own doll.

      I hope I can make more friends here :)
    3. I have quite a few online dolls friends, friends that are supportive even though they don't own dolls/bjds, and I have one IRL doll friend as well! I actually met them in a goth group on facebook and it just so turned out they owned and liked BJDs as well!
    4. Ive just recently made some BJD friends and its amazing, its so good to finally be able to talk to people who have a common interest, my high school friends and family think its weird, my school friends think my dolls are ugly and they tell me all the time which sucks
    5. I don't have any doll friends right now. My best friends are terrified of my dolls. It would be nice to meet some people near me who share the love of dolls.
    6. I have my son. He was the one who got me into it but I think I'm more interested than he is. I have a friend online in another doll community and she puts up with my BJD talk and photos, but other than that, I don't have anyone.
    7. I lucked out with my existing friends and family largely finding it fascinating. My brother/best friend (I was adopted as a teen) and I share a creative universe, so some of his OCs will eventually get shelled to play with mine - his main is besties with my main, and we found the perfect sculpt for him. It's gonna be awesome.

      As far as people I've met through the community... I have some acquaintances who are lovely and I think I could get closer to if I had the drive, but I don't. Someday I might stumble onto someone I click with, but I'm not in a rush.
    8. I'm very fortunate that one of my irl friends got into bjds just before I finally got interested enough to start collecting. Her enthusiasm was instrumental in bringing me into the hobby. I have two friends (online only) who also collect, but they aren't as vocal about their collections.

      However, my irl doll friend lives quite a distance away now, and we don't have many opportunities to share perks of the hobby in person. But, one of my bucket list items is to go to a convention with her someday, and I look forward to that whenever opportunity presents itself.
    9. I have met two lovely people through the doll community and we talk nearly every day online (mostly about dolls, sometimes about everything else) and I am so beyond grateful! They are two lovely girls who are so sweet.:aheartbea

      I would love to meet people in my area though! I live in a small town in Missouri and I am still waiting for the day I find a doll friend IRL lol!
    10. Yep, I have a lot of great friends in the hobby, I think that’s half of what makes it so fun!
    11. Not really I’m bad at making friends not sure how to even go about it in a hobby. :huh?: Eventually I may but I don’t go to meet ups and haven’t reached out to others in the hobby just to chat. I think overthink making friends lol.
    12. Yes, I have.^^ My friends live near me, so we often meet with dolls.:)
    13. I almost live in the middle of nowhere so I don't have any friends I can meet up with and talk to in person, my sister and best friend don't mind me talking about them but I would like to be able to have a fangirl about dolls with someone.
    14. I’m the only person in my friend group that is into BJDs but they all are super supportive, and love my Dollie family just as much as I do!
    15. No, because sadly I don’t share about the hobby out of fear of it being called a waste of money. But I hope in the future I can find some doll friends that aren’t newbies just because I introduced the hobby to them.
    16. Most of my friends like dolls but they don't really collect, or if they do it isn't BJDs :pout: They like hearing about mine though! I would love to make actual BJD friends locally <3
    17. Unfortunately not! But a bunch of my friends are very interested and supportive now that I've got my first head :hug: which is very nice since no one is freaking out or calling it creepy. They just find the prices crazy which a younger me can definitely relate to :mwahaha
    18. I don't have any doll related friends offline, but that's honestly how I prefer things to be.
    19. I have a lot of close doll friends online, but only one in real life! She doesn't collect BJDs either, but porcelain dolls. We have a lot of interesting conversations about them though!
    20. Sadly not, but I do have a friend group that supports me and sends me BJD related things they happen to stumble upon online! :)